2158 miles: bookshops, exhibitions, friends, landscape and time.


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  1. Barbara Matthias Allard says:

    Happened to read about “The Lost Words” in an English newspaper, googled your name and have been reading your blog and admiring your beautiful paintings for the last ??? hours!
    What a fantastic handbag, too beautiful to use, it’s a museum piece in its own right.
    Read with interest your comments on Amazon, all my acquaintences react in horror when I tell them I order items, including books, through them. But I am close to eighty, semi-invalid and live in a small village on the Spanish coast which has a book-cum-papershop selling only books in Spanish. I use Amazon not because they offer discount prices but because it is so easy, one button click and my order is processed, paid and a few days later delivered.
    Marmelade cats are my favourite, too, the last one, Pumpkin died a few years ago, he was the sweetest of the twenty-something strays I have rescued over the years. Many thanks for sharing not only your work but also your thoughts and opinions via your blog, which I hope to follow from now on.
    Kind regards, Barbara Matthias Allard.

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