Library Cards

So many people have said how much they love the library cards that I asked Graffeg if they might make a set of postcards from them. These were launched on National Library Day.

Mary and Little P decided they needed to show them to people.


3card 8card 9card 2card4card 5card 6card10card card131card 7card card14And I have 2 sets to give away. One set I will send one of each at random to people who comment on this post. I will get in touch to ask for addresses when Mary and Little P decide who to send to. The other set I will pick someone out at random and send the whole set to. There are two of each design, twelve designs altogether. If you can’t wait you can get them from Graffeg.

So, leave a comment and tell me, what is your favourite library or bookshop, where is it and why? And Mary and Little P might just send you a card.

Some have special stamps on too:


( Mary and Little P were born in the Shed of Celestine and the Hare, a place where magic happens and much chocolate is consumed by weasels)


About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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  2. Jayne Perkins says:

    Well my favourite Library has to be Eastleigh Library, which is part of Hampshire County Library Service. I am slightly biased as it is where I started working as a Library Assistant 26 years ago. Times are changing but it is still a bustling place. The heart of the community offering a miriad of fun things to do, help to whoever needs it and it welcomes EVERYONE with open arms. That is the great thing about Libraries. Our children’s library is a welcoming place with some amazing books …especially those illustrated by a certain Jackie Morris …

    • Anabel says:

      I also started my library career with Hampshire, in 1978! I was a trainee, so only there a year. I can’t remember visiting Eastleigh but I spent time in several other libraries including Southhampton and Farnborough.

  3. Jessie Falkenhagen says:

    My favorite library is the Richmond Beach library in Shoreline, WA. It is the second oldest library in King County (updated during the last decade) and I remember being told it was railroad workers staying at the hotel (now a historic home) wanted ‘lending books’ in the 1890’s and started a collection of ‘used books’ there. It was about 100 books, and after fundraising through various auctions, it grew and finally in about 1913 they built a building to be the library and house these books and othersโค Today, it is bigger and has an amazing view of the Olympic&mountains and Puget Sound. It looks like a cabin still, but not as much as the original one did We love the site, the books, and the kind, intelligent, funny folks who work and volunteer there!!

  4. Katerina says:

    My favourite library is in Wareham. I haven’t been there in years (I moved away) but dad used to take us there every Thursday evening when my sister and I were kids. He had a spare ticket, when tickets were actual things made of card, which we took it in turns to choose a book with. The library was a magical place full of incredible treasures… and they let me take them home! They also sold a range of animal-themed badges for 20p. I had a hedgehog one that said “Stay sharp: read”. Good advice!

  5. Anabel says:

    My favourite library is Glasgow Women’s Library. It is warm and nurturing and promotes and preserves women’s culture and history.

  6. Barb Rogers says:

    Favorite library is Buncombe County’s branch here in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Our county library’s are all connected so we have access (on line catalog) to all materials. My favorite indie bookstore is Malaprops in Asheville, NC, nearby. I love your Art Jackie, and would just adore anything that you’ve painted! Thanks for considering me!

  7. Tamzin says:

    My favourite bookshop is ‘Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights’ which is in Bath, UK. To be honest, just the title gets me, but the shop is brim full of amazing books (3 floors full). They have a wall covered in Tintin’s adventures, and a loo painted by Chris Riddell! The staff are amazing, warm, friendly and knowledgeable. As well as running exciting events, the team offer book spas, (which are a fabulous idea). They’ve even started their own publishing company, oh and The Bookshop Band was born here. This is a shop that really champions book love, and it warms my heart.

  8. Alison King says:

    My favourite library is the one in the school where I work. It’s a work in progress but I’ve put my heart and soul into that room and it’s at the centre of so many of my working relationships. It’s slowly becoming the heart of the school and when I walk in every day, I see a thousand possibilities. There’s no other place like it.

