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Years ago, 2007, I started a blog, about my cats, because I wanted to promote my books but also because I wanted to learn more about writing. Many people suggested that I turn the blog into a book. Others had had amazing success doing this. Try as hard as I could I failed to find a publisher and came to the conclusion that if I put pictures of cats in boxes on my site people would be interested. So, I gave up, settled back into walking and blogging…….. until I met Graffeg.

Now I am working on a book with them, of words and images. Its not a children’s books. Infact when I pitched the book I found it very hard to describe the shape of it. It was like trying the describe the shape of a cat. It is what it is, and the only way to find out what that is will be to buy it. But meanwhile putting it together from the thousands of photographs is a little like herding ย cats, which is also a little of what walking with cats is like.

The book will come out in a small format, with, hopefully, a limited edition large format too.

Because I have to draw the words on a page using a pen first ( very different way of thinking to tapping out on a keyboard), I am using a beautiful notebook from Scaramanga to hold words and images together.


catbook21 catbook1

There will also be a calendar and some notecards to accompany the book. Below is a photograph with David Wilson’s wonderful books showing the size and format of the project.


The book will be dedicated to Tom Hetherington ( who loves Elmo) and his mum and dad. With special thanks to my good friend Jane Messore who found many a lost cat file when I thought all hope was gone.

Signed copies of the book will be available from Solva Woollen Mill, and can be ordered online from their website, as usual. To have a sneaky look at the book have a look at Graffeg’s website. They do some beautiful books.

The book is now called Cat Walk.

pixiewithfish snowcats19 snowcatjumping

12 Responses to Walking with Cats ( Working title)

  1. Audrey Hetherington says:

    That is just so wonderful it made me cry, he is so happy, we all are.
    Is it coincidence that I had just switched on the computer to come and tell you what he has done. I could hear him talking to Elmo earlier today and had a sneaky look to see why. He has a new tablet and has used the camera to photograph all the cat photos you have posted, he now has his own album, which he looks at over and over again. The book will be the icing on the cake I can’t thank you enough, Tom genuinely loves you, Elmo and all your other cats and dogs .

    • Jackie says:

      That’s wonderful. There may be some prints of some of the best ones, but will get Elmo to send him some soon. Have to watch my fingers with those little ones. They get a bit over excited about food. And they move so fast outside they want to run everywhere all at once.
      Book is slowly coming together. I think the calendar is done. There may be an app too and some films etc. Will see. So pleased that Graffeg have got behind this. Even when I couldn’t explane to them what it would be like and just said, look, I just have to do it and then you will see.

  2. Nancy Vehrs says:

    I eagerly await your book! Your blog had such enchanting images of the gingers in such an exotic, scenic setting that I loved visiting it over the years. What a delight the book will be!

  3. Linda Haecker says:

    Jackie, the first time I came across some of your pics of your beautiful gingers exploring your ruggedly beautiful sea coast I nearly cried. It was all so perfectly magical! I assumed they must already be pics from a book of yours! It made such perfect sense to enchant and inspire as many as possible with such beautiful images!! I am so glad to hear that your vision is finally coming to be! And I selfishly can’t wait to get my paws on the precious small huggable size book so I can join you and your beautiful cats!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jackie says:

      I must post some of my rejection letters some time. I had hoped Frances Lincoln would publish it, and my editor was keen but the md at the time didn’t like cats. How strange. Did he not realise that the book wouldn’t be for people like him?

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  5. Hi Jackie,
    A friend sent me a link to your site as he just knew that as a fellow writer, countryside walker / runner, cat lover and owner, I would be bowled over by what you have achieved. And I am! In another life, I also went to art school, so I feel a great admiration and affection for the combination of images and words from one mind. The idea and the tasters of the book in the making are very exciting, and I’m so looking forward to seeing your project published and ‘out there’ for all to enjoy. Our cats used to walk to Primary school with my children, and often went in to curl up in the Reading Corner. Almost every child in the year group included our cats as a very happy recollection in their School Memories talk during their Leavers Day. Walking with cats is a special privilege. May you have a smooth ride from now to publication.

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