Book List.

Currently working on:

The Secret of the Tattered  Shoes illustrated by Ehsan Abdollahi, written by Jackie Morris.

To be published by Tiny Owl in September 2019

Work in progress, needs type design and illustrator and author names to be same size.

Mrs Noah’s Garden illustrated by James Mayhew, written by Jackie Morris.

Work in progress, from James’ studio table

To be published by Otter-Barry Books.

In Print

The Lost Words, written by Robert MacFarlane illustrated by Jackie Morris.

published by Hamish Hamilton.

This is the first time in years that I have worked in partnership with an author, but what a wonderful writer Mr MacFarlane is. The Lost Words published in Autumn 2017 and continues to live a curious wild life.

Mrs Noah’s Pockets written by Jackie morris,  illustrated by James Mayhew


This gives an unusual take on the story of the flood.

Noah is delighted to see Mrs Noah busy at her sewing machine while he builds the arc. “Curtains”, thinks Noah. “Lovely”. But Mrs Noah has other ideas, and while her husband is busy she goes out for one last walk in the rain before the arc sets off with its precious cargo of life.P

Published in 2017 by Otter-Barry Books.

The White Fox  published by Barrington Stoke in Autumn 2016


For more on this title see Barrington Stoke’s website.

The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow

published by Graffeg in autumn 2016


Words and pictures from card for Help Musicians.

One Cheetah, One Cherry


A picture book with numbers for children aged 0 to no longer alive on this planet.To be published Autumn 2016 by Otter-Barry Books.

The Seal Children

Re released in a new hardback edition, April 2016  published by Otter-Barry Books.

At the moment you can only buy hardbacks for about £800, which is ridiculous. This hardback edition has a new jacket design and the odd edit.


The Newborn Child 

Rereleased as a hardback with a new text,  published in Autumn 2016 by Otter-Barry Books, this is the story of a mother and child, about love, and so much more.


The Wild Swans,

A retelling of the Anderson story, this book is about silence and words, love, loss, family, swans, knitting and birds.  Published 2015 by Janetta Otter-Barry books. Nominated for the Greenaway and the Carnegie Medal.


Queen of the Sky pub in UK by Graffeg


Queen of the Sky   published May 1st 2015 by Graffeg

When I was a child I loved books like Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell, Born Free by Joy Adamson. A Hole in the Sky is a little like these tales, but different. This is the story of a friend of mine, Ffion, and a peregrine she rescued from a watery grave. But it’s about more than that. It’s about love and friendship and patience and wild things. To know more follow the link.

Image 1

Something About a Bear: a book about bears.  be published by Frances Lincoln in autumn 2014.

This is a return to the very first book I wrote and illustrated, a reworking. With pictures of the world’s bears, wildness and a surprise.

Shortlisted for the Greenaway 2016


Walking with Cats( working title) to be published by Graffeg in 2014

This is a departure from normal for me, and something that is very difficult to categorise. It is a book of photographs with writing, something like a travel book about going nowhere, if that makes sense. Nothing enhances beautiful landscape like a cat. The only way to find out what it is all about is to buy it or borrow from the library.

There is also be a calendar to accompany the book and notecards.

Cover for Golden Hare

Song of the Golden Hare

It began with a coming together of a few ideas while out walking. The day was crisp clear bright and from the top of the hill it was possible to see the distant land of Ireland. It began with a boy who loved music and hares. It began with a desire to paint hares, a whole book of them.

As the story came together the boy had a sister who joined him, so that now he was no longer alone. He loved music and often played upon a harp, but he never sang. Somehow he couldn’t find his voice, or maybe the courage, to sing.  And when the hares begin to move across the land the boy and his sister follow.

With luck and a fair wind the artwork was completed by January and the book published in the UK in October 2013 by Frances Lincoln. For foreign rights contact Frances Lincoln.

Cover for I am Cat by Jackie Morris

I am Cat written and illustrated by Jackie Morris.

I am cat. At night I prowl, but in the day I sleep, curled in warm places, ammonite tight. And when I sleep I dream…….

And what else would a cat dream about other than being a tiger in the deep green jungle or a snow leopard, high on the roof of the world.

Much help was given during the making of this book by the six cats who at that time lived with me. Watching them walking and sleeping and just being cats was the inspiration for this book. Watching them and trying to imagine, as paws and whiskers and tail twitched in dreaming, what it might be that a small cat might dream about.

At the back of the book there are facts about the small cat’s big relatives. Had there been more space there would have been more facts. For about cats there is just so very much to know.

Published in September 2012 in UK. Spring 2013 in USA and also published in Dutch, French, Korean and Danish.

UK £11.99/ USA 17.99

ISBN: 987-1-84780-135-7


East of the Sun, West of the Moon

East of the Sun, West of the Moon written and illustrated by Jackie Morris

From the moment she saw him she knew that the bear had come for her. How many times had she dreamt of the bear….. Now, here he was, as if spelled from her dreams.

