The Room of Hares

Old Hare in Spring time. Watercolour. Jackie Morris 1. Old Hare in Springtime. Watercolour. 39 cms x 29cms. Painted for a calendar. £1 650



2. Hare and Owl. Watercolour. 56cms x 39 cms. Painted for Suffolk Wildlife Trust Christmas Card. £3 500


bookplate 3. Small hare. 7 x 8 cms. Watercolour. Painted for a book plate. £120



4. Circle of Hares. Watercolour. 49 x 49 cms. £4 500.
















5. Circle of Hares with Snowdrops. Print, limited edition. Image size 49 cms x 49 cms. £450.



6.Hares with Harebells. Watercolour. 51 cms x 64cms. £4 500.   7.Also, hare images for Song of the Golden Hare for sale, still in the old gallery. Will be added soon.

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2 Responses to The Room of Hares

  1. deanna richardson says:

    love these hare pictures, i have been collecting hare art for few years now, not quite sure how this auction works but would be interested in more info. deanna

    • Jackie says:

      You have to click on the image and leave a comment there, with your bid, having read the bids above. It’s not a piece of art, it’s a proof page for a notebook. Read through the blog post and then if you want to bid click on the image and you will see a line of comments. But don’t bid too much. As I say, it’s unique, but not an original painting.

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