The White Fox

WhiteFox-02-768x1000The White Fox, publishing with Barrington Stoke in Autumn 2016 is a story of alienation, threaded through with wild magic and belonging.

The book began life during a visit to Seattle and the Woodland Park in 2013. The story of Felix, the Arctic fox was told to me by Sara of The Snow Leopard Trust and as she spoke images danced in my mind’s eye. I carried it around for a while until Emma from Barrington Stoke got in touch to talk about maybe working together.

I sent Emma a synopsis. Now, when people ask me about how to go about getting published I always tell them to get The Writer and Artist’s Yearbook and it will tell them how to write a synopsis and approach a publisher. However, this is page 1 of the 3 page synopsis I sent to Emma and Mairi.


The synopsis may have been an unusual approach and i did offer to type it up properly so that it was more legible, but it seems it was enough. Later, whilst illustrating, I used knitting needles in an unconventional way in order to work out where to place the cage bars which trap the wild white fox.whitefox1 knittingneedles caged

How it changes a creature, to see it trapped.

Although the child in this story is from another land I think there are children (and adults too) from many lands who feel ‘uneasy in their own skin’ and this book is for all of those people.

There are many themes that run through it, including the theme of surviving loss.

And perhaps, after all, it is a true story.