Reading Robin Hobb


This morning I turned the page. There was nothing there. I was at the end of the book. And the trouble with Robin Hobb’s books is that you don’t so much read them as live them.



One more book to go and that won’t be out for a couple of years.

Sometimes coming to the end of a Hobb book feels akin to having been pulled through a skill pillar and only those who have read her books will know what I mean.


I wondered how it would be possible to love Fitz more. After all his blood is made of ink, his bones are only paper. And yet he lives and breathes.

And all of the places I love, here, in this book.

There is an alchemy about these books. How they join people from around the world, how they link readers, how reading them is something more than it is with other books. She has a pen of an Elderling, and imagination that is immense, a heart that can be hard as memory stone.

As ever between the covers, everything I wanted and much that I never knew I desired.

And so, a question. I love Fitz. He is stubborn, wilful and though he is loyal he bows to no-one and heeds his own council and is ruled by his own conscience. And I love the enigma that is The Fool, Amber, Beloved, Lord Golden.

So who is your favourite character from this epic tale of The Six Duchies, The Rainwilds and Bingtown, and what is it about them that you love?

Leave a comment below and now and again I will pick out a comment and send cards, postcards, notecards at random, and on 25th August, my daughter’s birthday, I will send a copy of Fool’s Quest, doodled in by me and with a signed label from Robin Hobb, to one person picked at random from the comments.


Drawing on reverse side of endpaper, signed by me.

Drawing on reverse side of endpaper, signed by me.

And because it is my daughter’s birthday I will add a set of the dragon cards printed by Graffeg. ( Ten cards, five designs taken from the old cover art for Hobb’s books)


So, let’s talk about Robin Hobb.

@RHI need to talk to her about the next book. She’s writing it now. I need to be thinking of the cover. I need to know what happens next.

Meanwhile, what to read?

Luckily I have this: from Manda Scott. Who is also brilliant.



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I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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302 Responses to Reading Robin Hobb

  1. Dylan says:

    Choosing a favourite character from this universe is like choosing a favourite song, or film – impossible. I can only list those I love. And that is a long list. For this comment, though, I will pick one. Nighteyes. The wolf who I wanted Fitz to have nothing to do with initially, evolved into one of my favourite characters ever. He is but a wolf yet he speaks to Fitz like a brother, a friend and even like a father. He is the ying to Fitz’s yang. Everpresent and ever-brilliant. My brother.

    • Lynne Facer says:

      Did you catch the 50-page sample at Robin’s website of Fool’s Quest? You will be pleased with the beginning…

  2. Isobel Whittaker says:

    I have so many favourites its hard to choose. Of course, I adore Beloved and Fitz and Leftrin and Alise and, well, most of them. But I have to say Paragon has a very special place in my heart. He went through so much so young and I would love to read his logs, but even he is as big a mystery as Beloved. He has so much depth! He’s such a big baby but so terrifying in his emotions that I wonder what would happen if he and Fitz met… Now i want to reread the Liveship Traders

  3. Lesley Wilson says:

    It’s hard to nominate just one favourite from all of the books! My new favourite is Bee – so much so that I’ll be naming my next dog after her. I love Kettricken for her wisdom and purity and sacrifice. I love the Fool for the ambiguity, just as I love colours that change depending on the light. Nighteyes is part of me, too. Fitz? Each re-read makes me want to shake him, slap him and tell him “Wrong decision, eejit!”

  4. T. says:

    This seems such a cool thing to do! 😀

  5. Francesca says:

    I love progressive maturation of this character. Initially, reader would rock her and scream her to grow up! And…she do it.

  6. Jade Twitchell says:

    It’s very hard to choose just one character from the elderling world, as they aren’t so much as characters from a book as real life companions to me.
    Having said that, I have always had a huge soft spot for Patience. She is so unapologetically herself, so eccentric and brave. I loved getting a glimpse of her in fools assassin, fierce as ever.
    Although I have to mention Nighteyes for his constant support and comfort. Wintrow for his kindness, and the fool for his mystery that I just want to solve, but also dread to.
    And of course, I love Fitz. For his flaws, compassion, bravery, and mostly for his undying love and loyalty to those he cherishes. If you’re a friend to Fitz, you’re a friend for life.

  7. Laurelle says:

    Beloved is far and away my favorite character–not just in these books, but in all of literature. He’s clever, he’s colorful, and… I’m not sure what it is… but he has exactly the right mix of traits to catch and hold my interest. The jumping off point, I think, is that Fitz loves him–and describes him so lovingly, with such devotion and fascination, that I can’t help but be a little bit devoted and fascinated. And then–the enigma, as you said, the hints and glimpses of past and purpose, the utter frankness mixed with obfuscating misdirection. And then, if ever I were going to get bored with one side of him–and how could I?–he has all the facets of a gem. Turn him around, see another face. And the common threads that run through them all are as entrancing as the differences.

    Deepest of all, though–I have never encountered another character whose goodness I could believe in so perfectly. Whenever a character sets out to save the world, there’s always a personal stake. But for Beloved, he gives up everything he loves, even his own life and happiness, for the sake of his vision–and yet it doesn’t seem cheesy and impersonal, it’s DEEPLY personal, we never lose sight of his humanity and the depth and detail of his character.

    I think he’s quite possibly the most poignant hero ever written.

  8. Steph Taylor says:

    I really like how you justify needing to know about the next book for such professional reasons 😉

    • Jackie says:

      Oh dear. I didn’t realise I was that transparent.

      • Steve Hallett says:

        I’m afraid you were 🙂

      • Steph Taylor says:

        Yup! But back to favourite characters. Nighteyes because from being very small I always wanted to live alongside a wolf. He is so beautifully drawn, being a wolf first, even as he grows closer to Fitz. His death was devastating and beautiful and I miss him still. My equal favourite is Nosey. For me he was like my own first hound. I also judged Burrich harshly until I found out he had not killed Nosey. Nosey’s brief reunion with Fitz is the essence of the love of a person and their first hound or dog.