  9. Pam says:

    My favorite bookstore or library is the one that I happen to be in at the moment. I love books! I especially love books with lots of illustrations and pictures. I live in Lincoln Nebraska and we have a most wonderful library system here. There is a branch that I can walk to from work. There is a small neighborhood branch close to me that has story time and book club meetings. There are branches all over town to stop in. One of my favorite used bookshops was recently opened by a friend. It has lots of rooms, with my favorite being the children’s room. I always find something to take home. And while I’m there, I can enjoy a nice cup of tea.

  10. compostwoman says:

    My favourite library is Ledbury which is seriously under threat of closure. Which is a shame ๐Ÿ™ . I love libraries. They are essential.

  11. Leslie says:

    My favorite library was the one in the old house in a beach town in southern California that I can’t even remember now. The house was beautifully restored on the outside, and the inside was full of books in rooms with the original 15″ baseboards, lovey crown molding, built-in cupboards in a few rooms, etc. It was magical.

  12. kat scanlan says:

    One of my favorite bookshops is downtown here in Santa Fe. It is called Collected Works, and is owned by a lovely woman named Mary, and her daughter. She has comfy couches that you can sit in (yes, in, as they sink a bit when you sit, as if snuggling you), and a coffee shop, too, where you can get coffee or tea, and a bite to eat. She has a small stage and tables and chairs where people can sit to hear authors or others do readings. People play music and sometimes sing, too. One of the nicest things about this shop is that Mary lets your doggies (well behaved ones, of course) come inside with you while you look at books. And she has a big bowl of water for the pups outside her door, always filled up, in the warm summer days.

  13. Charlotte says:

    If you say the words “Pork Pie Library” to anyone in Leicester they will know instantly where you mean. It has such strong memories for me, as it always combined with a trip to my Gran’s (she lived close by). We are a family of readers, not one of us able to live in a house without books. This library was the source of my favourite stories: Anatole the Cheese mouse, Jam for Francis and any of the Ruth Manning Saunders books. We had brown cardboard library cards, each one envelope like and nestling the white card from the book in it before it was placed in the box behind the counter. You were only allowed to have 4 of these cards so they had to be used sparingly.

    Later on our village got a brand new, very modern, library; also magical with the basement where the children’s books were kept. But it never had the romance of the airy light Pork Pie. I still keep the local library feed for Leicester (even though I no longer live there) and was delighted to see that Southfields has recently been reopened.

    I cannot imagine how impoverished I would have been without our local library; the people and places they are hold keys to wonderful places. Taking that away is wicked beyond belief.

  14. Karen Corfield says:

    There is a lovely library in Cirencester all modern with everything you could want. But my favourite library is the library on Canvey Island where as a child I used to go and spend hours and lose myself in the books they had. And where as I got older I was so excited to move into different sections of the library. I always wanted a job looking through all those manual little library tickets they used to have and stamping the books with the date. I was very sad when computers took over.

    My favourite book shop is Octavias bookshop in Cirencester an absolute gem….

  15. Frances Mitchell says:

    . I’ve always loved books, ever since I was a wee lass, and one of my first memories is choosing books in Leith Library. Our sons are now 17 & 13 and are also both avid readers like my hubby Paul & me, as we’ve taken them religiously to Leith Library here in Edinburgh since they were in the pram! The library has really changed since I was small; I can remember it being a totally silent place with a special room to study in – I wrote both my S6 Advanced Higher essays in there and I did a lot of writing of essays in there when I was at University because it was never as full of the hustle and bustle as the Univesity library – whereas now it has children’s toys and a song corner and seems more full of life somehow, which we love. It’s magic to see such a beautiful building still alive with words and meaning – long may it stay central to the area!

  16. My favourite library, is the Central Library based in the heart of Exeter where I live.

    Why is it my favourite, because since its been refurbished and modernised, there are many little crooks and crannies where you can sit and read. Plus there’s a cafe, where you can curl up with a lovely cup of coffee or tea, and a delicious slice of cake in warmth and comfort.

    I love it because it encourages reading, with so many different subjects to pique whatever your interest is or whatever you need the library for.

    Its warm and welcoming, and I often go in to sit in different parts, naughtily listening to people talking, for ideas on what to write about . . giving me ideas on how life is changing and affecting other people. Of course I’ve no idea who the people are I am eavesdropping on, but it can be so interesting, or sad, happy, strange etc, in many different ways. Some I just want to go up and hug, wipe away their tears . . but cant, others I just want to joyously dance with them in their happiness, but can’t again.

