The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow


I had been in discussion with Graffeg for some time about working on an art book. The thing is, I didn’t want to do one of those coffee table books that no one ever reads, dry as dust, about artists. I wanted to make it something different. So I had been working very hard for 30 plus years now. There’s a lot of material from magazine illustrations to cards and books and covers.

So, I suggested to them a ‘prelude’.

The art book will fit  into chapters; illustrations, early work,dragons, bears, cards etc. So, rather than have a huge, expensive creature we will do several volumes that can build over the years to a box set if desired. More affordable for buyers, and also for the publisher.

The Quiet Music seemed like a good place to begin.

So, I have put words to the images created over the years.

This is the beginning:



In the still, cold air of early morning there would be only silence, but for the gentle music of softly falling snow.

No leaves cling to the trees.

Beneath stone hard ground snakes sleep, coiling in cold dreams.


Not a bird stirs.

The only movement is falling flakes, and as they fall she can see each intricate pattern, each individual; unique. And as they fall she can hear the note as the crystal merges with others to become a tapestry of white covering the earth.”

The book will include new ‘stories’, big double page spreads of the images, and sketches and photographs from my studio, maybe and also the 2016 Christmas card.

To be published by Graffeg 2016, autumn. Large format, full colour.

There will be an exhibition of paintings and prints to run alongside a launch at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, from Sat 17th September with a preview on 16th Sept.

Nicola Davies on The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow:

“mesmerising. I love the way they leave fine threads floating for readers to pick up and weave into their own imaginations.”

From Love Reading:  Gosh, this is absolutely and completely enchanting. The moment I laid eyes on ‘The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow’ I knew I had fallen in love, I hugged the book before even opening the pages. I felt like a child again, it’s beautifully sized, it’s big, the cover stunning, it just invites you to pick it up. The story began when Jackie Morris created Christmas cards, one a year for Help Musicians UK, the words, while there all along, arrived later, in the creating of this book. The illustrations speak so eloquently and beautifully they brought a tear to my eye and goose bumps magically appeared on my arms. This is a book where you just sink into the pages, drift away on the words, and it feels like a half remembered dream. I whole heartedly recommend ‘The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow’, it would make a perfect gift (even for yourself), and is a fairy tale delight of a read. ~ Liz Robinson

You can hear the beginning by listening to this wonderful recording, sent to me by Yalla in Germany.

World rights available. Contact Graffeg.

Book 2 will be work for the covers of Robin Hobb’s books and Terry Pratchett calendars and other assorted dragons.