  9. Ginevra says:

    Choosing a single character is very hard, so hard that i’m not quite sure i can do it! What is really amazing in those books is seeing the characters grow, and evolve, so that someone you don’t like at all at first can become your favorite character in the end. And so it goes for me: i hated nighteyes at first, i tought it would be dangerous for fitz, but it wasn’t. And in the end i cried like a baby when he passed out (in one of the most beautifully written scene of the books). So, here it is, my favorite: nighteyes <3

    • Jackie says:

      I loved him from the first word. And still feel that pain. That’s what I don’t understand. How does she do that?

      • Lynne Facer says:

        I don’t know the science behind it, but I think our emotional brain can’t always tell the difference between the world of substance and the world of words. The words become substantial, and we can feel for Nighteyes like we do for our first or favorite pet.

  10. Luchi says:

    I love the Fool, and the new book just made me love him more. I love Fitz, although sometimes I don’t like him very much but then someone is mean to him and I want to slap them and cuddle Fitz. But I think I will always have a special place in my heart for Lady Patience, and I’m sad that we didn’t get to spend more time with her.

  11. Yvonne says:

    I find it hard to choose between Fitz and the Fool/Beloved/Amber/Lord Golden. The Fool is so multi-layered, complex and ambiguous, each incarnation revealing a new aspect of his nature, always hard to pin down but always being utterly true to his quest. I associate him with deep intelligence, humour, creativity, empathy and strength of purpose.
    Fitz on the other hand is so human and so fallible; the depth, warmth and complexity of his relationships with Nighteyes and the Fool can’t help but draw you in, as does watching him adapt (whether quickly or achingly slowly) to deal with each new turn of events coming at him.
    And just to mention Maulkin the serpent, who persistently encourages the other serpents to travel on into unknown waters even though his perceptions are often not clear and he is ‘often unfocused and incoherent,’ which definitely gives me a soft spot for him!

  12. Timothy Jadot says:

    Oh gosh, that’s hard.
    I would go with Nighteyes, as I always loved his humour and the way he was able to make fun of Fitz. I think he is one badass character too.
    Really nice covers by the way (as usual)!

  13. Geoff Henderson says:

    Very hard to choose. I always like Chade’s scenes. I like the theme of the men taking care of their extended family members because their own father is unable. Burrich/Fitz, Chade/Fitz, Fitz/Dutiful, Fitz/Hap, Fitz/Swift, Fitz/Lant and Shun. Right now I’m most interested in seeing how Chade reveals his connections to his Farseer “apprentices”.

  14. Michelle says:

    Beloved, because is the only one who made Fitz lovable. I read the first 9 books in a row one summer recovering from surgery and when it was over I felt like Aslan was telling me I was too old for Narnia. It was so real, I wanted to hold Beloved and give my love.

  15. Craig Hetherington says:

    Patience. Her unconditional love for Fitz makes my heart swell unbelievabley. She cared for Fitz from the moment she heard of his existence. In another time I’d like to think she got her way to have Fitz live with her and Chivalry at Withywoods as a family, my fantasy in a fantasy ha. She cared for Fitz throughout his life, death and resurrection.
    Patience was also the rock for Buckkeep and Six Duchies throughout the Red Ship wars. Without her, Buckeep would have crumbled. I just bloody LOVE her 😀

    “It’s too late to apologise for I have already forgiven you”

  16. Steve Smith says:

    I remember writing once that Robin’s book are “too good” in that you don’t want them to end nor can you put them down. The world she has created is absorbing. The characters flawed and relatable.
    Which is my favourite? I cannot possibly answer that. Separating my love for Fitz. ,beloved and nighteyes is liking me which of my children I love the most, but if I put those three aside I always had a soft spot for Verity. He loved and protected Fitz from the start, a devoted uncle who eventually must make a huge sacrifice for the kingdom he loves. Like Fitz himself I miss him. I hope we will hear from Verity again one day.

    • Jackie says:

      They do kind of spoil you for any other books. How does she do that? I think they are the only books I have read and re-read with regularity, always finding mor ein. The Rainwilds re-reading was the best for me I think. Maybe because i read them too fast first time round. Or because i read in manuscript form, searching for cover art. Second time around they were deeper, the forest was thicker, the magic more glittering. Wonderful.

      • stephen smith says:

        The strange thing is that I originally found assassin’s apprentice hard to get into, but once I had passed the first chapter or so I was hooked and have been ever since. The Wit and the Skill are two of the best defined magics in fantasy where most writers use magic for throwing fire, Robin turned it into a way to get closer to the heart and soul of the characters we love.

  17. David Waters says:

    Absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on the book and inflict myself with more of Robin Hobb’s wonderful emotional torture!

  18. Maggie says:

    Fitz. The main man. He’s my favourite character, even though he is SO frustrating a lot of the time. Not sure I can tell you why I like him best but perhaps it’s something to do with what you have written above – the fact that you actually live Robin Hobb books when you read them. So he’s a real person to me (great review!)

    (I do have another favourite too – Kennit – of all people!)

    • Jackie says:

      Hmmm… now, I did get into a conversation with Jane Johnson, Robin’s editor, about Kennit. I rather loved him, for all his manipulative, shocking, violent nature.

      • Evelyn Hewett says:

        Oh gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed as by the craft that went into writing kennit. I confess myself a die-hard fan of villains, but even I was chilled by Kennit’s story.

  19. Soorya says:

    It’s difficult to pick an overall favorite, so I’ll settle for my favorite at the moment – Wintrow Vestrit.

