A Hole in the Sky


The first time I met her she was sitting on the window sill in Ffion’s kitchen. She was beautiful, ragged, wild, dangerous. I thought she would only be around for a few days before she was off again. I took so many photographs of her, trying to hold her in my memory, watching her close. Dark eyed, sharp clawed, beauty. I didn’t realise then that this would be the beginning of a story.

Queen of the Sky, published in 2015 by Graffeg, lavishly illustrated with photographs, paintings and black and white drawings the book is about a bird but also about friendship and courage and love of a wild thing.

Of Queen of the Sky Robin Hobb says,

” Queen of the Sky is a love letter to all things wild, but also to friendship and to the courage that admits that to attempt to own the wild is to destroy it.  Yet wildness is captured and held for the reader to possess in Jackie Morris’ photographs and paintings.”

Ffion, who rescued the sick falcon has now founded her own company, Falcon Boats, sailing from St Justinians and taking people out to experience the wonderful wildlife found just off the Pembrokeshire coast. On their very first voyage they spotted a peregrine. You can see more about the boats and trips on Ffion’s website.

There are also  limited edition prints, numbered and signed . You can now order signed copies of Queen of the Sky from Solva Woollen Mill. They also have the prints for sale.

Terri Windling wrote the most beautiful review of the book, accompanied by glorious photographs on her blog Myth and Moor

For more about the book and its origins see this article in The Guardian online 

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  1. Anita says:

    The peregrine falcon is not so common here Jackie. Amazingly, some pairs have taken to nesting in the City of Melbourne, secure on the ledges of tall buildings with great success. What a wonderful story Jackie and yes, you must write that book. Cheers. Anita

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