Fourth Feathers: from the forest.

I went to school with Rhian. More than 30 years later we met on facebook. We talked about what it had been like for us both at school. Both shy, both rather scared, both wanting to be artists, both being told that it was not possible. Both went to art college and then in different directions.

I wish we could go back and talk to those girls, knowing what we do now. But we can’t, so I hope I can talk now to kids that were like us.

(I got B,D and E for my ‘a’ levels. Not really brilliant results. I was told that I couldn’t go to art college. But I knew what I wanted to do so I followed my heart. My results have never held me back, and never even been mentioned since I left school.)

Rhian sent me two feathers. One is from the Cloud forest of South America. This is where spectacled bears live. The tail feather of a wild macaw. The other is a ragged, tattered battered rook. Both beautiful. Thanks.

cloudforest wildbird2 wildbirdblue red


4 Responses to Fourth Feathers: from the forest.

  1. Kate Mcgillivray says:

    Just wondering if our feathers from Galloway arrived safely?
    Kate & Tom

  2. caroline stagg and devin stagg says:

    My grandson hopes you received the wild turkey feathers and that they arrived unbent. Praise and peace to you and Mary. From us in florida

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