    Wintrow is a quiet, unprepossessing character – not the kind of person to immediately grab your attention – but he feels very real, and is quite an interesting person. He combines many opposing qualities – an over-zealous confidence while also riddled with crippling doubts; gaping vulnerabilities that hide a surprising strength of character under the surface – and that is not an easy thing to convey, let alone do it as convincingly as Hobb did.

    I’m currently in the middle of Mad Ship and so I don’t know where he ultimately ends up, but the way Hobb crafted his character has really impressed me.

  20. Steve Hallett says:

    Fitz is too obvious, since we follow him so much through the series, and he was the reason I kept reading.

    Chade, on the other hand, caught my imagination with all the secrecy and mystery around him, his background and his trade. What other machinations has he had running here and there over the years that we have not even heard about? How expansive is his network of informants and spies?

    One of my favourite threads within this new series from Robin is Chade’s apprentices…who are they really, and why are they working with him despite not being particularly effective? Time will tell….perhaps 🙂

  21. Paul Conibeer says:

    How on earth do I pick a fav character omg I’m torn between Fitz The Fool or Nighteyes even though I could feel the inevitable coming with Nighteyes it certainly took me on a journey really exhausted me at the end I was a broken mess at the end but brought back through the power of friendship between Fitz and The Fool seriously powerful stuff one of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn’t read Robins Stuff sooner as I could have potentially enjoyed them again many times over the years anyway get to the point I think my fav character probably has to be Fitz himself

  22. Karen says:

    It’s got to be the Fool. Fitz isn’t Fitz without the Fool to complete him.

    I adore the Fool.

  23. Kat says:

    Hobb’s books were the only ones I kept over the course of several winnowings of my tribble-like book collection. At least, until two years ago, when I had to move cross country, and gave them to one of my favorite professors. So, in trying to stave off that last page feeling I’ve been buying the kindle versions, starting from the beginning.

  24. Lee-Anne says:

    Robin does love and pain (my predictive text offered that as ‘live and passion’ – not so far from the truth!) like no other author I’ve ever known – she’s like a drug! So, Fitz, Burrich & Nighteyes for me. Then the Fool. And from the ladies, Patience, Kettricken & Alise. But, oh, that triumvirate of Fitz, Burrich & Nighteyes. Such love. Such pain. *sigh*

  25. iku says:

    It’s so difficult to choose since I also love Fitz so much but when it comes to Burrich…there’s no game. He is Heart of the Pack, the safest place, the guardian, the protector, the loyal.
    One of the most breathtaking moment is the one in the snow, in Fool’s Fate.
    Burrich is home, in my heart.

  26. Limertilly says:

    Argh, this is such a hard choice! I love Fitz so much, despite all the occasions where I want to shake him til he understands why what he’s doing is so dangerous. But Beloved. Oh, Beloved. I was properly traumatised by the scenes after the Pale Woman has had her way with him – had to put the book down, go and have a cry, come back to it, put it down again. He and Fitz’s love for each other is all that can possibly mitigate the *awful* things he puts Fitz through, and even then it just seems so monumentally unfair.

    Yeah. Beloved is my favourite. Honourable mentions to Patience, Kettricken and Verity. Part of my heart always set aside for Nighteyes.

  27. Sasha Malik says:

    The Fool. For me, he started off as a slightly odd and mysterious background character that would pop into Fitz life from time to time to give him some sort of portentous omen in the guise of a riddle. Then he became quite literally intwined with Fitz’s life, and I realised how important he was all along. Now I cannot imagine one without the other! His character is in ways just as mysterious as it was in the Farseer Trilogy, but what we do know for certain about him (or her?) is his irrefutable love for Fitz. Their relationship truly warms my heart and I could quite happily read a book written entirely of dialogue between Fitz and the Fool 😀 I’ve heard we learn more about him in this book and I’m so excited to read it! Robin Hobb has truly invented a very unique fictional character with Beloved.

  28. Evelyn Hewett says:

    It has to be Fitz. Maybe it’s because I’ve been through so much and seen so much through his eyes. Likely says to the Fool “I hardly think we could go through all we have and not love one another”.
    But, I also think it’s a bit more than that. The number of books I’ve read where, interesting though the protagonist may be, I see them as nothing more than a vessel for the story that happens around them. Not so with Fitz. Whenever I thin I’ve got his measure he astounds me a-fresh. I suppose he never ws content to be anyone’s tool was he, not even to Robin, his own creator.
    I cannot wait for the next chapter in his saga. I know that it will be tough and treacherous, but I’m not scared about it. After all, I have an assassin and a friend at my back.

  29. I love your blog, your art, your life shared, but to be honest, I’m responding because I want to read this book and simply can’t afford any purchases outside survival necessity (not a plea for sympathy just a fact)…..I have one good eye (and another soon as I can arrange for the second cataract operation), but I’ve fallen out of the reading habit and this description is so inspirational I’m sure I’d read it. If I happen not to be picked from the hat, I can wait for a library copy so I’ll not do without. Well, that’s my comment for today. Cheers! Good luck to all.

  30. Mary says:

    Oh well, that’s a tough question. The magic of the story, in my opinion, is that you come to love everyone. Not as characters, but as people. As friends, sometimes – most of the times. I actually feel like I can talk to Fitz more easily than I can talk to most of my friends ; probably because I spent so many time in his head, his little joys and immense pains, and his contradictions. But my favourite would still be the Fool, not as one of his facets but as a whole. He feels very real to me, and I can’t help but being in love with him a little sometimes (he has that kind of glamour, like the dragons, in a way). It feels like he’s a really kind person, in his own peculiar way. But I kind of love everyone else too, because they are all very understandable. And how can you not be touched by those you understand so completely, even when they act like monsters?

    • Mary says:

      Like, Kennit. I loved him. Then I hated him. Then I kind of pitied him. The feeling was there, anyway. And Chade, who can be an horrible sly old man, but who I cannot help but indulge. And I loved Verity so much. And Kettle. And Paragon, I think he is one of my absolute favourites. Well. I’m not really answering the question, am I? I could keep going forever. All in all, Robin is the most magical of them all.

