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Mary said she wanted to show people the cards, published by Graffeg and taken from the covers from the wonderful books by Robin Hobb. She said they had been sitting on my desk for too long, as I try to settle to work, which is always difficult before a book is launched. I didn’t have time, so Mary and Little P and Leopard said they would help.

First she decided to show the back of the card with the story on, about how the covers came to be.

11c Then she showed the dragon cards, and Little P helped.

9c 8c 7c 6c 5c Next came the animal cards, and the fish.

4c 3c 2c Little P says he likes the one of Nighteyes best, and…..

1cthe panda horse.

pandahorseThen Mary said that we should have a competition.

I love all of Robin’s books, and the ones she writes under the name of Megan Lindholm. I have 20 cards, and I will get another pack of dragons, another pack of animals.

Tell me, in a comment to this post, who is your favourite character in the worlds of Robin, or Megan, who, and why. Share the post if you wish. I will, at random, over the next couple of weeks ask Mary and Little P to pick people out at random from the list of comments and will write and post a short note written on one of the notecards and post to where ever you wish it to go, on this good, great and beautiful earth. Anywhere, anyone. Just tell me.

And also Little P  will pick out two people from the comments and send a pack of the animal or the dragon cards.

If you cannot wait, or you are not feeling lucky then go to Solva Woollen Mill, online or in person where you can order these, and many more things. (Little P says he is partial to the Nom Nom chocolate, from Wales).

So, tell us……….and if you haven’t yet wandered into the world of Fitz and the Fool I envy you as you have so much adventure ahead of you. ( Start now, with Assassin’s Apprentice)


( Ps, Leopard says he took the photos)

I now have stamps that can travel with the cards on the envelopes. Will try and pick one person every few days. So, comment, share, and thank you. But most of all read.

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(pps. Mary and Little P and Leopard were born at Celestine and the Hare where truly marvellous films happen, and creatures are born)


About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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25 Responses to About some cards

  1. Hélène says:

    These cards are wonderful! I think the paintings are better featured here than on the covers (which are lovely as well!)

    I was about to write that choosing a character is hard – because one of Robin Hobb’s strength is how true, layered and complex she writes every character – but who am I kidding? It’s Fitz, Fitz all the way! I love how someone so strong can be so brittle, how a warrior can have such a deep passion for writing and storytelling and lore (and how it never feels like a storytelling device!), how true his understanding of animals feels, how real his multiple love stories (with Nighteyes, with Molly, with the Fool) feel. I love the little things he knows, how to live by himself, how to hunt, how to make inks, and all the little (and big) things he doesn’t know, how to deal with a teenager boy, how to understand people who love him, how to talk to his daughter…

  2. Ilse Sas says:

    Oh no Jackie, that is like asking someone who their favourite child is! Or in my case, my favourite dog (out of a family of nine). 🙂
    I’m re-reading the Soldier Son Trilogy and I love Nevare, so he’s my current favourite.
    I love Althea Vestrit, who is such a brave woman, and I had a definite crush on Brashen all through the Liveship Traders Books.
    I love the Fool and Kettricken, and Patience, and Verity, and Nighteyes of course.
    Oh this is very hard. Okay, if I really had to choose, it would be Fitz, with Burrich coming a very close second.
    I’m off to Gernia now to spend some more time with Nevare though. Maybe he is my favourite after all. 😀

  3. Anne Thomas says:

    My favourite Robin Hobb character has to be The Fool.
    He/she is so exquisitely and masterfully evoked.
    A person of apparent contradictions and polarities: of mystery and simplicity; freakishness and beauty; fragile vulnerability and immense strength; jester, trickster yet steadfastly serious and singlemindedly devoted to his Life’s Path; both practical, dexterous and yet ostentatiously fickle.
    The poignancy of the Fool’s life story provides an undercurrent of meaning and mystery to the whole series of Farseer/Liveship/Dragon books, woven without cliche or predictability, ushering us quietly to a place of humble appreciation of all that is most precious in Life.

  4. compostwoman says:

    Oh how to choose? I can’t. I simply, simply cannot.

