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Circling; work in progress

For a while now I have produced a series of paintings with a heart motif; The Space Between. Sometimes foxes, sometimes cats, and the more interesting one that grew from a line in a Pat Rothfuss novel, The Name of … Continue reading

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Peace after a busy day

┬áPainting in the mill all afternoon, I talked myself out. I was supposed to go to a party, but too tired even to drive such a short way I settled down to read and lost myself to the wonderful Into … Continue reading

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A short film about Wales

My head inside looks a bit like my desk does. Meanwhile, Ffion and i were back on tv last week. Thanks to Kevin Ashford for letting me use this clip: Meanwhile, the bears are thinking about cherries and telling stories. … Continue reading

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Finding silence

The summer is always busy. It’s hard to find the silence required for clear thought. George MacKay Brown talked of writing poetry as ‘the interrogation of silence.’ I know not everyone needs it to work, to think, but I do. … Continue reading

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Three Bears, three bowls, three silver spoons.

First I looked at the small bear. I wandered around for a whole day, searching for words, trying to creep up on them unawares. I found some, then decided there were too many and there could be less and less … Continue reading

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Reading Robin Hobb

This morning I turned the page. There was nothing there. I was at the end of the book. And the trouble with Robin Hobb’s books is that you don’t so much read them as live them. Finished. Over. One more … Continue reading

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A tale of two books

Today I received my first copy of The Wild Swans. It is always a strange feeling when you first hold in your hands a finished book that you have, with your publisher, created. There is something about this one that … Continue reading

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Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb; a review?

It came, at last. The weight of the book in my hands was satisfying. The finish on the cover, the design, beautiful. I was nervous as I approached the pages. Now, on page 494, I rip myself away from between … Continue reading

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Influence, copying, time, distance #2

So where did the cheetahs come from? My studio is stuffed with things ( including cobwebs- tidying up a bit today while paint dries, I realised I need to tidy up a lot). I have pictures stuck everywhere, cards I … Continue reading

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Influence, copying, time and distance.

I am working on three new books at the moment. One is a delight to play with, a book of numbers. One Cheetah, One Cherry. It’s a little anarchic, but not in the flow of the numbers ( 1-10) but … Continue reading

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