  31. Isis says:

    I have enjoyed reading all the comments and have cheered and clapped along with those declarations for the characters and the books themselves. Robin Hobb, I just love your brain. Althena Is though stuff. Amber, how she just had to express her/his love for fitz in such an extravagant way that would not have happened while at fitz’s side. And I like how the gender and species of beloved is undefined. Bee…. how fascinating is Bee? What a great addition. Can’t wait to read the rest of the books. Honestly I’m like a junkie hanging out for my next fix 😉

  32. Jordan H says:

    I have to choose Fitz. Why? Robin Hobb and Fitz were my bridge from YA Fantasy to “Grown up” (?) Fantasy. After chewing through all the YA books in my early years of high school, the school librarian gave my Assassin’s Apprentice to read… I fell in love, these books were on another level and I devoured them. Fitz made me laugh, he made me angry, he made me feel sad for him. I have to choose Fitz because he was my first (lol).

  33. Gemma Banks says:

    What a question to ask! And there really isn’t a simple answer.

    My 14 year old nephew has recently gotten into fantasy, he loves reading and I introduced to the Christopher Paolini’s Inheritence Saga, and then David Edding Belgariad and Mallorean. He said he saw Robin’s books in the library and wondered if I had them, so they are lined up and waiting for him to start once he is finished his current books.

    And I am jealous! Why?

    He gets to meet Fitz, and Burrich, and Molly and Chade and Nighteyes and the Fool for the first time. He can be infuriated with Malta while she is being selfish and revel that she has grown into a wonderful woman. He can meet the arrogance of Tintaglia and Sintara for the first time. He can cheer when Hest meets his comeuppance. (I got funny looks cheering at my work!!) He can meet all these characters and learn to love them as I do.
    I love re-reading the books, it is like meeting up with old friends, and relaxing in the comfort of them.
    How can I choose just one favourite character in these books? Not very easily, it would be like choosing which is my cats is my favourite, or which of my nephews.
    Under torture (!!) I would probably pick Burrich. To me he is the main figure in a lot of the characters lives. He is a genuinely good man, with knowledge and skill and touched so many people in so many ways.

    • Sharing Robin Hobb has become a hobby of mine. Teenage boys are more likely to read something with assassin in the title. When he’s through with them, point him over to Trudi Canavan.

  34. How could I not say that I love Fitz and wished for him all that he had in Tom Badgelock, though woefully mourning with him while Molly wasn’t in his life. Torn between loving Burich and being angry with him for unknowingly stealing such a big piece of all that the boy in Fitz wanted, struggling with his duties to the kingdom; torn apart with him while he struggled in doing what he wanted and felt he deserved and childishly scorning what he knew that he must do. And alas, night eyes and the fool, closer than family; bonded in more ways than some of us know in our lives now. To say I am waiting for Fools Quest anxiously is almost an understatement; but I caution myself to enjoy it, and not gorge on it like an addict needing a fix. Knowing that when it is done, I will have to wait again. And will probably reread Hobbs world, for the… Nth time for I have now forgotten how many times I have dived into this world – like a serpent in the tangle. J

  35. Clairebe says:

    Asking me which character is my favourite is akin to asking me which of my children I love the most. It’s not sonething I could ever answer, because it’s impossible.

    I can tell you that right now I love Nighteyes’ loyalty and exasperation and endless patience and love of Fitz. I love Fitz’s flaws, which somehow seem less like flaws over time and more like traits to be cherished. I love Chade’s irracibility and Malta’s stubborness and Patience’s quirkness. But choose which I love the most? I can’t.

  36. Laura Athena says:

    For me it’s Beloved. Always. The most beautiful, luminous character I have ever encountered in fiction. The fact that they are in many ways such an enigma, but in what is revealed – their hatred of slavery, their love of art, their empathy for people, their wonder in the world, their vulnerability of emotion, their strength of will, the courage to do what you must even when it means your death or torment, and the appreciation of the value of all human life, the steadfastness and loyalty of their love… And all the colourful identities – the Fool, Amber, Lord Golden (and probably more we don’t know of, such as whatever name they went by when in the Satrap’s court before coming to Buckkeep). The flamboyance and the wit. The wisdom. The wry-twisted mockery. The joy taken in simple things: friendship, peace and domesticity. For these, and more, Beloved is named truly in my heart.

  37. Mooji says:

    I have so many favourite characters and I love how they have evolved throughout the series. Nettle has grown into someone I desperately want to read more about, that girl deserves some happiness and has inherited more than Fitz’s stubborness – she’s inherited his ties to the throne.
    But Chade. Chade is the person I always return to. He lived most of his life in the shadows serving the crown and could have been a bitter and dark person but I loved how he was playful with his machinations and had a flair for the dramatic – a cross dressing cranky assassin or the pocked man. I loved how he was able to serve the crown in the open, how he was eventually able to verbalise his love for Fitz and how he took pride in Fitz and his family. There were times when I shared his frustration with Fitz too. He’s a master strategist and able to understand what makes people tick. And Robin shows his vulnerability brilliantly – his constant experiments with skilling and his dalliances with women much much younger than him. I’m looking forward to the role he plays in the next few books.

  38. Andrian Sogocio says:

    I don’t think there can be any other character ever written in the epic fantasy adventure genre that can make you feel so annoyed and still love him for it than FitzChivalry Farseer. I categorize the books I read according to the main characters. There are books that have characters that revolve around their world and there are characters that the world revolve around them. Fitz just revolve around everything and anything. It’s like faith just wants to F his life up and even though he’s not perfect, even though you know his not making the rigtht decision, even though his acting like a complete idiot, you understand why he does that and hate-annoy-love him for it. When a character can make you feel that way, you know you’re reading an amazing book.

