One Thursday in May.

Desktop no 2, with fox by Nichola Theakston.So far today I have finished a painting, messed about on facebook, photographed work and hung it in The House of Golden Dreams…….

Heron, watercolour and gold leaf by Jackie MorrisOther desktop with painting….I have sat in my van at the beach drinking and watching the waves and the surf looked good, blogged, linked, washed up, made tomato sauce and pizza dough, helped Hannah with something ( without shouting) and thought about things. Before the day is out I want to make pizzas, read a little, knit a little, play with the app on my iPad and walk the hounds. All in all a very full day. And I even managed to stop for tea.

Raven calls across the desert. From East of the Sun and West of the Moon.teatime

Also, thanks to the Knights of great Cleaning Skills, when I descend from my lofty studio the house is looking much cleaner and even quite lovely. They have been very brave, even tackling the fridge monster and I am wondering whether I might introduce them to its big brother, the freezer monster, next week.

dormouse in a teacup and mugs from cafepress.


About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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2 Responses to One Thursday in May.

  1. Your tea break made me smile (excellent taste). I was given the Klaus Haapeniemi, Taika mug in blue for my 40th Birthday. The design gladdens my heart everyday.

    What a lovely day you have had, the pictures are lovely and the kitchen clean.
    All the best from Nottingham,

  2. Brenda says:

    I enjoyed reading this – you’ve had a busy day, and certainly accomplished quite alot.
    The painting of the heron(I think), is wonderful, your kitchen is gleaming, you’ve got a plan for supper, and helped your daughter (without shouting). Whew!

    My 31 year old son, has lived with me for 2 years while finishing his teaching degree, and I know somedays we both feel like shouting at one another. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your day – it is truly inspiring.

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