Landscape with Ginger Cat


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3 Responses to kingfisher

  1. i feel like, having seen this very kingfisher, something has shifted in my understanding of kingfisher. somehow their weird awkward long business beaks’ shape, like woodcock’s, in my mind also strange, has become even more beautiful. i hope htis makes some, if ungrammatical, sense to you. i feel like my eyes are open now.

  2. Debra Hall says:

    Dear Jackie I think this is a stunning picture- I have only ever seen one once, a flash of colour along the river near my cottage, it was magical. I love the space and light of the background of this picture as well as the magical kingfisher- truly beautiful

  3. anthony hopkins says:

    Hello, I’ve been waiting and waiting for this book. waterstones have just told me they’ve posted my copy, can’t wait to read it. love the idea of the sumptuous art work together with a wonderful text.

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