  39. Emma says:

    I’ve read all the books several times and although I love the Fool, my heart will always be with Verity. For me he was the ultimate hero, he sacrificed everything he had for his kingdom and never gave it a second thought. I still have a glimmer of hope that he’ll find a way to return one day!

  40. Josh Turner says:

    What a wonderful idea for readers who love the same worlds to share them a little.

    I think for me Fitz has to be my favourite character. Hobb writes such beautiful, real flaws that make us love her characters even more. But with Fitz those flaws are driven by his unflinching urge to do the right thing, even when the right thing as he see’s it may doom himself to misery.

    How many readers put down a book about Fitz just wishig everything had gone just the way he wished it, just once? How many of us pick up the next book to live the hope that next time it just might do?

    Growing up with Fitz was like growing up with the kid that never stopped getting up, even though sometimes you wished he would lie down.

    Fitz for King! Hobb for err, Empress?

  41. Caoimhe says:

    I’m fully convinced these books are taking place in a parallel universe, just need to find a skill pillar and fall through 😉 So excited and nervous to read Fool’s Quest, I think it might break me; if bad things happen, I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it! Your cover art is just gorgeous Jackie by the way, so beautiful. I was in an airport travelling home from Malaysia this time last year, and wanted to try to get Fool’s Assassin in the airport book shop to read on the flight, but they only had the American cover version, so I held out the 20 hour flight until I got home to get your cover version; dedication + totally worth it 😉 It has pride of place on my shelf now. Anyway, I digress – favourite characters & what I love about them (pretty much most of them):

    Bee – because she is so special.
    The Fool – because he gives so much.
    Fitz – because he is so wretched.

    Burrich – because he is steady.
    Kettricken – because she knows herself.
    Kennit – because he’s mad.
    Chade – because he’s sly.
    Molly – because she’s strong.
    Verity – because he tries so hard.
    Nighteyes – because he’s wise.

  42. Jason Zick says:

    The Farseer Trilogy was one of the first series that I read in the fantasy genre. Ms. Hobbs definitely helped set me down the path of reading fantasy and science fiction. My favorite character was Fitz. I was able to identify with him since I started reading the series in high school. The Fool was interesting, but played second fiddle to Fitz.

  43. Kaz says:

    Verity. He’s the younger brother no one expected to be King, he was raised as a warrior, but he still did everything he could and went above and beyond simply being King. He was a Sacrifice, and nobody knew it or even thanked him.

  44. Chris May says:

    My favorite is Chade, for a lot of the reasons others have already said. He is mysterious, ultimately good, and such an original take on the trope of “wise elder,” I think he illustrates Robin’s skill at taking a fantasy cliche and writing it so well.

    When I read about his workshop, it reminds me of my grandpa’s garage. It was full of all sorts of neat little projects and tools, and the wonderful smell of sawed wood and worked leather. My grandpa passed away when I was in high school, so I never got to know him the way I would have liked. which is how I feel about Chade too. There’s a lot more story there than he reveals.

    Love your covers of Robin’s work Jackie, at least as much as the original Howe covers.

  45. Juliet says:

    Two favourites-Althea for her fierce independence and Burrich for his love for Fitz.

  46. Ville Vuorio says:

    Greetings from Finland!

    I am a huge fan of the Robin Hobb books thanks to my girlfriend Inka. She introduced me to this heart shattering world that I have loved for so long!

    It’s so hard to pick a favourite. It always varies a bit from time to time. But if I would have to choose one over the others, it would have to be the Fool. Like Jackie said, he is so enigmatic and you’d always want to know and read more about him and what he does and thinks. And that’s the brilliance of Robin Hobb. There’s always the want for more, the small, tiny hints of something…

    Thanks Jackie for the great art! I highly adore the cover art on the UK editions!

    Much love,

  47. Kim Fowler says:

    I have a hard time choosing from all the strong female characters she writes so well. I have a soft spot for Etta, but my favorite is Patience. She had so much quiet strength. Overall, I want to smack Fitz too often for him to be my favorite.

  48. Emma Maria says:

    Fitz is such a beautifully flawed, damaged character and as such so very real amd easy to relate to. Fool I adore, the way they work for what they believe is right. I love how the two characters interact and complement eachother.

  49. Susan Jett says:

    Beloved. Always and forever.

  50. Amanda Carr says:

    It is extremely difficult to choose a favourite as all characters have some traits that make them amazing to read. Even the villains have something about them that make them interesting.
    If I was to choose one it would possibly be Alise as I can relate to how she feels about herself; like a bit of an outcast with a fondness for reading and learning and yearns for a bit of excitement. She seems so innocent and nurturing.
    This may change to Bee however depending on how she develops in the next books. I enjoy very much reading her views as a new narrator and she gives a fresh perspective to the story.

  51. Deb Morse says:

    Have only just met Fitz; commencing that series this week. I can tell I will love him. Having lived in the Rain Wilds though, I’ll state that I love Thymara. Because she grew wings. And flew. And they thought she was damaged. And she was not.

  52. I should say The Fool… as he has always been a tugger on those heart strings. Who can forget the heart wrenching scenes in ‘Fool’s Fate’ when he chooses to make his way in the world without his Fitzy. 🙁
    But I am going to say Molly. Right from day one, when she was molly red skirts. Feisty. Take no nonsense Molly.
    But she has been a constant throughout Fitz’s life and I was so happy that she & Fitz got to settle and have their days together at Withywoods.
    Felt like I was mourning a beloved family member when she left us.
    And who but molly could have given us the glorious and magical little Bee. 🙂

  53. Sara says:

    Fennel the ginger cat.
    Because his advice “Pick up the cat – you’ll feel better” is the truest thing ever read, as I daily experiment. ^^

  54. Xupz says:

    Unsurprisingly, Fitz and the Fool are both at the top of my list of favourite characters. Beloved is such a beautiful enigma, while Fitz is just my idiot, caring son. I love him so much. He loves so much too! Flawed, but a beautiful cinnamon roll too pure for Buckkeep intrigue. I also have a special place in my heart for Burrich. And I think Bee is going to become a favourite.

