New Works for Sale.

The Shape of a Bird

Watercolour and gold leaf




Below, Out of the Woods, 2017 Help Musicians Christmas card.

76 cms x 55cms
£5 500
Limited edition prints (80) available soon Same size as original, doodled on by me, with gold gouache, £500

For more on this image see earlier blog posting.


3ships3I Saw Three Ships.

Painted for the Company of Carpenters Christmas Card, 2014

Watercolour. Sold














24 Responses to New Works for Sale.

  1. Barbara Lutterloch says:

    Jackie would love ‘I Saw Three Ships’ for my new Grandson. Sadly a tad beyond my budget! We are Friends on FB so please keep me posted about your new work. Bear Hugs.

    • Jackie says:

      It will be reproduced as Christmas card design for the Company of Carpenters, London, and I am always happy for people to frame my cards if they wish to. Will post links to when they are available.

  2. Sue Brooks says:

    Hello Jackie…..have been trying to track down I Saw Three Ships as a Christmas card. It is SO beautiful. No luck so far. Could you help.

  3. Melanie says:

    Hi Jackie
    I desperately want to purchase the watercolour for the quiet music of gently falling snow but I don’t use Facebook and I cannot work out how to buy it! Hopefully I haven’t misunderstood and it is for sale as I have fallen in love with the painting.
    Bw melanie

  4. Natalie Ryan says:

    Dear Jackie

    I have just been sent a Christmas card of quiet music falling on snow, I can see that from a previous post someone has probably bought this already, if they dropped out for any reason I would love it. However, presuming it is sold did you produce any prints?

    Regards, Natalie

  5. Roger says:

    Currently enchanted by Lost Words at Compton Verney. Are any of the original works for sale?

    • Jackie says:

      Not for a while. They are off on tour. But thank you for asking. I do have work for sale in Number Seven Dulverton, The Golden Sheaf in Narberth and Blue Ginger in Cradley.

  6. Susan Monaster says:

    Hello Jackie,

    I just discovered your beautiful work by following the links to “The Lost Words. Is there any chance that there is any version of the cover art for “Dreaming My Animal Selves” available for sale? It is such a perfect image of my daughter and has captured my heart.

    Thank you,


  7. bee says:

    Dear Jackie
    I was looking to buy a collection of the images you created for “Lost Words”, are you selling them or planning to produce some versions of Ben for sale?
    Many thanks Bee

  8. chris cotton says:

    your “lost words” are stunning. I am particularly struck by Bramble with the birds perched within.
    If they do go on sale I would adore it. thank you so inspiring

  9. Shelagh Smith says:

    Dear Jackie
    I’ve just seen “She loves her dog” on your Twitter account . It’s so beautiful . Is this for sale ?

  10. L. P. Heal. says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Recently visited The Shed in Porthgain in Pembrokeshire, and was blown away by one of your paintings displayed on the left hand wall as you entered the restaurant. I am unfamiliar with your work and so far after spending hours on various websites, including your own, I have yet to discover its title. It has a Christmas theme and reminded me of a modern “Three Kings” although I think there were four main characters, one of whom was riding a polar bear and was priced around £5,000. Please can you enlighten me about this painting and is a print available?

    • Jackie says:

      There are no prints of this one available I am afraid. Though there are others. I’ve work in Number Seven Dulverton, The Golden Sheaf Gallery in Narberth, and if you like that painting you might like The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow.

  11. I love your print, “Things I Love”, I would love to get a print. It expresses what I am feeling for our wild horses here in the western USA, the wolves, the foxes, and the owl (representing all of our birds). So many things going on and I feel that the animals and environment are at risk in our beautiful country. Please let me know about the print. Thank you and your work is so beautiful and peaceful for the soul.

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