    I choose Nighteyes, if I must choose 🙂

  5. Karin says:

    These are just beautiful and well done little ones for displaying so artfully.
    I am a beginner. I am only half way through my second book of Robin Hobbs. But I am already in love.
    The Fool I love because I know there is so much more to him than I currently know, and there is a tenderness and sadness that intrigues me…. and Kettricken her beauty, her sacrifice, her clothes, her stillness.
    But then there is Fitz and I love him too and Burrich and Verity and Molly and and… oh my goodness and I’ve only just started. I suspect I will love Nighteyes too but I’ve only just met him.
    I love the cards and will buy them and maybe send them out to people but I may just hog them all for myself…

    • Jackie says:

      I envy you only just meeting the noble Nighteyes. I know it is one of the hardest questions to ask a fan of Robin/Megan’s books. But it is a glorious way of helping others find the way through the thicket of fiction to her wonderful works.

  6. Graham cox says:

    Favourite character? From just one world of fantastic characters that’s hard, but how do you even begin to pick from all of this choice?

    I always liked Fitz, but that’s a bit of a boring answer and likely a common one. I actually liked Nevere too, but I think my favourite is probably Nighteyes. That or Sinatra, but I think Nighteyes just had the edge.

  7. Bev says:

    It has to be Beloved. I can’t think of another character in any book that has stayed with me like the Fool has. His unrequited love for Fitz breaks my heart. He takes so much on his shoulders and suffers immeasurably throughout the books, but still he finds the strength to go on. Beautiful.

  8. Gareth batten says:

    Jackie, this has to be one of the hardest questions you could possibly ask a robin Hobb fan. I would of say the Fitz and the fool are my favourites and they’ll always have a special place in my heart but if I’m honest with you I’d have to say that my favourite is Malta.
    It always has to be Malta because personally I think she’s the single character you can see who changes the most over the course of a trilogy. It doesn’t matter how many times I read the original liveship trilogy I always start by hating Malta, even though I know she’ll change. It’s like I always blot out how spoilt and rotten she is. By the 3rd book however I adore her. She understand sacrifice, she understands what family truly means, she doesn’t suffer fools easily. She has in effect become her grandmother. We really see her grow into a woman.
    For me there are very few characters who change so much before our very eyes and minds.

  9. kerry Cobb says:

    Gorgeous cards jackie, I have to say with so
    Many amazing characters created by the extremely talented Megan, it’s. Job to choose just one, but it simply has to be Malta, she’s grown so much from the really quite arrogant annoying vain little girl to a wonderful queen, wide and more importantly a mother, being a mum myself I completely understand the pain and heartache and despair of when your children are ill, she puts her baby’s needs before her own which
    In my eyes makes her the best mum ever.

  10. Dagmar says:

    I love the Fool, but also Althea, and Nevare. And Fitz. Darn…. no favorite.

  11. Eliane says:

    I love these card so much !!! I’m particularly fond of the one with Nighteyes.
    As to which character I like most, well… hard to tell, I’ve seldom read a book in which I love so much characters. But if I really had to give one I’d say the Fool (or Fitz… don’t know… arghhhh don’t make me choose between those two, please !!). The Fool is such a beautiful character, I love everything in him; there’s so much contradictions, and depth, and, and…
    And I also love Fitz, how…human he is (and sometimes oh, so foolish !). But, most of all, what I love most is how Fitz and Fool get along together, their relationship. I’m totally in love with them !
    Let’s talk about the others, too, because there’s so much to say about everyone : I really love Kettricken. I’m fond of Nighteyes and his way of thinking. I love Bee’s character, she’s so cute. I like Molly’s strengh. I like how Malta changed. Alise is so interesting. Also I appreciate Web, I’d like to see him more, I’m really intersted by him.
    And Burrich. Thymara. Althea. Selden. Hap. And Paragon! Oh, I loved Laurel also, sad that she didn’t appear in Fool’s Assassin.
    Ok, let’s stop, or I’m going to name 90% of the characters in Robin Hobb’s books…

  12. Julie Johnson says:

    The Fool is the obvious choice but, since I’m about halfway through the Rain Wild section at the moment.. my current favourites would have to be Rapskal and Heeby. Most simply because they are so positive, which at the point I’m at, makes an enormous difference to everybody on this expedition.

