First Feathers

The first feathers began to arrive. Phoebe sent the very first, two dark magpie feathers, maybe crows, black with a sheen of green and purple. Dark feathers from mischievous birds.

Phoebes feathers

Then more, from Carrie, with stories wrapped around them, owl, pheasant, dove, raven.

carrieraven:dove:pheasant tawnyowl


And more, all tangled in stories and places.

featherpackets bright

Each in a packet, some British some strange bright jewels from far away. And as I photographed some they took to the air as if it were the very feathers of the creature themselves that had the wish for flight, lifting light into the air.

And also a butterfly, broken.


So, now I need to stretch paper and see if an idea that has formed in my mind has wings. And as I work I will learn that this has more to do with me than I first thought as I still carry in my heart a wish for wings.

In return for feathers I send stories.

3rd blod ist


All the feathers and stories will be collected on their own pages that will grow here into a cabinet of curiosities.

Please read this if you wish to contribute.

3 Responses to First Feathers

  1. Karin says:

    Oh my word this is so beautiful. The feathers and the stories.
    Here in Sweden by the sea all I see are salt caked washed up goose feathers but there is a certain beauty to their salty raggedness even if they would not give flight to anyone to anything.

  2. kathryn evans says:

    How wonderful!

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