    Yes, I love my local library, because its a microcosm of life, like a universe within a universe, of all different people, different cultures, states of mind and heart. I think if I died and became a ghost . . I would love to haunt my local library because there’d never be a dull moment.

  17. Ana Williams says:

    My favourite library is the one by the back of Victoria Station in London. I used to go there as a child on class visits, and then later as a teenager to revise for my exams. I loved the use of space, the balcony and the huge window. It always seemed magical!

  18. Sue Spence says:

    I’ve spent many happy hours in Waterstone’s in Truro…good sofas there..,and a Costa! York Uni / Alcuin College Libraries have a special place in my heart xx

  19. Susan Eshel says:

    My local library in Penarth is fantastic , they have a children’s library downstairs. The children’s library is beautifully decorated and has regularly saved my sanity with small children. The staff are enthusiastic and engaging. It’s a million miles away from the 1970’s Haverfordwest library (not far from you Jackie!) where I grew up. I still loved it though, libraries can take you to different worlds.

  20. Jackie Needham says:

    I love The Sam Read Bookshop in Grasmere mostly because of where it is situated in Cumbria, and visiting it means that I’m on holiday! I also like Waterstones in Hull where there’s coffee and cake, so I’ve been buying lots of Robin Hobb books (with your gorgeous illustrated covers) there. Oh, and I like Waterstones in Scarborough too, even though there’s no coffee or cake, but some comfy chairs for sitting and browsing.

  21. Krisha White says:

    My favourite library is Sutton-at-Hone village library, just outside Dartford, Kent, because I’ve opened a small community coffee shop there so that the library can stay open! It’s now open 6 days a week from 8am-4.30pm instead of part-time hours, and when the real librarians aren’t in I get to be an honorary one! Since the coffee shop opened the library users have tripled, and we’re also providing classes, workshops and groups plus a much needed place to just meet with friends. It’s become a bit of a community hub now!

  22. Christy says:

    The British Library with its illuminated manuscripts is one of my favorites, but for regular libraries I like the small old Andrew Carnegie-funded library (from the 1920s) in my hometown of Alameda, near San Francisco. Really, any place with books will do nicely, though!

  23. Imogen Webb says:

    There’s a lovely independent bookshop in Mevagissey, Cornwall called Hurley Books. It sells new and pre-loved books. It’s tucked away in a side street and makes a great bolthole when the fishermen in my family refuse to pack up in the rain.

  24. Mo Crow says:

    my favourite bookshop is Better Read Than Dead here in Sydney Australia and our libraries are such an important part of the fabric of community, providing inspiration, resources, refuge and solace in this busy 21st C world.

  25. Jane Dorfman says:

    Maple Street Children’s Books in New Orleans where I grew up.

  26. Sarah Brown says:

    I volunteer with a group, other wise our favourite library in our small village of Stonesfield near Woodstock Oxon would have closed. We are lucky it’s still there for all to use.

  27. Els says:

    Ahhhh ….. thanks little P and Mary, so nice you were willing to make a great show
    of Jackie’s wonderful postcards !!! A great day to make things like this happen ๐Ÿ˜‰
    It would be so good to have such cards to send to someone loved !
    Good Luck !

  28. Christina Collie says:

    My favourite book shop is Waterstones in Cheltenham 3 floors of scrummy books (the staff are brilliant) I’m a bookaholic! Real proper books that is! Moss Books is great too they deal in 2nd hand ones (I love old books especially) and Charity Book shops too… I just can’t resist books!!! My nearest Library is Cheltenham It has a fantastic reference section! The Library cards are a great idea Jackie and beautiful too! I love the keys in your paintings I collect them too (Old ones that is) Tee hee

    • Jackie says:

      I love old keys and grew up in Broadway. Not so far away. Is Jo still in the children’s dept in Waterstones in Cheltenham. Would be good to do something there some time. I love the sculpture of the minotaur and hare woman.