  55. Deborah says:

    I adore Beloved. For several reason, on of each being that he was not the most important character in the first book. He slowly plays a part more and more important in Fitz’s life. And then, he knows how to rhyme. I am pretty sure that in a wit contest he would win against Tyrion Lannister.
    I also love the fact that his gender is unimportant. Well, at least that we don’t know about it. See, in fantasy or in Sci-fi, it’s pretty rare that an author plays on a character gender (we’ve got Ursula Le Guin, and french author Ayerdhal but that is pretty much it. ) Beloved is a poet and an artist, he is also a firm believer in Fitz. I say “He” but I have also enjoyed to discover this character in the role of Amber. Beloved is something that came out of theater. And a friend we’d like to have, who bring magic and adventure with him.

  56. Deborah says:

    , he is also a firm believer in Fitz. I say “He” but I have also enjoyed to discover this character in the role of Amber. Beloved is something that came out of theater. And a friend we’d like to have, who bring magic and adventure with him.

    (sorry for the mishap)

  57. Tracy Erickson says:

    In my heart of hearts I can’t choose just one favorite. I really can’t. I love everything about these books, the world, the characters, and Robins way of breaking my heart. So, as I do in situations like this, I opened Fools Assassin to a random page (262) and the first person to speak was Bee.
    So there you have it, for now, for this, for today; my favorite character is Bee.

  58. Agnes says:

    I just rerereread the Farseer and the Tawny man books and i’m rereading the new ones. To pick only one character and to say “here he is! He’s my favourite!” is too hard for me, but i think i can choose 5 of them (only in the Six Duchies, i didn’t read the others lately ..).
    Well, of course there is Beloved. I love him because of the love he gave (and still give) to Fitz, without limit. I love him because he’s precious in the best way someone can be precious. He’s not as strong as he wants to be but enough to help Fitz in order to be strong for two. Actually he’s fragile! But also determinated, he’s got faith in himself. I could write hours about Beloved but i’m French and sadly my english vocabulary is not great enough to show all my feelings about him.
    Number 2: Kettricken. She has been in a row a blushing fiancée, a poisoner, a bored bride, a death goddess, a true queen, a renegade, a desperate wife, a Sacrifice. The evolution of this character is mind-blowing. She’s cathartic to Fitz, a real mama. I liked his brother Rurisk, it makes me sad that we couldn’t know him more.
    Number 3: Burrich, the peaceful strength, the superdaddy. Heart of the pack. It says it all i think. Chivalry was his king, Fitz was all that remain of Chiv.
    Number 4: Nighteyes. Let’s talk about loyalty, but let’s talk about sacrifice. He was less a man than Fitz is a wolf, but much more than he was suppose to be. It makes him marvelous.
    Number 5 (last but not least) Verityyyyy ! It HURTS how Verity is missing but always here. He was the best of men for me, a true king. Fitz is loyal to him the way Burrich was to Chivalry. A true Sacrifice.
    To conclude, i think that my favourite characters are those who love Fitz the purest way, without secrets (almost). Of course Chade, Shrewd, Patience, Molly, they loved Fitz, i don’t deny it. But not the way Beloved, Kettricken, Burrich, Nighteyes and Verity did. Actually, when i read what i wrote, this is obvious that my one true fav is Fitz. In few words: Human. Vulnerable, imperfect, mistrustful. Lone wolf in his pack. Purest heart. Loyal to this heart.
    The others show the best of him (maybe not the best but the part of him i love the most). Compassion and love come from knowing people, and thanks to Robin Hobb, Fitz is one of the characters (of every book i read) that i know the best. How to not love him then ? 🙂

  59. Nancy Palmer says:

    The Fool, and Nighteyes, unequivocably. Fitz I cannot feel the same way about. Perhaps because his flawed and blundering choices, his wounding too deeply too many people I care about, reminds me too much of myself.

  60. Bridget says:

    My favourite character has to be Fitz, that doesn’t mean I don’t love all of them…Brashen is a close second. Hobb’s characters are so 4 dimensional, they have charm alongside their flaws, they grow and learn from their lives. Fitz makes more mistakes than most but there are reasons for them. He has such light and dark in him and amazing loyalty to his two and four legged friends.

  61. Liz S says:

    I love your blog Jackie and often turn to it for inspiration, nature and to enjoy the beautiful art, not to mention the gorgeous cats. Thank you for introducing me to writer that I did not know about. I will certainly be looking out for the books from now on.

  62. Jared Bissell says:

    I would probably go with what amounts to be the consensus favorite character: Nighteyes. The series directly trying to Fitz will be 9 books long by the end of this trilogy, and Nighteyes was only alive in 2.25 of those books (I say 1/2 of book 2, all of book 3, and 3/4 of book 4), but his presence is felt in every single book since he was introduced. He was the wiser of the two, far more mature, and he gave willingly and with his whole heart to Fitz. If one would ever be able to find a match like that in this world, then they are truly lucky indeed.

    Of course, I would be remiss without adding that the Fool is a close second, for he is much like a deep pool of water on a still day. When looking at the surface of him, you see a reflection of yourself. But if you are able, and dare, to look beyond that reflection, you can see hints of things shrouded in the shadows of mystery.

  63. Sarah says:

    I love all the characters, all the obvious ones for the obvious reasons – Fitz, the Fool, Chade, Burrich and Nighteyes.
    I loved the liveship trilogy, and my favourite character from those books is Paragon. He was such a misunderstood soul and so very sad to begin with, stubbornly holding on to his loyalty to his family. I felt so bad for him with all he had to go through, and so pleased he finally found happiness. And that Kennet’s son was named after him as promised.

