The Wild Swans


Knitting, thinking about silence. I have tremendous respect for Eliza. Keeping silence is so hard.

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  1. Odette McCartney says:

    Just got my signed copy.
    Absolutely beautiful. A book to be treasured, in silence.
    I am doing Proud as a peacock, a delicate crochet shawl, in cobweb lace from
    who I think would be your sort of people!
    The colour ( Nepeta) looks a very close match for Eliza’s shawl, so that will make it even more special.

    • Jackie says:

      Oh no. I seem to have gone and bought that pattern and now my head is boggling at trying to read and understand it!

      • Odette McCartney says:

        You don’t have to make a firm decision on size until you’re well on the way and can see, by weighing the yarn left, how big it wants to be. Apart from that just copy the pictures! I find the visual information on the charts always winds over long winded instructions!
        Just take the first step…

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