Selling Hope

I have, as much as is possible, avoided listening to the radio. Seeing the protestors in London gave me hope. Seeing Trump and Putin, metaphorically hand in hand, if not physically, dashed it again. So I turned to hope.

The Yorkshire Crowdfunder for placing copies of The lost Words in schools has met its target, but the stretch target will see the book in doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, other places. Two days to go. I offer you hope.

If you pledge £55 to the crowdfunder I will send you the word ‘hope’ stamped in four of the twentysix otters of the alphabet. If you go to the crowdfunder page and scroll down you will find the link on the right hand side.


If you want some Love & kindness, at £75 it is not too late. Also on the same page, to pledge.

And if you feel you need a larger hope there is this one, at 106 x 75cms, handwritten in deep, dark Japanese calligraphy ink that is slick and dark as the black otter. Too big to get a decent photo until it is dry these photos below give something of the idea of what it is like. £2000 for this would buy a good many books.

 And there’s also a small handwritten otter ‘hope’ at £150, because everyone does need a small hope. Also in the slick, dark ink from Japan. Please email me for these two pieces before making a donation as they are originals.

We all need hope. Without it we become lost.

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Otters for books

It’s like a curious trade. I paint otters to sell, and the money becomes books that are given to schools, to green the classrooms and act as a catalyst for learning natural literacy.

I’m working on three things at the moment. Maybe four.

The first is two large walls at Compton Verney. I’ve never done anything like this before, and am hoping that with the help of Penguin Design we can make something beautiful.

Meanwhile I have been chasing words to go with the image. Every day, all day, trying to find the right ones. And I think, perhaps, now I have them. Finding them has involved listening to the spaces in between the song of finches, and watching swallows fly. The White Cat took a look. He thinks they are ok.

Meanwhile the campaigns for The Lost Words in schools continues, and as the sats results come out, telling many children that they are just not up to the mark, that they haven’t achieved the correct standard, then I think there’s even more need for it.

So, I have otters for sale, at the moment all the small ones are for Nottinghamshire, where they have three days left to raise enough to place a copy of the book in all schools in Notts.

Above, £175. (Sold)

Below, Small Giant Twisting, £150 ( Sold)

And below, Mother and Child, (175). All of these are 10 x 25cms ( despite Mother and Child looking huge!) Please email me first to secure before donating to The Lost Words for Nottingham.

And then there are two large pieces. The first, a Twister with a chine of bubbles,  on cream handmade paper, with sumi ink.

Beautiful sand coloured paper, called Two Rivers,  (the colour doesn’t really show in the photo). This piece is £1000, donated to Notts, and will go half way to placing a copy in all secondary schools in Nottinghamshire. Do email first to secure, although should this sell, I can do another piece, similar, never the same, on request.

The second is an otter for Yorkshire. A diving splash of an otter painted in Sumi ink on Arches paper. This piece is also £1000. Both the Splash and the Twister are 56 x 76 cms.

There’s also words still, for sale, if you click on this link.

Thank you.




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Selling time….

I will sell you my morning memories, and the gold soul of a sea-smoothed beach stone.

£250 for The Lost Words for Powys


Email me to secure, as this is an original piece. Made from time, memories, white gold transfer leaf, Chinese paper, typewriter, sewing machine and silk, between the wingbeats of swallows.

Also for sale for £75, the gold soul of a beach pebble labyrinth. Two pieces of white gold transfer leaf stitched with silk, fragile.

The stone was left in running water at a place where the sweet and the fresh meets the cool and the sea, where earlier, in dusk light, otters hunted swift fish.

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A most exciting thing

Just the most exciting thing. And I would write more but I’ve so much work to do. So, have a look at this, Spellsongs.

Browse the website for more. I’m so very excited.

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Four Otters for Lincolnshire

The first, below, painted with Japanese ink, brought back fro me by Katherine Rundell who writes wonderful books, painted on Khadi Paper.

£250 (sold)

The second, stamped with 26 otters of the alphabet spells ‘love & hope’ and is £65.

The third is ‘love and hope’ handwritten from the stamped rough and is £150.

And the fourth is &, handwritten in the same Japanese ink that is dark as can be and flows beautifully and is £250. (Sold)

All the money for these will, for now, be donated straight to The Lost Words for Yorkshire Schools, which only has a few days to go.

If not sold before they will be offered for a different crowd funder.

Email me BEFORE donating as each piece is unique. The paper is 35 x 31cms.

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Reading in gardens

Next weekend it’s open gardens in St Davids.

I will be reading in Ty Uchaf, Treleddyd fawr, from The Lost Words and Mrs Noah’s Garden ( unpublished) as well as talking about writing, painting. I may ink an otter or two, and gild a big stone for Jan’s garden.

Mrs Noah’s Garden is being illustrated by James Mayhew, a follow on from the Kirkus starred Mrs Noah’s Pockets, which one reviewer described as

While another states:

Saturday morning 11.30-12.30


Saturday afternoon, 3.30-4.30

All welcome.


Please share this post. It would be good to see a few people in this beautiful garden.



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Finding Balance no 2: Things that are beautiful

Some days are filled with thought. And much like other days.

At Aber Mawr I gilded two stones, one large, left standing, below the tide line.


The second was smaller, placed at the crossing, where people look down at their feet.

The sun was warm, the sea was calm. Another time I will swim.

And coming home, a message from a friend saying he was going stone hunting. The stone from a few days ago was gone, maybe taken by the sea. It was big, heavy. I wondered who would get these ones first, the sea, Andy, or a passing walker.

Back home I worked on a proposal for a new book, my first since finishing The Lost Words a while back. Andy messaged to say they had found both stones, taken them home ( cone must have been a challenge).