  29. Eric says:

    Wow – a friend just introduced me to your site. Absolutely beautiful work!

  30. Terra says:

    My favorite library is the one in the city in coastal California where I live. I adore the used book store in it and always find one or two books I want/need to buy, and I volunteer as a Book Buddy in this library, taking library books to the lady they assigned me to, who is home bound and loves to read. She is 93 and a darling.

  31. Margaret says:

    My favourite library is my local one, only about one mile away, so I can walk there. I usually visit at least once a week.

  32. Rachel Burch says:

    My favourite library is Tavistock library in Devon where I live. Basically becuase of illness the only library I can get to becuase of illness…:)
    It has wheelchair access as standard and the staff are helpful when I have any problems.
    Book shops…..well any with wheelchair access…..there are none with it in my local town so I shop online and try to shop online with independent retailers when I can.
    Long live libraries I’m rural areas or indeed any area. We would all be poorer without them.

  33. Linda Bass says:

    I live in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. I’ve been going to the White Oak branch of our county libraries for more than 30 years. Most of the bookstores in this area have closed, but there’s a great bookstore in DC called Politics and Prose. Your work is lovely.

  34. Ruth Davies says:

    My favourite library is the tiny school one in which I work and for which I helped to choose the books. I spend my days helping the less able readers there. It is hard to describe how very difficult learning to read is for some of these children. But we work hard and lighten it with as much laughter as possible.

  35. Cathy Thomas says:

    My favorite library is the one from my childhood. I have spent time visiting many impressive, large and beautiful libraries in many cities and at universities across the US and abroad almost all larger and with more extensive resources. It is the town library in Monroe, NH (US) the building was the original townhall and village school house over 150 years ago. Not only did I spend my childhood exploring all those wonderful books and choosing which to read and reread but my three children grew up with that same love of books painstakingly chosen from its same shelves. I am lucky to have been a trustee for Monroe Public Library for over 20 years. A book and its illustrations are the magic entryway through which children step into the word of reading. Magical worlds we can visit anytime.

  36. Els says:

    Ah, just forgot to tell you : a favorite bookshop is “de kleine kapitein” (in Rotterdam)
    It’s a children’s bookstore and they have lots and lots of picture books
    (used to be a schoolteacher with the little ones and still have a “library” for them
    myself …)

  37. Marta Jorge says:

    My favourite bookshop ever is Livraria Lello in Oporto! There magic flows through the intricate wooden carvings in the bookshelves and spiral like stairs to the minds of the readers that find themselves surrounded by enchanted creatures that pop out of every book. I think i saw Mary and Little P there once… ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for your beautiful beautiful work!

  38. Gail Gardner says:

    My favourite library is the old town library in Saffron walden in Essex, actually the whole of the library (before it was re-done!) as my mum worked there so I spent hours wandering around it, looking at old books, micro-fiche and absorbing all the library goodness!
    My favourite bookshop is a children’s bookshop at Barleylands also on Essex called The Book Nut. Hazel, the owner, is lovely-really great with my little girl and she stocks such a variety of lovely books (classics and lots you’ve never heard of!). The whole shop just feels cosy and welcoming. I think it’s one of the reasons my daughter loves books so much!

  39. Pearl Melvill says:

    I have fond memories of the library in Stonehouse. We would go ever week with my daughter from when she was tiny. The staff were enthusiastic, helpful and kind. They even gave my daughter her favourite book that she had borrowed time and time again! As for bookshops, our local Book Shop on Stroud is great, small independent treasure!

  40. Carla Kaye says:

    My favourite library is Mitcheldean in the Forest of Dean. I take the children every week. The short sighted Council tried to close it, so now it is exclusively staffed by volunteers.
    I feel that by visiting every week, we benefit in two ways- we support the library and keep it busy and I buy coffee, cards and stationary from there to help raise funds. But in addition, my girls get to discover the fabulous world of reading that is out there. For my toddler, the greatest thing about that library is the book tunnel! They love reading- which is one of the best gifts I can give to them.

