My paintings in their natural habitat

Seven A Spell for Sleeping One Hare, Two Hares Valentine, with mute swans A silence like intimacy Heron Bear, chair Three paintingsPrints, Two are mine. Hare Woman and Cherry Hare Woman and Knitting Woman From Talking with Strangers From The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems A Silence Like Intimacy

Blodeuwedd Curl of wolves

City of Music

Snow Leopard shrine

Ink hare Engravings engravings

4 Responses to My paintings in their natural habitat

  1. Steph Nicholas says:

    Today has been one of those that should be wrapped in tissue paper and put into the treasure chest of special memories. Thank you for reading to me in Much Wenlock bookshop. What an amazing place so full of the spirits of past visitors…… so calm, and peaceful.
    Drove back to Derbyshire in the afternoon sun, with a smile on my face, and in my heart.

  2. liz matthews says:

    I love your work. How can I order prints? –not postcards. I want animals all around me.

    7308 alycia ave
    richmond, va 23228

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