The room of birds. A mews for hawks.

She carried the night on her wings and if she showed her face in daylight all the birds of the day would pursue her
Watercolour and gold leaf
72 x 52 cms
£ 4 500

(Limited edition print available £450)

All three images above are details.


They nested in a porcelain bowl.
A painting utilising an image left over from The Lost Words
Watercolour and gold leaf
54cms x 38.6 unframed
£3 500

She would always rather be owl than flowers
Watercolour and gold leaf (moongold)
54 cms x 36.8
£4 000

(Limited edition print available, £450)

From Queen of the Sky ( signed copies available from Solva Woollen Mill)

Watchful, always watchful, and wild.
Watercolour and gold leaf


On the wing for the first time in months.
£4 500


A wish for good hunting
Watercolour and gold leaf
£5 000

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3 Responses to The room of birds. A mews for hawks.

  1. Russell says:

    Hi J

    Huw and me spent days and days watching the Ramsey peregrines last October in Abermawr. Just a bit of me wants to think that one was her. They were remarkably hitting the black backed gulls.. But with little success and a lot of salt water wake up calls.

    Are any of these still for sale.


    • Jackie says:

      Russell, I will email you. All scraperboards for sale, £1000 each, £10 000 for all of them. And some of the gold leaf, and the one with the white background. £4500 each.

  2. Sophie says:

    Hi Jackie, beautiful work as always. Can I ask the size of A Wish For Good Hunting?

    Thank you


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