  64. Carmela says:

    Maybe I’m not very original, but my favourite Robin Hobb character is the Fool. Since the first time He appears in the first book it’s clear that He is one of the most original characters that a writer has ever written: so misterious, funny and sweet at the same time. And his love for Fitz is stronger than death…sometimes it reminds me the love of God.

  65. Sini says:

    My favourite nowadays is Kettricken. I love the way she grows in the books. First she is impulsive, but learns caution and leads her land with wisdom. A true heroine.

  66. amanda says:

    I love the Fool-I can’t say enough about the huge tapestry of this character. I do like Malta as a secondary character, but only in how she has changed-I really liked her love story-It was different.

  67. Nele Muylaert says:

    Beloved, or the Fool.

    He is different like me. He loves without boundaries, unconditionally, and is yet so logial and analytical in each and every way.
    I have autism, and can strongely relate to this. When I had to say goodbye to him in the books, I cried. I still cry, whenever I reread the books. he has such a psecial place in my heart, because he shows that just because you’re different, doesn’t mean you’re any less brave.

  68. Karolina says:

    It is so hard to pick a favourite character! Fitz, Nighteyes or the Fool are in the top running! I really love Bee so far as well; can’t wait to read about her in Fool’s Quest!

  69. Kris Crofts says:

    I love Robin Hobb’s books. I have seen her personally twice. I have read every one of her books. My favorite character must be Nighteyes and the love shared between him and Fitz. I look to all of Robin’s upcoming books.
    And the art work Rocks!!!

  70. H. Manoa J. Friedson says:

    Your drawings are lovely evocative images that help transport us to the author’s universe. Thank you so much for your incredible work. – EmJay

  71. Cátia says:

    I simply adore Fitz, he’s possibly the more real and relatable character I found in a fantasy book. I enter his dilemmas and I find them my own. His growth and strength inspire me. But then there’s the Fool. I love him too due to his immense loyalty and devotion to Fitz.
    Every time I finish one of the Fitz series’ books I feel empty. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  72. Michelle Palmer says:

    Cannot choose a favorite Robin Hobb character. They are all amazingly well written.

  73. Darin Bonnicksen says:

    i have to say Nighteyes is my favorite character for his quiet perseverance and wisdom . He accepted all and asked s little

  74. Hannah says:

    A favourite character… for so long it was the Fool (I think it always will be). So very beautiful, enigmatic and playful, and very formative for my own ideas about love and gender. But I also loved Bee’s narration in Fool’s Assassin, and can’t wait for more of her in Fool’s Quest. She is so precious.

    Oh, and Malta, who is strong-willed and independent from the start, but grows so much as a character.

    And Sedric who makes so many mistakes at first, but is loved and forgiven, and how that changes him as a person into someone who is confident in himself.

    So many wonderful characters – it’s so hard to pick a favourite!

  75. Lukas Jernbom Falk says:

    Choosing a favourite out of all of Robin Hobb’s characters proved to be easier than I expected – it is, of course, Fitz, which is quite reasonable given that almost everything that happens in the books he appears in is seen from his perspective. Thus, I feel it’s a bit unfair to compare him to all her other characters, who are wonderful in their own right. If I had to pick someone besides Fitz, I think I would have to pick someone from the woefully underrated Soldier Son trilogy (which I actually read before all her other books), namely Epiny. Over the course of the books, it is hard not to start to feel strongly for her, for helping Nevare so much.

    Greetings from Sweden!

  76. kayleigh beirne says:

    My favourite character is the most obvious – Fitz. I think it is because he is so easy to relate to. He does everything with the best intentions but somehow things have a way of going wrong regardless – just like real life! Despite the ridiculous amount of times I have read the books – I still cry when he is in pain – especially when he loses Nighteyes!

  77. Lynne Facer says:

    So many choices! Fitz and the Fool are the engine of their world–they spin with each other, and magical things happen!

    I’d most like to be Kettricken, though. I love her integrity: she is always herself–and usually her best self. Whether playing politics and the Queen, or setting up tea and cakes for Fitz, (who’s done too much again!) she is herself. She makes the people and spaces around here better, with her own unshakeable simple, sincere style. She’s so strong, yet so gentle with and careful of others. And not afraid to act: ride a horse, take a quest, raise a son to be a good king.

    Love her!

  78. April Nelson says:

    It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite–there are so many! I love the Fool for his wonderful sense of humor and the way he loves Fitz. I love Nighteyes for his bravery and sense of humor. I love Malta because she is a spitfire, strong and intelligent. I love Wintrow for his kindness and his inner strength.

  79. Ekaterina Gusarova says:

    I love Nighteyes. He has to be one of my favourite characters of any work of fiction. There is just an earnest, simple truth to him and the way he and Fitz bonded made Royal Assassin my favourite of Robin Hobb’s books.

  80. Heather Camp says:

    I LOVE Fitz. I’ve been in love with him for ten years – ever since I discovered him!

  81. Angela Fells says:

    There are so many amazing characters. But it has to be Fitz and the Fool. I can’t chose between them, they are like one. I love the Fools playfulness, his open heart, clever hands and love of fine things (I have some Apricot Brandy and my silky blanket ready to snuggle in for the next book). The qualities I love most about Fitz are his loyalty, sneaky intelligence, his wit and skill talents. Of course I also love the stories that surround them. I’m also particularly fond of Chade his smarts and loyalty but also his somewhat comical nature.

  82. Angela L says:

    The Fool. I absolutely adore the enigmatic Fool, and the relationship between Fitz and the Fool warms and breaks my heart at the same time! The depth of these characters, their history, and their friendship all make them my favorite duo in all of the books I’ve ever read.

