Exhibitions and Festivals etc.

This year I will be doing fewer events. (Ha, I said that last year….. let’s see how it goes this year!) I have animals and want to stay home and paint. And I am moving in to doing new work. I find that all the travelling fragments my work so much.   So, when I am out and about do come and see me. These are the events I have booked in so far.

Spellsongs Live on Tour

This year I will be Wayfairing at Hay Festival and appearing with The Spellsongs, our amazing group of musicians. There are two other venues for this year, Folk by the Oak , Hatfield House on July 14 and The Royal Albert Hall, Lost Words Prom, London.

Further dates will be announced, for next year, so worth keeping an eye on the website.

North York Moors Gallery – The Lost Words Exhibition 15 June -29 July

  • Opening event and evening reception (14 June: 6pm for 6.30pm): Opening by Jackie Morris and Amy-Jane Beer. Limited places available, please book early.
  • Jackie Morris – Meet the Artist, Tour and Talk (15 June: 11am–1pm and 2–4pm): An opportunity to meet the artist Jackie Morris for a talk and tour of the exhibition. Jackie will be happy to sign books on request. Booking not required, drop in anytime.

The Lost Words Prom 25th August Royal Albert Hall, London.

Working with the BBC Robert Macfarlane and I have been commissioned to make a new spell for the Proms. The performance on 25 August will weave music and dance around The Lost Words and see the first performance of the newly commissioned piece. Performers include The Spellsongs, Jason Singh, Southbank Sinfonia. I will be conjuring otters and a new creature.

Signed books can be ordered any time from Solva Woollen Mill. Dedications can be added once form is sent, via email. They ship anywhere and there is no extra charge for signing.

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  2. Jill Lindley says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy a large print of the ‘Space between the Fox and the Hare’, can you tell me if one is available and from where?? Thanks so much,


  3. Peter Clark says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Do you have a list of works currently available as prints?


  4. Rebecca says:

    I’m organising a festival in Greenwich across May/June/July and wondered if you would be able to deliver a workshop? Could you please email me @ rebeccagediking@yahoo.com?


  5. Amanda Hanley says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Please could you tell me if you ever do any work shops if so when, where, the cost and what age range do you take ? We live in Burford Oxfordshire.
    Kind regards Amanda

    • Jackie says:

      I do all kinds of things to promote my books, Amanda, here and there and everywhere. But I don’t do specific workshops really. I am too busy writing and painting and reading. The best way to know when I am around the area is to keep an eye on this page.

  6. Jim Jebson says:

    Hi Jac
    Have you got your schedule for Cornwall in November please. We’re ther for some of November and it would be great to catch up with you.

  7. Rhian says:

    Hi Jackie, I am hoping to catch up with you at Dulverton? At last!

  8. Amy Brooks says:

    Hello Jackie,

    My children and I love your work and I have to read “The snow leopard” regularly to my son to get him off to sleep. Thank you for that, and my little girl has been introduced to dragons in a very beautiful way, unfortunately she wants me to paint an ice dragon on her wall now!

    I was hoping that you could tell me if you have any prints of Pegasus with the poem on for sale at all ?(from the Barefoot book of poems) It would be perfect for my little sister and is absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you

  9. Ffran May-Prigent says:

    Hello Jackie,
    Do you have any work currently being exhibited in Pembrokeshire ? I will home in Pembs next month and would like to see more of your work; last time we found a hare portrait in Milford Haven Docks. By the way, you have many fans here in Brittany.

  10. Hi Jackie
    I’m organising a literary festival in Carlisle , Borderlines in September(6 and 7). Will your new book be out by then? We would love to have you at the festival even without a new book, as all your books are fabulous! I have 2 indie bookshops in Cumbria- Bookends Carlisle and Keswick. I can send you further info on the festival by email if you would like to know more. Look forward to hearing from you, Regards, Gwenda

    • Jackie says:

      Would have loved to have come but I have to tie up my travel with lots of events and won’t be up that way then. Can I let you know when I am? I have worked with the Hedgehog bookshop in Penrith and LOVE the Lake District. Keep me in mind for next year as could build my travelling around you. Meanwhile my email address is jackie@jackiemorris.co.uk Email me!

  11. Helen Anthony says:

    Dear Jackie,
    We have not met as yet but I am a Facebook friend who lives in Glasgow. I come to St.David’s twice a year ( since 1977). I am a cat-lover par excellence! When you come to Edinburgh this Aug. -is it to the Book Festival? I am a very regular attender there & to other parts of the Festival. Can I assist you in any way with your arrangements to be in Edinburgh? I really DO mean ” any way” – as I admire your work & your wonderful communications on FB very much. With best wishes, Helen Anthony.