  13. sarah says:

    for me it has to be the fool and nighteyes, its a hard choice. Nighteyes is so wise, patient loyal and strong. The fool is fragile, beautiful, intelligent, mysterious. I love the relationship between the Fool and Fitz.

  14. Oh pooh, too hard. I love them all – even Fitz when he’s being a bit of a plonker, but that’s what makes him such a good character, ‘cos she writes him so well. I have to go for Nighteyes – I wept when he died..

  15. Jane says:

    It has to be Nighteyes, my German Shepherd Denzo is my very own Nighteyes.

  16. Lee-Anne says:

    Like so many others I love Fitz and Nighteyes, but also Alise, and Vandien, and Nevare 🙂 So many wonderful characters in so many glorious panoramic tales.

  17. Laura Creber says:

    Two of my very favourite things, Jackie’s and Robin’s work combined! The relationship between the art and the words is a perfect symbiosis. Same goes for my favourite characters in the books; I can’t love one without loving another. Fitz and the Fool, of course, and Fitz and Nighteyes. The three of them together. They aren’t just my favourites of the books. They’re among my favourite characters of any book I’ve read in my life, and that’s quite a lot! I’d love to win the cards, but I’ll be buying them anyway if not. X

  18. Michaela Malone says:

    I love so many of Robin/Megan’s wonderfully crafted characters, but if I had to pick one, it would be Nighteyes.

    I found it enthralling to read how Fitz and Nighteyes grew up together (in more ways and one) throughout the books and shaped each other’s lives and personalities, to lifelong effect.

    I can see reflected in their bond aspects of the most important relationships of my life: the deep-reaching and entwining bond I have with my husband, the unspoken understanding of my oldest friends, even the deep affection and friendship with my dog that goes beyond words. And lastly, the magical bond I have with the baby girl in my 38 week pregnant belly, which I know, like that of Nighteyes and Fitz, will be a magical relationship that will last beyond my lifetime.

  19. Bean Sawyer says:

    I started reading the Rain Wild Chronicles trilogy first. I loved them so much, I started at the beginning and have been working my way through ever since! Robin Hobb is just so brilliant at creating complex, intriguing and alluring characters – both human and animal. There are so many fabulous creations in there it’s hard to choose a favorite. Nighteyes is just brilliant in every way. I spent a long time weeping for that wolf. I would say though, in the latest book, Fools Assassin, Bee is an exciting new addition and I can’t wait for the next one in the series! 🙂

  20. Leslie says:

    The Fool. Amazing character, so mysterious, and fated to suffer for the world to keep turning.

  21. Lucy Wright says:

    As everyone has already pointed out, this is an impossible question! I’ve been mulling it over for 24 hours and one moment I’ll be adamant my favourite character is Nighteyes, the next moment it will be Kettricken. Then I remember the Fool… but I keep coming back to Nighteyes. His story arc [SPOILER ALERT] affected me the most when it came to an end – I was commuting home on the train and I couldn’t help but sob my heart out while all the other passengers looked at me in bemusement and horror!

    These paintings sum up the books for me – I can’t imagine artwork that better suits the characters and the stories x

  22. Mervi says:

    I have a favourite character for every season and every life stage. I admire Ki and Althea and Thymara. I’m terribly fond of Patience, and Carson. I am terrified and fascinated by Kennit. I have a soft spot for Myblack. I adore Kettricken. The list goes on!

    I’ve been meaning to blog about the postcards so sharing this link with all the beautiful photos will be a joy. And those stamps make me smile, seeing Icefyre and Y Ddraig Goch side by side!

  23. Susan Cassidy says:

    So many characters that are wonderful for so many reasons, Fitz, the Fool, Kittricken and high on my list Nighteyes. However for me it is Evelyn for she sees herself for what she could do rather than how she looked – a ditch jumper, a tree climber, runner and stalker. She never thought to wonder how she looked to others she remained true to her own nature.

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