Of wood block and tigers and other things.

Woodblock, beginning a new pieceMore work on the blockSo much has been happening over the last few weeks and months and it has been hard to settle to work. Many things were exciting, other things that got in the way had there own sense of excitement, like Floss getting bitten by an adder on her paw. All such things got in the way of peaceful concentrated working. But, now I hope I can settle to some serious working and learning.

My press, that has been with me, unused, for about 25 years.Sea hare, an image to play with.Hare woman, first lino cut for years.Angel dog, linocutAnd because I wish to earn as I learn these new beginnings are for sale at The House of Golden Dreams.

I love the boldness of lino, and I think I can learn to get what I want. Meanwhile in St Davids, at The Studio Gallery, there are some stunning linos by Ian Phillips. He is just a master of cutting and inking and has a beautiful eye for landscape. Just love his work, and it is even better ‘in the flesh’.

The boy, who loved music and hares and his sisterGolden hare motherThe golden seal carrying the golden hare over the water.

On 22nd and 23rd September we are having a weekend ‘in residence at Oriel y Parc to celebrate the closing of what has been a very successful exhibition. Hannah Willow, Tamsin Abbott and I will be ‘in residence’ working on lino and wood engravings as well as sketching owls we hope.Being ‘in residence’ also involves chatting, signing books and eating cake and drinking coffee, all between 10 am and 5 pm, so if you can do come. At 2pm on both days I will read Little Evie in the Darkwoods and The Boy Who Loved Music and Hares ( images above are from the dummy book for this story)  in the tower. With enough people there I may be persuaded to read other things too, but will mostly be wanting to cut wood and lino. And while in St Davids do go and see the John Piper exhibition which is just stunning, and Ian’s show at The Studio Gallery.

( For a list of other galleries showing Ian’s work have a look here, and you can also buy direct from him, and he runs teaching courses, which I am told are brilliant!)

So, too much to blog about. Hannah has gone to college, Floss got bitten by a snake but is better now, Tom has been rowing in races, working at The Shed. Friends came to stay, and that was lovely. My mind has been fragmented and scattered, ideas spinning, time slipping through my fingers, but now I want to cup my hands and hold time hard and make images.

Printmaking desk, by the window, cluttered with toolsSketchbook and sandbag and tools and woodblockProof of cherry cheetahAnd I have been driving around in a van with a huge tiger in the back, which is a cause of much mirth, and very good for promoting my book I am Cat which was published last week. Signed copies are available of this and all others at Solva Woollen Mill, where they also sell my postcards and are happy to post anywhere in the world. And Elmo now has his own facebook page. Oh dear.

Sam at Porthgain

We met Sam and his folks in Porthgain. They were staying, by coincidence at Trellyn and had seen the teepee and yurt. Lovely people.

I met Toby and his family outside Robin’s house in St Davids. ( Just in case you are wondering, it says ‘back’ on the back of my van so that I know which end to get in and drive)

Toby and the tiger with I am CatToby and the tigerI am sure that part of my job description is to ‘behave in a ridiculous fashion, ie: drive a van, covered with dragons with a huge tiger in the back, in order to bring smiles to the faces of children’.

Thoughtful tiger riderSo happy in the back of the van

But it’s not only children who like it. These two ladies from Fleet thought the tiger was a fine thing too and later visited Solva Mill and the exhibition and bought books. I must do a talk on marketing some time. They have a b&b in a beautiful house near Fleet in Hampshire, Tinker’s Furze.

Judy and Jenny Keep outside Peter's Veg cwtching a tigerThe trouble with not blogging for a while is that there is too much to blog. I want to go paint. Before I go, one last thing. Thomas Picton School are hosting an event. They have asked people to contribute postcards, 6×4 for sale at a show. All work is anonymous, and costs £5. The show is at the school in Haverfordwest on 28th Sept. I have about 10 pieces in, some of which will be hard to recognize. For more info have a look at their facebook page.


About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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4 Responses to Of wood block and tigers and other things.

  1. Oh it’s good to return to your wonderful, purposeful, magical life and see the beautiful smiles you bring to the children and childlike. It is September 11th for the 11th time (I was here for the first) and I have posted some thoughtful, if painful, reminders on my main blog, then immediately posted a brilliant, light filled holy spirit stained glass on my picture blog, did some pruning at a local garden I tend, now full of tall golden coreopsis, white field daisy, purple licorice, black sage, pink turtle head, white fragrent phlox, catming and butterfly bush, passing the police troupes returning from the morning ceremonies (I live directly across from the precinct that became the main operational headquarters when they had to move from downtown , and see the faces of the ones they lost in a memorial on the street every day), then I returned to my currently obsessive work with Indigo dye on cloth, and started on a new prayer flag for a friend-fashioned on your image of king crow. Later I will go to my regular yoga group for an hours practice, and on to meet a yogi friend for supper. Your post brought a big smile to my heart.

    • Jackie says:

      Do you know, I forgot about 11th. I am not certain this is a good or a bad thing. Certainly not that I do not care. Still remember the shock. But so much and so many deaths seem to have spun from that awful day. I am glad I do not remember the names of any who orchestrated such a terrible thing. And in a way I am glad that I just carried on and worked, doing what I do. So many people can’t do that. May such things never happen again. Thanks for the reminder Michelle.

  2. Carrie says:

    Love the wood engraving and linocut… whenever I see wood engraving blocks and etching plates I always think that they would look beautiful box-framed in their own right when the run has all been printed. So much work goes into them, they’re as much a work of art as the prints, if not more so being the toiled and crafted part of the process!
    The dummy book looks great – I especially love that wordless spread of the boy and girl with the hares and all that lovely twining thicket…

  3. lovely work…and i do like to have a peek into other folks vans 😉

    i bought all that was needed to do lino printing months ago and it still sits packed away-i was chatting with my neighbour yesterday about the short dark days and how i want to fill them with so many things…my needle felting, jewellery making, crochet, learning my banjo, lots of books to read and my lino printing came into the conversation…then i came here and saw this post!
    i think its time to give my crafting area a good tidy and get to work!

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