    • Jackie says:

      Hi Helen, Yes it is the festival. I’m doing two events but apparently am not supposed to talk about them in public yet until they are in the program.I’ll email you. And thanks.

  12. Nona Anon says:

    Looking forward to coming to see you at Holkham Hall. I have written a review of East of the Sun, West of the Moon at http://nonaanon.blogspot.co.uk/

  13. Ailsa Grant-Turton says:

    Dear Jackie
    We are tremendous fans if your beautiful books! We bought a hardback copy of ‘Tell me a Dragon’ for my daughter’s first birthday from Oriel y Parcel while on a brief holiday to Pembrokeshire (from Hampshire) last week. I told the lady at the info desk how much we loved your work and she told me she had seen you just minutes earlier and would see if she could find you for us. Sadly, you had just left as we hoped you might sign your book for our baby for posterity! Might you consider signing a book plate for us to stick in? I know it is a big ask so quite understand if not as I expect you get hundreds of such requests…
    Also, we would love to bring our children to see the artwork in your exhibition – will you be exhibiting it anywhere in England any time soon?
    Thanks so much for your time and thank you for your exquisite books, which have grout much magic for us.
    Very best wishes

    • Jackie says:

      The artwork for Tell Me a Dragon is being exhibited in Hornsey Library at the moment and then moving to Putney. Not sure where after that.
      My books are all available, signed, from Solva Woollen Mill. They have the new bear book coming in very soon and do tend to get advanced copies of the books. You can even get books dedicated if you fill in their form.
      I am really struggling with work at the moment. Too much keeping me away from my drawing board.

  14. Ailsa Grant-Turton says:

    Thanks so much for replying so quickly! I shall get straight onto the Solva website and look up some Christmas presents for the children, as there are still a couple we don’t have. The bear book sounds lovely. We will also try to get to Putney, it would be lovely to see the exhibition.
    Sorry to hear you are not getting time enough for your creative work and I hope soon you will get some more peace to write and paint.
    Thanks again!

    • Jackie says:

      Mt Cat book is out too. I am Cat. And Solva have the jigsaws. And lovely woollen things. Settling to work, but off to find bears soon in Britain. Cornwall to Dumfries.

      • Ailsa Grant-Turton says:

        Good luck with the bear quest. We have ‘I am Cat’ already and adore it but I didn’t know about the jigsaws! Already have a basketful online at Solva but will look again now… Always love nice Woolen things too.
        Best wishes

  15. Karin says:

    Hello Bears and what fun. I might cry at the pictures of you crying at the highland park

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  17. jane hall says:

    Hello Jackie

    We love your books here at Little Rascals at Snape Maltings. and we are very excited to have the jigsaw puzzles coming in soon. When they do, we plan to make a special display of your work, so I will send you a picture of that when it’s complete.

    Please will you let me know if you are ever visiting again, and whether you would be interested in doing a reading, or an event?

    Many thanks and best wishes,

    Jane and Diane

  18. Rebecca Edmunds says:

    Hello Jackie,
    I am an aspiring illustrator currently in my foundation year in University of South Wales. I have been a huge fan of your work for many years now and I was wondering if it might be possible for me to meet you as part of my final major project. It would be so amazing for me to just chat with an illustrator such as yourself and get to know the ins and outs of working in the industry!

    Please will you let me know if you would be interested at all, if not though, no worries!
    Many thanks,
    Becky x

    • Jackie says:

      Really sorry Rebecca but I am very busy and when not out working need to be home working. I will be doing some events in Swansea and am often in Cover To Cover in Mumbles so best thing to do would be keep an eye on events page. Also I am tired and jaded and fed up with publishing so not the best person to talk to. You need someone who is enthusiastic.

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  22. Alistair Rose says:

    Just read The Snow Leopard to our daughters, quite magical, thank you. It’s very special books like this that help fashion a child’s imagination

  23. You will love being in Ledbury library I’m sure 🙂 Can’t wait to see this exhibition.

  24. Catherine Preston says:

    Travelled all the way to Compton Verney for the Lost Words exhibition. Just so wonderful. The detail is amazing in all the art such as the bubbles of water made by the otters, the dandelion clock, the raven’s feather and on and on. Is it possible to get large or small prints of:
    The dandelion with the hare, the bramble with the bird, the starlings on the telegraph wire, the owl and the acorn?

