Kingfishers and Kent

This time last year there was a crowdfunding movement to raise money to place a copy of The Lost Words into every school in Scotland. The campaign raised so much, and it was possible to send with each book the printed notes for teachers to help them use the book to inspire learning. On the success of the campaign more grew, and a community of people blossomed, helping each other to find ways through large and small donations across Britain, colouring the country with places where mine and Robert’s book has been given to schools. We’ve seen amazing work produced by incredible children with teachers just astounding us with their creative use for this tool, this book, that we made.

In Suffolk the campaign was led by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and books often flew into schools accompanied by owls.

Harry, who makes murals, has made this wonderful map that he updates regularly as new areas spring up and new campaigns become successful. Robert and I have tried to support where ever we could. For Suffolk we made a piece of art that became something like a ‘raffle prize’, a feather of a barn owl, and also a print of an owl with a new barn owl spell that became a book plate for each book. Inked otters became a new form of currency.

The movement spread and in Wales Earth Science Partners raised money to place the book in care homes, and in Oxford, a movement grew to put a copy of the book in every hospice in the land, and work onto the walls of Sobell House Hospice. Amazing.

In support of The Lost Words for Kent Robert is donating one of the few remaining limited edition prints, of the kingfisher, for auction. This is produced by Aquarelle Publishing who are a joy to work with. They worked and worked to find a way to gild the prints, and this is Robert’s personal artist’s proof of the special edition gilded kingfisher.

Kingfisher was the place we began The Lost Words, in 2015. Robert wrote the spell as his first acrostic, and I painted, not this one though. This was my third attempt, and this is the one used in the book.

There are only 2 of these artist proofs. The other belongs to my sister.

I’ve held auctions before on my blog. This is how it works. The reserve for this is £350. To bid you leave a comment on this blog post with your bid in £s. All money will go to The Lost Words for Kent schools. 

All comments have to be actioned by me, so sometimes things get muddled, your bid will only appear when I have authorized it, but I will email you if someone has bid more, and usually, somehow we make it work. The auction ends 24 hours AFTER the last bid has come in. It’s not like eBay where you can wait until the last minute and sneak a bid plus a quid in. And as the last few bidders are left standing I will email to let bidders know if they’ve been outbid to see whether they want to  place another bid.

Although it is a print it is unique in that it has hand written piece on front and Rob is happy to write the whole of the kingfisher spell on the reverse of the print and dedicate if requested. You can find out more about the pieces here at Aquarelle’s website.

If you would please share the post that would be wonderful.

About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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32 Responses to Kingfishers and Kent

  1. Gavin Fletcher says:

    Hi, I would love to bid on this – I was lucky enough to go to live performances of The Lost Words at Timber Festival and followed this up with hearing Robert speak at the festival (sadly he was being followed by live football being showed – I would happily have listened for hours!). So with the reserve at £350, I will bid £350!

  2. Alyson Coady says:

    I will bid £400. In memory of my mother, whose favourite bird was a kingfisher. She lit up when she saw one.

  3. Tracy says:

    Love it, I’ll bid £400 for it…

  4. Jennie McNeill says:

    I would like to bid £430. Thank you.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I would adore this for my sister – £450 bid

  6. Terry Moseley says:

    If an American may bid, I offer £465. I don’t have many pieces of art, yet this piece would be a treasure indeed. And a worthy cause. Thank you.

  7. Polly Morley says:

    I’d like to put in a bid for £480, please Jackie/Robert.

  8. Simon Wood says:

    A copy of The Lost Words was recently donated to the library that my wife runs and I don’t think any book has received more love. Can I up the bid to £500 please?

  9. Charlotte Tonge says:

    I would like to bid £550

  10. Helen McIlroy says:

    Bid £550. Beautiful..lost for words..

  11. Jackie says:

    Off to sleep now. Current highest bid is £550 with Charlotte Tonge.
    I will check in again first thing.
    Bidding closes 24 hours after the last bid has been placed.

