Strawberry Fox, fruit in a box.

Sent myself a present from The Strawberry Fox. I not only had the great pleasure of giving, but also receiving something lovely. Must remember to do it again.

tapefox foxbox2 foxlabel2 labelfox cardfox strawbfoxbox strawbbox chocbiscuits chocstrawb chocstraw


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Commuting to work

It’s like going to the gym on the way to work, but different. I gathered up book, pen and glasses, dogs, and walked to Porth Melgan. This would be my office for the morning. Up the hill, not fast, but fast enough to push up the heart rate, and over the top and down, to sit on the beach with the sound of the surf. Calm enough to swim. Maybe next time. All the while as I was walking I was thinking about words, chasing them as cats chase mice for my book with Graffeg.

So, my office today looked like this, and of course I was also wearing foxes ears.


porthm3 officecat writingcats porthm2 porthm

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Red Fur and White Feathers

The first feather lay bright white in the green grass. A trail of small white feathers lead away from it.

first sideby


I followed the feathers thinking the fox had caught a herring gull. She must have carried it a long way, over the rock to her den. I wondered if she had cubs already. They would have had a fishy feast of gull. Two feathers lay side by side. The white in the green reminded me of two children, lost in a wood with a pocket full of pebbles.

tears feathers1

Dew beaded a feather, like tears.

We sat for a while on the top of the rock and I looked to see if the fox was around. The dogs sat quiet beside Floss’s ashes, and across the land I looked to the ruined house where Glyn’s ashes were scattered. ¬†Above and all around birds did battle for the air. Skylark song, a wren’s call. A raven made a black hole that moved across the sky, folding back her wings to tip and dive, upside down in flight, she called across the land.

flossesashes glynsashes reflect

Water reflected land and light making tiny landscapes in its wild pools. I thought about the feathers. Finding them was like stumbling across a small, wild crime scene.

On the way home I discovered the rest of the story. There in the green a large pillow of feathers the size of my hand. Scattered all around small feathers like down. Two bodies side by side.

A few weeks ago, not many, swans had returned to one of the ponds, circling and calling. They flew low and two hit the electric cables that stretch across the fields. The lights went out, the electricity went off. The two swans died and the third called and called into the night, searching for the two. The bodies were carried to the top of the hill by my neighbour, there to become a feast for foxes. Side by side they lived and died.

I imagine the fox, finding them, carrying them, red fur and white feathers.

Later in the day I returned, drawn back by the sad beauty. Evening light on swan feathers caught on gorse was beautiful. I found a wing, and a wonderful sense of peace.

wing swanfeathereve swanfeather

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Ravenheart/ Gemmell Awards.

Really pleased to have not one but two covers nominated for the Gemmell awards. The first round for this is voted on by the public, so if you feel like voting, please do. Working on more now, so this is a real boost.

Calligraphy is by Stephen Raw. Design by Dominic Forbes of Harper Collins design team. ( although Dom said that all he did was “the layout and colour choices for the foil and paper stock etc”.)


Don’t forget the giveaway of cards of the old covers, in an earlier blog post. Sending out postcards at random to some of the people who have already commented, here and there.

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Pens and books

On the way to Malvern I stopped at Book-ish in Crickhowell to sign books.


Here I found something special.

There were pens, made in Aberfan by Sean, in particular a fountain pen, hand turned from Burr Wytch Elm.



pensInside it there are all kinds of things, hiding, waiting.

And I stopped in Monmouth to sign books and here I found a wonderful paperback Wizard of Oz.

rossiters oz




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An exhibition at Blue Ginger, Cradley, near Malvern, England.


Tamsin Abbott started it all. She had the idea to have a show of some of the work of the Sisterhood of Ruralists, with invited friends, at Blue Ginger. So she came up with a title and put in all the work of contacting and inviting artists to show. Here is the result, in pictures.

bg22 lyn

The gallery was full, with colourful work and colourful people.

Artists included Tamsin Abbott,

spirit hareg engrave badgerhare ffd firecatz haret liongardentamsinaeleanorb3

Above is a circle of dancing foxes by Eleanor Bartleman, and below, more of Eleanor’s work.

eleanorb eleanorb1 foxlove


blueg6 foxface foxfaces



Below, Hannah Willow:

audrey2 hannahw3 hannahws


Catherine Hyde’s beautiful soft drawings of women and owls, below:

catherines bg11

The two creatures above were made by Karin Hines from Celestine and the Hare. The Snow Leopard cub will be helping to raise money for The Snow Leopard Trust, and Mary, the Spectacled Bear, well, she’s Mary Plane and she is a be a star. She’s going to keep an eye on me and make sure I keep working.

karinandM lynandm

Below, Lucy Campbell:


erinh4 lucyc


Jemima Jameson, paintings and furniture:



Erin Keen, paintings and cards:

erinkeens meande

erinandcards hannahande

To purchase any of the works shown here contact Sue Lim at The Blue Ginger Gallery.

A couple of pieces by me and Sue now also has many signed books:



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Cat whispers secret to dog

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Alchemy: chocolate and books.

Some time ago a friend bought me a box of chocolates. They were quite the most beautiful looking chocolates I had ever met, and tasted just as good as they looked.

I have always thought that reading and chocolate goes together so well. I couldn’t help but get in touch with the company and suggest that we work together. At some point in the future I hope to visit the factory and make some patterns that they can use as special edition chocolates. And Lauden have begun this process with a special offer for Mother’s Day ( hopefully Easter too) of books and chocolates. The perfect gift.


ba_choc bk


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An inland walk above Middlemill


Walking inland, past a beautiful house where a writer should live, but sadly, another empty holiday cottage. This one has the most wonderful view down the valley to Middle Mill. If you stand and watch buzzards will fly beneath your eyeline.





Hidden among trees is a beautiful shepherd’s hut.


Bach via the airfield where Icelandic horses watch us walk by, then over the stones to a boggy place.

mics stonessteps

And home, to read and work.


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A Dragon’s Hoard.


Above is a picture of a set of ten postcards of the old covers I produced for the books of Robin Hobb. On 27th March Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin and Assassin’s Quest will be released by Harper Voyageur in the UK with new covers. As a small celebration I thought to do a small give-away of a set of 10 postcards of the old jacket designs, and the last of the stickers from City of Dragons.

So, if you would like to win leave a comment below saying what it is you love about Robin’s books, who your favourite character is, what you love about reading. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator on publication date and they can be posted anywhere in the world. ( The dragon is not part of the package, but lives here with me. I bought it from Madelaine Lindley’s in Oldham.)

1960871_621564767917952_2077796756_o1796788_621564764584619_1416872261_o 1614492_621564761251286_2019458576_o

Sets of the postcards are available to buy from Solva Woollen Mill, along with signed copies of all of my books in print.

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