  25. Jo Pearce says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I have recently been sharing your wonderful book, ‘Tell me a dragon’ with my Year 4 class. They have been so inspired by the story that they have made their own version. We’d love to send you a copy! Where can I send it to?

    Jo Pearce

  26. Santa says:

    Good Morning Jackie

    I ‘discovered’ you whilst staying in a cottage on a farm in Pembrokeshire several years ago and have been determined to use Tell Me A Dragon in my teaching ever since, as the beautiful illustrations are enchanting and the descriptive language is such high quality (we are always looking for high quality texts). I have now managed to gain permission and am currently planning the lessons for 60 x 5/6 year olds. Papier-mache eggs are drying in the kitchen as I write! I am so excited!
    When teaching children to write we explain that authors and illustrators ‘magpie’ ideas from a variety of places. We visited Caerphilly castle last week and I will ask the children if they think you may have been inspired by the dragons there!
    We also explain that authors plan their writing; they may draw a story board or map, write a draft and edit their work. I hope you don’t mind me asking, if you have any examples of story mapping, sketches etc that you would be happy for us to use in our teaching, we would be most grateful. I appreciate it may be too late for this year; however, I will be using it again this time next year and anticipate developing it into a whole term topic.
    Thank you in anticipation
    Santa Formoso

  27. Sue Taylor says:

    Will The Lost Words show be on anywhere else after London and Edinburgh?

    • Jackie says:

      I think it is moving to Nat Hist Museum in Nottingham, but not certain sure. Other venues would need to approach Compton Verney. Really hoping it comes to Wales.

  28. Alan Pike says:

    Hello Ms Morris
    I am writing to invite your response to my aspiration to have your wonderful Lost Words exhibition in Ledbury. I am Secretary of the Ledbury Naturalists but my thought was to investigate the possibility of the exhibition being held to coincide with the Ledbury Poetry Festival to capitalise on the word spells side of the book in addition to your artworks to a large audience. We have a couple of galleries that would be able to accommodate an exhibition. The earliest date now would be end June 2019. What do you think?
    Regards, Alan Pike

    • Jackie says:

      Alan, you would need to contact Compton Verney, as they are co-ordinating the tour of the exhibition. I will send you an email. Thank you.

    • Sarah E Blenkinsop says:

      Oh yes that would be wonderful! I have seen the exhibition at Compton Verney, it would be fabulous to see it in Ledbury, near to me! If we could have Jackie and Robert talking about The Lost Words as well, as part of the festival, that would be even more wonderful!

  29. Vesper Ward says:

    Hello Ms Morris

    I am a devotee to your illustrations and have loved your books.

    I am an artisan and have a business decorating all sorts of objects with decoupage. I was wondering if I might able to speak to you about buying the rights to reproduce some of your art on our pieces and commissioning you to do a number of animal or bird illustrations for us for a range we are wanting to launch on an online platform called Not on the High Street.com

  30. Jayne Marciano says:

    Hi Jackie,
    I am very pleased to be working to promote The Lost Words with Carmarthenshire schools at the moment. We have managed to secure some funding to develop a literacy/outdoor/creative skills project. The Botanic Garden of Wales are very keen to get involved and students will work with them to create a Lost Words trail. I was wondering if you would be able to contribute to our project in some way?
    Linked to this, the Botanic Garden are very keen to host the Lost Words exhibition at some point here in West Wales, although I appreciate there is quite a wait! Any information along these lines would be greatly appreciated.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kindest regards,
    Jayne Marciano

  31. Colin Brades says:

    Is a print (or original painting) of the Karine Polwart tenor guitar & wren picture available please?

  32. Nathania Curtis says:

    Hi, we saw your exhibition at Nymans Gardens today, it was beautiful. One of the pictures was of a single white feather. Is a print of this available to purchase?

  33. Terry V Henderson says:

    Hi, I love your work very much? Where can I see the available paintings you have, not prints. I assume you sell originals? Hope to hear from you..

    • Jackie says:

      I have work at Number Seven Dulverton.
      They are about to put new pieces on line. Also The Shed in Porthgain, The golden Sheaf in Narberth and Blue Ginger near Malvern.

  34. Alice says:

    Hi Jackie, I adore your ‘The Lost Words – Otters’ artwork. Can you let me know where I can get a print? Many thanks, Alice

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