  12. Nigel Higgs says:

    I would like to bid £600, thanks. Whoever ‘wins’ is very lucky.

  13. Alyson Coady says:

    Bid GBP 600,

  14. Jackie says:

    Current bid is with Nigel at £600
    Any advance on £600

  15. Charlotte tonge says:

    I’ll bid £650

  16. Alyson Coady says:

    I’ll bid GBP 700

  17. Nigel Higgs says:

    I’ll bid £660

  18. Jackie says:

    Current highest bid is with Alyson at £700

  19. Carolyn says:

    Please can I bid £760 – beautiful picture, great cause.

  20. Charlotte tonge says:

    I’ll bid £800

  21. Alyson Coady says:

    I will bid £790.

  22. Jennie McNeill says:

    £800 please

  23. Jackie says:

    Sorry, guys, I was out, signing books in Kennilworth.
    So, highest bid at the moment is £800 from Charlotte Tonge.

    Any advance on £800?

  24. Alyson Coady says:

    Bid 850

  25. Charlotte tonge says:

    I bid £900

  26. Jackie says:

    I am working in a school all day today. There will be no time to moderate comments. If there are no more bids before 5 pm the auction will close. Bids only appear on the blog when moderated by me, but will show a time when added.
    Current highest bid is £900.
    So, if you wish to bid more, but your bid doesn’t appear don’t worry, it will.
    I am signing books at the school later so can’t guarantee a time for closing the auction. Thanks for being patient.

  27. Jackie says:

    Thank you to all who have bid on this piece.
    The auction is now closed and the winning bid is £900 from Charlotte Tonge.
    There’s another auction coming soon, an inked otter, so watch this space.

  28. Shalu says:

    Dear Jackie,
    Hello. I’ve a translation ready for Dr. Macfarlane’s protest poem/spell ‘Heartwood’ in Hindi. A friend thinks to translate it into Punjabi. We just might be able to use it to launch a campaign for tree protection in northern India. Would you please mail me the artwork by Nick Hayes to wrap around the translated words?
    I remain,
    An avid admirer of your art, your words, and you,

    • Jackie says:

      Nick’s work is free to download from this link
      It’s a beautiful work. Love the idea of it spreading around the world saving trees, woods, forest, a planet.

    • Bernie Bell says:

      This is just……I’m speechless………all around the world……….protecting life.
      Sometimes I despair of humanity, then, someone like you , turns up, Shula. You and your friend, and all the others who ………..engage with life, and ……………..try to make things happen…….or not happen.
      Reading this, is a great way to start a day.

      I wrote this, to Mr. Mac, recently, whilst reading his book ‘The Wild Places’ – it touches on the importance of trees, wood, heartwood………..we used to understand that, until we started to lose our senses……….
      Folk like you, do understand………….

      “You write……’as though……I were standing at the heart of a tree.’ This put me in mind of Seahenge. Do you remember Seahenge? It was found in the sand of the coast of Norfolk some years ago. It was taken up, and placed in a museum. I was furious. It had been carefully, very carefully, placed, exactly where it was meant to be placed. If the sea took it – well, that happens – all part of it. Nothing lasts – that’s part of the whole point !!!!!!! They could have made an exact copy for the museum. I was furious.
      Anyway. The tree trunk in the centre of Seahenge, had been placed upside down. I saw this as………that the curled up body would be placed in the centre of the roots of this upside down tree trunk – in the heartwood of the tree – ready to re-live. Heart-life of the tree, and of the person, connecting. Death in life. Life in Death. This is such power-full stuff, yet those…..people, took that, and put it in a museum.
      GGGGGRRRRR True archaeologists, at least try to make some kind of connection with the mind-set of the folk who produced what they’re dealing with – moving Seahenge, showed not even an attempt to consider the ideas which were possibly/probably being expressed there. GGGGGGRRRRR. “

      The Bear, took over at the end, there…………..

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