A while back I put up a post about The Quiet music of Gently Falling Snow. Usually the competitions I put out get more entries. This one disappeared quietly into electronic purgatory, but I did get a lovely entry from Holly, in the comments, so, I’m sending a copy of the book and the very rare one off print to Holly.

I’ll wrap it up and get it out into the post in the next few days.

The past few days I have been trying to finish off paintings, and also signing and doodling prints. Been a strange month, with large orders of prints coming through. Some are heading straight out to customers, some are heading to the beautiful Number Seven Dulverton.

Meanwhile it has rained, and now the sun shines, warm and beautiful.

I’ve so much work to do and need to keep my concentration and my courage. This stage in a book, working on the last few spreads, is so very, very difficult. It’s hard to focus and the news doesn’t help. Social media is a dangerous and incendiary habitat. And so, here’s a suggestion. I want to have another ‘Contest of Beauty’. Have a look at the old one from the link just before this. If you want to take part share this post, on twitter, facebook, blogs, even if it’s just showing it to someone. Then leave a comment on THIS blog post with a link to something beautiful. Art, music, writing, film, book, whatever. In a week or two I will pick a winner and send this small print, again a one off, to the winner. It’s 44 x 16cms. Not sure where it came from or why I have it. But it needs to be on a wall, not hidden in a draw.

Let’s brighten social media with beauty. Show me something beautiful.

Now, time to paint.

About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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  1. Hi Jackie,
    Here are some beautiful things for you to look at: some pictures of some of the winning book spines in our school competition for Readathon. The children had great fun making them and, as you can see, some of them really went to town! We hope you like them:

  2. Bernie Bell says:

    The Snow Leopard picture prompted me to send this…………..
    I already sent it to Jackie at the time when I had the dream. Jackie’s picture makes me want to send it out again, to you folks – cuddling snow leopards – growly purr.
    Yesterday, we received a bundle of your cards, which we’d ordered from Graffeg – they are wonder-full! I’m going to set aside the Snow Leopards and Polar Bears, for next Christmas, and the others can go out into the world, to put a smile on people’s faces!
    I’m now going to try to tell you about the dream I had last night, but, as dreams do, it’s flying away, quite quickly. All I can grasp of it, now, is that it was to do with me, wandering about somewhere, somewhere out-doors, sometimes grassy, sometimes rocky, and meeting, Snow Leopards! There were three of them, which I met singly, and then together. One of them had stunning, yellow eyes, and when I first saw him, I was afraid, but then I told myself not to be stupid, turned to meet him and greet him, and he came up to me, and presented his head to be held. “We be of one blood, thee and I”.
    It’s all a jumble, and it’s also obvious where the dream came from – receiving your cards, but I thought I’d try to get the basics of it across to you, as it was great, really great. The big Snow Leopards, all with different personalities – the yellow eyed one, being the most……impressive, and the most loving, at the same time. What a dream!
    The feel of their fur, is something else. Soft, and strong at the same time. And the noise they make, deep, deep in their insides. Not exactly purring, and not exactly growling, but ……..rumbling in a furry, soft sort of way. What a dream.
    Thank you, Jackie. I’m not sure where else the dream came from, but I know your cards, opened the door.

    The elephant is a corker, too. Such colour.
    And , Jackie – courage mon brave!

  3. Bernie Bell says:

    To add to the beauty – hope – LIFE

    Hatred paralyzes life;
    love releases it.
    Hatred confuses life;
    love harmonizes it.
    Hatred darkens life;
    love illuminates it.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  4. I don’t seem to be able to post photos to your blog, so here you go. I saw these on facebook and thought oh how beautiful. And I thought of you. I don’t need to enter the competition but love beauty and think we need more of it.

  5. Els says:

    Always a feast to see your work !

  6. Robynn says:

    How about this incredibly beautiful music video? Sparkly and magical and full of wonder…

  7. I shared the other one because I couldn’t find how to share this, but now I have. I have known Duncan since I was 8 years old and I played the violin and he the cello in the school orchestra. Our lives have criss crossed in strange coincidental patterns over the years and now he lives in Sweden and works the land and makes music. He also takes photos of the land. Here is an album of pictures of the Ice that took my breath away in their beauty.

  8. RGS says:

    May I share this beautiful poem by Philip Larkin? It is a spring poem, with a wonderful swish to it, and reminds me of the trees in Wales, so often moving in the wind. It is also a poem of hope; an age-old hope which nature’s renewing brings every year after the winter. Being Larkin, it is a sort of bittersweet hope… but nevertheless, I like this poem for its sound and its feeling without sentimentality. It was written in 1933.

    The trees are coming into leaf
    Like something almost being said
    The recent buds relax and spread
    Their greenness in a kind of grief.

    Is it that they are born again
    And we grow old? No they die too,
    Their yearly trick of looking new
    Is written down in rings of grain.

    Yet still the unresting castles thresh
    In fullgrown thickness every May.
    Last year is dead, they seem to say,
    Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.

  9. Bernie Bell says:

    On a similar theme of HOPE…………….

    The Plants Who Teach Me All I Know

    The plants, who teach me all I know,
    have shown me it is part of life
    to be frozen and formless
    in the dark below.

    Dying, the thing that we most dread,
    each year they readily embrace:
    I bow to them, my friends the plants,
    who shed their forms with such good grace.

    They give themselves to winter’s night,
    and then, when all’s completely lost,
    from dark and cold they rise again
    and strive, strive, strive for the light.

    From ‘Soul Gardening’ by Jeremy Naydler

  10. Cecilia says:

    Some music for you…an amazing Cuban artist I heard live in Santiago de Chile called DaymĂ© Arocena. Here is a short concert she gave in my city at our National Public Radio headquarters:

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