  41. Dawn Byrne says:

    My favorite library is the internet because I can shop at all hours in my yoga pants while sipping wine. Sorry, I know that’s not what you were looking for, but I had to enter. I think you’re an amazing artist and you’re work speaks to me on multiple levels. I even have a Pinterest board in your name. Thank you.

  42. Bernie Bell says:

    This may be self-centred, and missing the point – I’m not sure, but…..when I read this, my response is… favourite ‘library’, is my own – the one in our house. It’s not quite a ‘library’, it’s shelves of books in nearly every room.
    It’s my favourite, because it’s where I can go to look things up, and to find things that I want to send on to folk, and I know just where to find them. Example – this morning, I had an email from my chum Howie, saying it has snowed where he lives, and hoping the little bulbs and shoots will be safe under the snow. I wanted to send him ‘The Plants Who Teach Me All I Know’ by Jeremy Naydler. So, I went and got it from the ‘poetry section’, and typed it out for Howie. That’s how libraries work, whether they’re just some shelves in your house, or a huge building so full of books you can hardly breathe with it all!
    Favourite bookshop – Tamm’s in Stromness, Orkney. One of the last, few, remaining real bookshops – owned and run by a man who knows what’s what.

  43. my favorite “house of books” is Watermark Books on this side of the pond and just a few steps from where I work. The building creaks when you walk throughout and makes one feel like a great discovery is about to happen.

  44. My favourite library is Pershore Library. They have the loveliest of staff who are kind and welcoming to everyone and make it a joyful place to visit and browse for books or go to events they organise. The staff notice if you are happy or sad and make time for you. They actively encourage children to read and every year take part in the Summer Reading Challenge which I’ve helped as a volunteer on. Pershore Library is the heart of the community; the rooms and building provide a space to learn, develop new skills, build confidence, have help updating your CV, or make new friends. I’ve never known such an inclusive, welcoming place as Pershore Library. (PS – love your artwork Jackie).

  45. Joni Russell says:

    We are fortunate to have two wonderful independent bookstores right in the heart of our downtown. Both are fabulous adventures. I always find a treasure to bring home. Santa Cruz loves independent bookstores so much we ran a Barnes and Nobles right out of town!

  46. Joanne Crouch says:

    My favourite library is also one of my earliest childhood memories. A 1920’s building, IH large oak doors, the smell. of floor polish and a hum of silence, immediately you entered. Clutching my three cardboard tickets, I would choose my books and step up to the desk, which was a large round filing cabinet. I was fascinated and enchanted. That library, in rectory road, Dagenham, no longer exists, due to a fire, but it is a permanent memory in my mind.

  47. Ailsa Grant-Turton says:

    My favourite is One Tree Books in Petersfield, Hampshire. I go there with my daughter (age two) for a jam tart in the tiny cafe and a lovely browse. It is a proper independent bookshop and such a friendly place.

  48. Julie Hall says:

    My favourite library is in Brookfields Special School in Tilehurst, Reading. It is only small, fiction and non fiction and the books take a fair amount of reading, bending, spit and dribble but the children so enjoy them. For many their first chance to be “allowed” to touch and look and enjoy the books in a cozy little corner with bean bags and sofas. Sheer heaven for them and those of us lucky enough to share those precious moments.

  49. Ellen Sandberg says:

    I visited the Bodleian. The minute I walked in, it was love at first sight. I also spent most of my time in Hay-on-Wye in an ecstatic swoon.

  50. Fran Van Horn says:

    My favorite library is the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center in NYC. It is a research library and filled with treasures of the stage…clippings, playbills, ephemera from the 17th-21st centuries. Connects me to the past, both American and British theater.

