Artique, Tetbury. A small piece of India in the Cotswold Hills.

Artique, shop in Tetbury in the Cotswold Hills, near Bath.stairs up to the India Suite in Artique

small people on the kitchen walls

In boxes on the kitchen walls, small people engaged in conversations, a wealth of stories frozen in time.

kitchen in Artique, The India SuiteThe bedroom, India Suite, TetburyLeopardbedroom, the India Suite, Artique, TetburyA bed for dreaming

Away from home, at the end of a working day, sometimes I flounder. I work hard in schools and try my best to give across something to the children that they will remember, so, at the end of the day, it is good to have somewhere to relax. I am a ‘home bird’ at heart, but in Tetbury, at Artique, I found a home from home, a place that from the first moment that I walked in, made by heart sing. What a place for dreaming Talboy’s House is. So, I would like to say a very big thank you to Hereward Corbett from The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop in Tetbury ( and Nailsworth) for booking me in to the most beautiful place I have stayed in. I do so look forward to going back.

And below the India Suite, a shop. And in the shop window, a tiger.


inside Artique

The interior, just stepping through the doorway. Across the wood above the Buddha it says 'perchance to dream'. Indeed.

inside the shop

The same shot as above but without the flash. Dark, but magical and atmospheric.

a room in Artique

One of the backrooms that still has so many things I wish I had bought.

shop window shown from inside

The window for Christmas with a beautiful tiger.

tiger window, Artique

Window from outside with tiger breathe steaming the window

tiger looking in a mirror

Tiger looking in the mirror

For those who are curious the tiger came originally from Libertys where she was used in a window display, via an antique shop. At one time she would growl. Perhaps that is what she is looking for in the mirror, her lost growl.

Inside the shop there were textiles, saris, silk, braiding, metalwork and rugs and beautiful furniture, small bells and glass, treasure and lapis and stories and singing bowls.

4 Responses to Artique, Tetbury. A small piece of India in the Cotswold Hills.

  1. Meryl says:

    I love this shop, a real favourite.

    • Jackie says:

      Mine too. I love visiting. I must bring a little more of it home with me next time. I think I was to turn my kitchen into a mini Atrique. To hell with the fitted kitchen. It is a devise of the very devil herself.

  2. Sarah Lowes says:

    Hi jackie, you may remember me – I came to visit you at home in 2007 and we had gorgeous hot chocolate with chilli! I’m posting this because I went to school in Tetbury and until a few years ago when they moved up here, my parents still lived in Nailsworth. I miss the Cotswolds very much all the way up here in Liverpool!

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