Dragons in Torquay Museum



In Torquay Museum in Devon in England there are stairs that lead to magic and myth. If you climb the stairs you might find dragons.



For the first time ever almost all of the artwork from Tell Me a Dragon has come to rest in a gallery, alongside two paintings worked for the Terry Pratchett Disc World Calendars and the cover of Fool’s Fate by Robin Hobb. They share the space with wonderful items from the museum collection, including my favourite, a dragon gas lamp that once breathed real fire.

tmad1 DSC_0109 tmad3 tmad4 swords tmad5 tmad6 tmad7 tmad8 tmad9 TMAD10 tmda11 plate teapot vase fragment gaslamp


The show runs from 10th March- 25th June, but the opening hours are curious. Not open on Friday/Sat/Sun apart from school holidays so if you plan to visit do call first to be sure of the random opening times. But do visit. The museum itself has wonderful treasures. The museum shop is more than a delight for Agatha Christie fans and they have signed copies of most of my books.

I will be back to do a day long event at the end of the show before it moves on to Hornsey Library and then who knows where, taking its myth, magic and dragon mischief with it.

Tell Me a Dragon is part of the summer reading challenge. The book has sold 10 000 copies or more in the UK, but this is the first time the artwork has been exhibited as a collection and I would like to thank all those at the museum for inviting myself and my dragons in to such a beautiful place.

If you want to join the fun, and Tell Me a Dragon you can add your dragon, in words, pictures, music, cake, whatever HERE. The only limit is your imagination.

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  2. I fell in love at picture one and then was lost by the end. One more arrow in the quiver of reasons to move South. It looks fantastic Jackie, I think I would like a Night in the Museum there.

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