As the bear’s secret unravels a journey unfolds, a long and desperate journey that takes the girl to the homes of the four winds and beyond, to the castle that lies east of the sun, west of the moon.

The story is an old one, told here again, beginning on the edge of a city, in the house of a family displaced by fear and war. Illustrated throughout with small images that punctuate the text and full page spreads that paint a tapestry for the words to flow around this is the first book for older children, and adults who still love a good story, with pictures.

To be published in UK and USA by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books in spring 2013. ( also available in Australia)

UK £9.99/USA $15.99

ISBN: 978-1-84780-294-1

Little Evie in the Darkwoods

Little Evie in the Wild Wood written by Jackie Morris and illustrated by Catherine Hyde.

“Little Evie stepped over the stile and into the wild wood. She followed the pathway her mama had shown her when she was young….”

And in the heart of the wild wood Evie finds something dark and wild and beautiful with great big ears, all the better to hear her with.

This isn’t Little Red Riding Hood. As a child I hated that story because the wolf gets killed and the wild is the evil. This is rather a book about a child going out into the world for the first time. Evie has a task. She has a basket to deliver for her grandmother. Perhaps it is an apology for all the fear and that has been fed to children by the original tale of Little Red. Whatever is at the heart of this book it is stunningly illustrated by Catherine Hyde ( illustrator of The Princess’s Blankets by Carol Ann Duffy and The Firebird by Saviour Pirotta, both published by Templar).

Catherine took the words I had written and painted them into a beautiful dark world of woodland magic.

To be published in UK and USA by Frances Lincoln, autumn 2013.

Cover for How the Whale Became

How the Whale Became written by Ted Hughes, illustrated by Jackie Morris, published by Frances Lincoln.

Ted Hughes wrote these tales for his own children many years ago and I discovered them after talking with James Mayhew about favourite books. I read them over and over to my children when I was working on the illustrations for this book and each time found something new in them.


 Starlight Sailor written by James Mayhew illustrated by Jackie Morris pub Barefoot Books UK and USA

Starlight Sailor follows a child’s dreams across to a land of unicorns and dragons. At the back of the book are instructions for how to make a paper boat. This new edition is a large format board book. It’s like a small box of dreams.

For more info see Starlight’s page.


The Cat and the fiddle

The Cat and the Fiddle compiled and illustrated by Jackie Morris. Published by Frances Lincoln in UK and USA.

A treasury of nursery rhymes, some well known, others less so, all illustrated with full bleed illustrations with characters running from page to page. This book was probably the most fun to work on of all the books I have made. Much of the research was done years ago when I read to my own children from the many many nursery rhyme books that we had in our collection. I love the nonsense of them and the hidden secrets that lurk within seemingly innocent rhymes. And I love the fact that many are centuries old and have been passed from mouth to ear across time.

For details of books in print go to my very old and creaky website books page.

36 Responses to Book List.

  1. Hello Jackie

    I wondered if you ever illustrate books for anyone else? I’ve written the words for a picture book, inspired by the Red Poll cows at Hatfield Forest, where I worked recently. Polly The Jumping Cow is in draft form, and I’d like an illustrator to take it forward. If you’re interested in seeing the story, please let me know. I’ve been writing for some time, published a book about our women’s outdoor pursuits group – She Who Dares in 2011, have just finished a novel inspired by the tale of The Mermaid of Zennor. I’m now working on a novel for young adults, set in Blackpool, and studying for an MA ion Children’s Literature, with Michael Rosen as my tutor. You’re attending the Literary Festival at my daughter’s school in February, so I hope to meet you there.

    All the best


    • Jackie says:

      I am afraid I concentrate very much on illustrating my own texts these days Julie. Many reasons. One is that I love writing and have too many ideas. The words come quicker for me than the paintings. Another is that I get paid twice as much, which is good. Also I am booked up for another 4 years and have more ideas to come. And as people who heard me talk the other day would know, I can’t paint cows!

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  3. Jan Craft says:

    Just a note of appreciation for your book, I Am Cat. As I strolled to the exit of the Texas Library Convention exhibit hall in Ft. Worth, Texas, after viewing thousands of books for several hours, the face of my ginger cat caught my attention. I immediately stopped and paid the price to have your beautifully illustrated book. The text is equally beautiful and I imagine that it is exactly what my Red dreams as he snores on the high shelf in my office. Thank you for such a lovely book. As a children’s Librarian, I will be sure to look for your books in future.

  4. Michelle says:

    As both a librarian and fellow cat lover, I am cat is my new favourite book. The illustrations are magnificent and the descriptions are purfect. I am excited about sharing this book with my students.

  5. Chelle says:

    Jackie, I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful illustrations in Susan Summers’ retelling of The Fourth Wise Man. Your artwork adds so much to this beautiful story, which I love to read at Christmas time every year. I was moved to tears yet again as I read it this morning. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  6. Emma says:

    Dear Jackie,
    Ten years in the library service introduced me to your work- and I’m so glad of it! ‘Something about a bear’- which has been eagerly anticipated- arrived in the delivery today and I just wanted to congratulate you on it. It has cheered me up enormously. It’s beautiful.

