Third Feather

I have received boxes of feathers and envelopes, small, large, ragged and bundled. I have received gray feathers, slender feathers, patterned owl and eagle feathers, wild peacock and macaw feathers.

And this one, from a young girl who plays with words and dreams, found at a site of ancient myth and magic. Raven. A gift from the bird gods.

just1 nutkin stories

Love where these feathers are taking me. Please be patient. I am receiving so many feathers and if I am to do justice to your gifts it takes me a while to gather words to return. I am sending out stories slowly. And if by the time the book is published then please, if i have not sent one to you, remind me, gently.

And please, if you find a feather on your path, think of me.

This week I found the slender feather from a blackbird wing, salty young feathers from bright white seabirds, and was handed a barred buzzard feather. All beautiful.

Thank you.

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