Meanwhile I worked on the words and the gold souls of the two stones. Stitching, threading, weaving words. Slightly flawed in its stitching, but isn’t it always so that souls are slightly flawed, with silk threads hanging, which I love, and words from things seen, heard, tasted today, written on paper flecked with gold that has travelled from China.

Soul of a labyrinth with words. £250 to The Lost Words for Yorkshire campaign.

This one was sold before even it was made, and what I love is that Andy is going to take the stone and the words and soul of the stone, framed, into the care home where his mum lives, so that it can bring something of its quiet peace to that place.

I’m sending him the small soul stitched together also. Because this has been a curious day.

There will be more of these, but I’m never sure what they might say until I make them, nor how big they will be. I still have one to make for yesterday, if I find the time.

If you want to reserve one email me.

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Stitching souls and a different way to blog

Yesterday I took the dogs to Aber Bach. In my bag I carried white gold leaf, a dog tooth burnisher, an old brush and some gold sizing.

At the beach I found a stone. Someone had balanced it on a rock, below high tide, in the way that people do these days. There were other stones balanced too, but I wanted a large, smooth stone, to heavy to carry away without difficulty.

In the sunshine, with the sound of the sea I gilded a labyrinth onto the stone.

Then I put the stone back on the rock and sat and wrote for a short time, then, leaving another, small stone in the stream, we headed home.


Water over stone and gold

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Today I stitched together the golden soul on my sewing machine, in my studio.

Soul stitching. See website for more details.

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Then I typed up what I had written, sitting beside the sea ( with the odd edit).

Then I stitched together the soul and the memories.

This piece, called ‘Gold Soul From a Balanced Beach Stone, Aber Bach, Pembrokeshire’, made from white gold, Chinese paper, a typewriter, time and thought, is for sale to raise money for the Yorkshire campaign to place copies of The Lost Words into schools. 

£250 (SOLD)

(each small square of gold is 8cms sq, so hat will give you an idea of size)

Email me to secure BEFORE donating as the piece is and always will be utterly unique.

The stone was placed yesterday, below the high tide line and there have been three turns of the tide since. It may have been picked up by human hand, more likely taken by the sea.

There is something very contemplative about creating these fragile and curious pieces. Hope you like it.




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On the Way to the Foxes Wedding it Began to Snow

Each year I paint a Christmas card for Help Musicians. The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow began as cards painted over about seventeen years, and became a book.

This year’s card is late as I have had so many other things to do. This blog post is a photo essay of its progress.

First, sketches.

Then, draw out, and paint.

Trying not to dip brush in tea.

Almost done. Need to do something else for a day or two and let the snow settle.

This year’s card is dedicated to Tamsin Rosewell who works at Kenilworth Books, who works tirelessly to connect readers with writers and illustrators, paints a fearsome bookshop window, works really hard to try to bring about a fair wage for authors and, understanding the importance of authors and illustrators in the book industry lobbied to bring an award at the #Nibbies ( British Book Awards) for an Author and an Illustrator of the year ( This year’s were awarded to the wonderful Axel Scheffler and the marvellous Philip Pullman). And also because she loves music and foxes.



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Small Giants for Yorkshire.

Last night I stayed up too late playing with ink. I had found a small stick of old ink in my new /old paintbox, and in the afternoon painted two otters, one of which sold, and the other was reserved, but I said that I would paint an otter that was done just for the person who ‘might’ want the old ink otter. So, with river water and my new inkstone from the Dragon’s Tail Mountain in China, a ‘she’ stone, and with my favourite ink that smells of incense I inked an otter or three.

So now I am offering three small giants for sale to raise money for the campaign in Yorkshire, to place a copy of The Lost Words in schools in Yorkshire.

The first is the one made during the afternoon from the old, old ink. It’s a tiny stub of ink, beautifully pressed but old and scratchy with dryness and age so I was glad I used my old stone. Even after all these years, perhaps 100, perhaps 200, it was possible to draw out an ink dark beauty and conjure an otter, with a sparkling chine of bubbles.

10 x 25 cms this otter is £200. SOLD, swift as an otter, already, with money donated to  The Lost Words for Yorkshire.

This is the same piece again. I thought I had lost it, but the otter had camouflaged itself, swimming against the calligraphy on the cover of my Chinese art book. I keep thinking about cutting myself a signature stone. Maybe.

Next is a questioning swift swimmer, curled. Again 10 x 25 cms, on rough paper, but this one is using the she stone and the pine scented Japanese ink, dark and different.

£200, (SOLD) and money donated via the link above to the Yorkshire campaign.

And then there is this: Infinity Otters no 3: a spell in ink and river water from Aber Mawr, Pembrokeshire, in the hope that there will always be otters.

10 x 25 cms or 25 x 10 ( whichever way up you wish) £300: email me to secure and once confirmed donate to Yorkshire campaign.

If you want to make a donation please do, with the same link above. Every donor has a chance of winning a pair of Dratsies, as everyone, no matter how big or small a donation, will be entered into a draw for the picture below ( again resting against the Chinese art book, and again 10 cms x 25 cms).

It was a late night playing with ink last night, and I need to focus on the very late delivery of the Help Musicians card design I will be continuing work on tomorrow. Almost there, just a couple more days. Last night my desk looked like this:

Tonight it looks like this:

And if you want to see more otters, there are some in The Golden Sheaf in Narberth, some in Richard Booths Bookshop in Hay on Wye and some here, in a visual otter essay with Five Dials.

Coming soon, an article in Elementum Magazine about The Shape of Otters.

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