  51. Ruth Keys says:

    My favourite library now is the school library i work in. Linton Village College where we try to make it warm friendly place with lots of interesting things and a very good supply of books. I feel very lucky to a part of it as it has a fun part to it, a library dragon and two cats who keep everything in order. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Bernie Bell says:

    And……………….I was thinking about the library question, again, and I can see, completely see, what the other folk are saying about how important libraries are, for children, and for adults too, to have access to books. When I was a little girl, my Mum and I used to go into town shopping every Saturday, and that included a visit to Bradford library – the old one, before it was knocked down. Public libraries are vital, especially for families who don’t have the money to buy lots of books.
    I wondered if I was being self-centred – centred on self – by choosing the ‘library’ in our house, but……it’s not just about me being able to look things up, knowing where the books are, my old friends – it also means that, if someone is here, and we’re talking about something, I can take a book off the shelf, and lend it to them, if they want to borrow it. Often, the books don’t come back, but I see that as spreading the good stuff, and just get another copy!
    So, I’m very, very, much all for public libraries and what they provide, but…..when the question was which was my favourite library, it had to be……..our own. This doesn’t mean we have limited choice – always the same books – as we find amazing things in the charity shops, which go on the shelves, until we’re ready to read them.
    For that matter, Kirkwall public library is far too hot! I can stand about 10 minutes in there, and I just begin to stew in my own juices!
    Libraries are a store-house of knowledge and a power-house of thought, whether domestic or public. Hurrah for libraries!
    Hurrah for Jackie, who gets folk thinking about things!

  53. Gill Thompson says:

    It’s very difficult to pick a favourite bookshop, but it’s probably ‘Bookends’ in Fowey. There is nothing to match the finding of a pre-loved treasure for holiday reading, and there’s such a good selection of local writing crammed within the small shop. We visit every Summer and my now adult children still look forward to browsing the shelves, as much as they did as toddlers .
    As for libraries, that’s much easier; it was the tiny village library in Bagillt, where I grew up. The lone librarian was formidable, and seemingly ancient. When she retired my mum took on the role, running it for over thirty years . The council closed it a few years ago, and the books were boxed up and shipped out. Twelve months later a team of local volunteers re-opened the doors as a Community library, hosting theatre groups and local services. My mum is now 74 and still a librarian, she would adore these wonderful library cards.

  54. Kate McGillivray says:

    Current favourite has to be the trusty mobile library van that trundles around the Isle of Mull. We don’t have a library building on the island, so the van is most welcome and much needed by island residents. Iain, the driver and librarian, always greets us with a cheery welcome and does his best to locate books from my list. This is yet another public service at risk of being “cut”; i don’t like to think of life without the mobile library service.

  55. Wendy Havelock says:

    My lovely local library; Whitby Library, must be one of the friendliest, most welcoming libraries anywhere. The staff are wonderful and it provides an invaluable centre for everyone in the community – young, old, parents, students, retirees – I can’t praise it enough.
    Whitby is also really fortunate to have an excellent independent bookshop; The Whitby Bookshop on Church Street. A fabulous selection of books, beautiful range of cards and staff who are knowledgeable, cheerful and love books! It also has the most amazing spiral staircase… Whitby is richer for having them both.

  56. Izzy Darbishire says:

    I have a happy memory of heading down the cobbles in Ulverston, Cumbria to the bookshop ‘The Tinner’s Rabbit’. It was close to Christmas and the wind was biting cold, (In my mind I see flurries of snow and hear carols being sung, but I think my mind has been embellishing!) so I flung myself through the doorway to find a tiny bookshop packed with books and a correspondingly small fire burning in the back of the room with a cosy looking chair cuddled up to it. The perfect place to unhurriedly browse the excellent selection of interesting books there. And the shop sign was a piece of art in itself- a metal rendering of a rabbit. Just fabulous!

  57. Alex says:

    At college there is a brand new library in Pershore that has 2 floor with a disable lift, so disable people can use it. It is very big. The staff are very lovely and nice, also they always say hello to you when you go in. In the library they have a tropical area were they have lovely plants inside. I have helped out in the tropical room by putting the new plants in and dead heading the plants that are dead. I have also watered the plants. You can use the magazines, books and also computers. Overall I think itโ€™s a lovely place to go and study or relax.

  58. Sophie says:

    I would like to explain about Pershore College Library. It is always full of chatty students laughing and giggling filled with happiness and very busy. Our Library is quite large filled with shelves of lovely interesting books and magazines for all readers. And there are computer that are available to all people. I enjoy using the facilities in the library.

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