Beneath the tree and where fresh meets salt

This week I have felt myself uncoil, unwind, relax, for the first time since finishing The Lost Words. Perhaps because now it is really finished. Before there was still the cover to complete, and rework, then polish. Now, all is done, Hay is over, I have only the Help Musicians card to paint and other than that for the first time in 30 years I have no work. I’ve been saying no to everything. I am giving myself a sabbatical. Time to unwind, rethink, re-evaluate, sort out past mistakes, move forward. And play.

Walking at the airfield we listened to the larks that fill the air here. Love the patterns made by man, being woven through by nature, small islands of vetch and rattlegrass in the pasture.

I took a stone up the hill and placed it in the shade of a favourite thorn.

I took a stone to a place where the fresh meets the salt and watched for a while as the light played with the water. On the way there we passed the bog cotton.

Aberbach, where fresh meets salt

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Waiting for a shop to open so that I could collect a delivery of prints I finished reading The Owl Service, a book that has haunted me since I was too young to understand it, but am deeply in love with. And I have been playing with a painting that is coming to Narberth with me on Saturday, where I will be gilding it, in The Golden Sheaf Gallery from 10-5, and talking to people, and signing books. And playing with stones too, most likely. My head is all owls. And I would rather be owls than flowers, but respect the  right of those who chose to be flowers.

I will also have new prints with me…… come back soon, later today, to see which ones…


About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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4 Responses to Beneath the tree and where fresh meets salt

  1. Rags says:

    It’s been an owl Spring for me this year. So delighted to be allowed into the secret sanctuary of owl chicks and mama. It pleases me that they are comfortable enough with me that they rest without concern. I remember the mating vocalizations during the coldest nights of Winter – and now two handsome and healthy chicks nearly fledged.

    I’ve also been lucky enough to discover a few pairs of threatened burrowing owls on the prairies – a very special treat to observe.

    Sending all kinds of peace and quiet to you. Thanks for your recent posts – always a delight.

    Kind cheers,

  2. Angela Sykes says:

    Alan Garner – such wonderful books still with me from childhood. And The Owl Service, best of them all.
    Trying to re read them all before starting Erica Wagner’s ‘First Light’. In it people talk about Garner’s influence upon them.
    Don’t suppose I can be both owls and flowers….

  3. Bernie Bell says:

    Oh, Lord – how the water-ripples and the maze-lines…..mix…become almost indistinquishable. That looks like it’s not spelt right – well – you know what I mean – that’s what matters.

    I’m rooting for the Wren.

    Angela – of course you can be owls and flowers – you can be, and are – everything! “All are one and one is all”.

    Have y’all seen ‘The Beauty Things’ by Alan Garner and Mark Edmonds?

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