  7. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much.

  8. Cindy Nielsen says:

    Dear Jackie

    I went into my local bookshop (in a little seaside village in Queensland, Australia) to collect a book I’d ordered, and there, taking pride of place on the shelf behind the counter, was, Song of the Golden Hare. I knew I had to buy it! I wept with joy when I read it that night – the words and illustrations moved me to a place beyond this world. Thank you.

    • Jackie says:

      Bless you Cindy. Do have a look for The Seal Children also by me. You might also like that. It’s about people leaving the land they love to travel to far away places to set up new homes. And about love.

  9. Linda Parker Haecker says:

    Thank you for this wonderful Book List. You’ve illustrated and written so many beautiful books, Jackie!! And I’ve only begun to collect and cherish them. I selfishly wish I had a list of all the books you’ve ever illustrated and/or written. I’m sure it would boggle my mind! 🙂 x

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  12. Robin says:

    You might want to update the info, (given the current place of this blog on your FB page) about 1 Cheetah as you do have a publisher

  13. So much beauty to come!

  14. Caroline Platt says:

    Thanks for this list. Have bought some of these as presents and one for me! Good to know what is in print for future purchases.

  15. philippa dean says:

    Today I read your wonderful poem called ‘heartwood’ about trees in an art gallery near where i live. I wondered if there is a book with this in it and what it’s called please? I too love all there is to read about trees and have even had a go at writing about them myself. I live near a wonderful large park, full of trees, birds and deer. Such inspiration can be found from these marvellous places!

    • Jackie says:

      You can download the piece as an eBook, but there’s no printed version, as yet.

      The illustrations are from The Wild Swans, written and illustrated by me. You might like that also.
      And thank you.

      • Philippa Dean says:

        Thanks Jackie but I don’t do e-books, so when will you be publishing this do you think – with other poems maybe? I would love to be able to have this please. Can you tell me how I can? I’ve looked at more of your work and it’s all stunning, especially the illustrations. I’ve just bought the Barefoot Book of Classic poems – FANTASTIC and highly recommended!

        • Jackie says:

          I don’t do e-books either, but there are no plans to publish this at the moment I am afraid. I am working on a huge book with Robert MAcFarlane.

  16. I am so smitten and enchanted by your art and your words, Jackie.
    I own a magical gallery and shoppe in the US (Portland, OR), called The Fernie Brae, and I have a small library where I sell Very select (read…magical, Special!) books.
    Do you have any suggestions as to how I can carry your books?
    My distributer (Ingram) carries marvelous cards and journals with your artwork but none your books.
    And it seems you use quite a few different publishers.
    Any suggestions would be SO appreciated.
    Thank you so much for your work. Each book is truly a treasure.

  17. Hi Jackie,

    I swear that when I picked the title for my new book, I didn’t know about yours (or your friend Nicola’s). Fortunately, they belong to different genres. I thought you might like this, since you clearly care about the Arctic and its creatures. You might also enjoy some of the artwork in this lavishly illustrated and produced book:

    Here’s to the Great White Bears! (May they stick around.)

    Happy solstice,
    Michael Engelhard
    (in Fairbanks, Alaska)

  18. Sarah Pringle says:

    Am I able to get a hardback copy of the snowleopard anywhere ?

    I love your books

    Sarah Pringle

    • Jackie says:

      In about 2 months time you will be able to get signed hardback copies from Solva Woollen Mill, and good bookshops near you. Graffeg will be publishing it.

  19. Marion Dobson says:

    Hi Jackie,
    After seeing some of your books in the bookshop in Durham Cathedral, and because we have sponsored a Snow Leopard for our grandson’s eighth birthday I am desperate to find a copy of The Snow Leopard Story. My daughter and I both trained in art and think your work is wonderful. she is hoping to leave teaching in the future to illustrate childrens books.
    Please cnan you help me find a copy of the Snow Leopard.
    Thank you,

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  21. Albert Morris says:

    Where were you born, is Morris your maiden name ?.(Mos – Latin, the genitive is Moris),
    the Roman’s gave use the name cica: 40 ad.

  22. Peter Hubert says:

    Hi Jackie

    Thank you so much for your wonderful illustrations in The Lost Words. I gave a copy to my sister and myself and spent yesterday evening reading Robert’s poems and giving names to the birds and animals, trees and flowers with my friend’s children – they loved it all!

  23. Year 2 at Vauvert School Guernsey says:

    Dear Jackie,
    We are a group of Year 2 children at a school in Guernsey and we have just read
    Tell me a dragon which we loved! We liked looking at the different types of dragons and how they behaved. Our favourite dragon was Ice dragon because he can only fly when he is having happy thoughts. Also we liked that he breathes snowflakes. Your book has inspired us to create our own dragons stories!

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