  83. Jolijn says:

    Difficult…. I cried when the fool died. So I think I have to go with him. But I also have a weak spot for nighteyes. His sarcasm, his view of live, and his courage. They both have a special place in my heart.

    I can’t wait for the next book. I’ve never wanted to read, until I got a copy of Robin Hobbs lives ships for my birthday about 10 years ago. I am lost since then, I am In love with her books. I like to read Feist, Martin, and others, but no books can compare with Hobbs. She gave me the love for fantasy books and I am very thankful for that.

  84. Bremzer says:

    Tough question, but I have to pick Fitz as my favourite as well. Not because he’s such an awesome person, or something like that. He’s not. He’s deeply flawed, way too stubborn and often thinks too highly of himself. He makes error after error. He tries to do the right thing, but often makes the wrong choices.

    But all these flaws are what makes him so great. The character is brilliantly written. Every time he makes another stupid choice, one that the reader would never have made, you just go ‘well, that’s typical you, Fitz’. You understand why he makes the stupid choices he makes.
    Hobb’s writing is so powerful that you, as a reader, get the feeling you really know this person. And that’s something special. I can’t think of any character in any book that I truly feel like he is a friend of mine.

  85. Emily says:

    I love Robin Hobb’s books so much! You definitely live them, not just read them. Can not wait til the 11th.

  86. Laura Creber says:

    I’ve said before, it’s Nighteyes, and I miss him even when I’m not reading the books. Isn’t that amazing? But the symbiotic relationship of he and Fitz and the Fool is what I love best about the books. I haven’t met that anywhere else. I’m away on holiday 10th Sept, and I told myself I would save Quest for then. Ha! who am I kidding?

  87. Cindy Woodruff says:

    Chose?! I’m not sure I can do that. To me The Fitz and The Fool are of one being, I cannot be whole unless they are together. Much the way Fitz is bonded with Nighteyes!

  88. Louise Drury says:

    It might seem like the obvious choice, but Fitz is by far my favourite character! He’s the main reason I read, and re-read these so many times.

    He has such a complex character, the amount of emotions he brings from me is incredible. I’ve journeyed with him through the excitement of his night time meetings with Chade, his love and loss with Molly, his strong bond of brotherhood with Nighteyes, the danger that was Regal and so many more.

    Honestly, every time older Fitz meets someone new, I just want him to introduce himself as FitzChivalry Farseer, and let the whole world know who he is. I actually feel a pang of annoyance every time he hid as Tom, and it just seemed so wrong that he’s in the position he was in.
    His reunion with Molly at the end of Fool’s Fate was so bittersweet…everything that had gone on in his life and it could have been so different. Hes been through so much sadness in his life…I mean I honestly cried so hard when Nighteyes died…it was such a beautifully written part that I felt I was right there in that cave!

    Sorry for the massive text, but I could talk all long about parts that are unfair, or sad, or things I wish had happened. Poor Fitz.

  89. Snow says:

    Fitz. Hands down it’s FitzChivalry. That man had my heart from page one. I’ve read his story over and over and over, and I still cry every time, multiple times. I am in awe of his undying devotion to Molly, The Fool, Nighteyes, Burrich, Verity, Kettricken… all of his children, all of his people. He is the greatest man to ever not live. I am terrified of coming to the end of his story, because I know my heart will truly break when all that I have left of his journey has already been written.

  90. Teeny Johnson says:

    Reading Hobb is like getting an extremely long update on my family every year or so. I put it that way because Fitz, Nighteyes, Chade, our dearly Beloved Fool, Althea, Thymara, Paragon, and more have become as dear to my heart as family. When bad things befall them my heart is torn to pieces. It’s the most emotional roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. I hope it never ends. I find little bits of her stories and characters in so many things. The wisdom of Nighteyes is sometimes my guide to life. He made me question so many things about myself and humanity. Each character gives a unique new perspective to not just her fictional world, but the world around me as well.

    I guess if I had to pick a favorite out of all of them it would be Paragon. I’m hoping to get him tattooed across my back with Tintaglia overhead. Sailing is my soul.

  91. Kim Bentz says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Robin Hobbs since my first reading of Assassin’s Apprentice. How can I pick a favorite character? Fitz, of course, but Nighteyes and the Fool? Ah, how I love them. Patienc, Verity? Burrich, Molly? How can I pick? They are all wonderful.

  92. Alyssa Smith says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Fitz and the Fool both…. but Verity. Verity was always my favorite character, and it was through Fitz’s love of HIM that I fell for the doomed King and his quest. We saw Verity through Fitz’s eyes, and his unconditional loyalty and trust was one of my favorite parts of the first trilogy.

    There’s a scene, early on, where Verity is confiding in Fitz about how he missed Chivalry, and how he missed being able to follow someone who you believed in and trusted in. And Fitz turned the passage so completely with a quiet response that it breaks my heart every time I read it. My favorite passage, from Royal Assassin:

    “I grow so tired,” Verity said softly. He poured himself more mulled
    wine and stepped to the hearth to sip at it. “Do you know what I wish?”

    It wasn’t really a question. I didn’t even bother to reply.

    “I wish your father were alive, and king-in-waiting. And I his righthand
    man still. He would be telling me what tasks I must tackle, and I
    would be doing as he asked. I would be at peace with myself, no matter how
    hard my work, for I would be sure he knew best. Do you know how easy it is,
    Fitz, to follow a man you believe in?”

    He looked up at last to meet my eyes.

    “My prince,” I said quietly. “I believe I do.”

    For a moment Verity was very still. Then: “Ah,” he said. He held my
    eyes with his, and I did not need the warmth of his Skilling to feel the
    gratitude he sent me. He stepped away from the hearth, drew himself up
    straighter. My king-in-waiting stood before me once more.

  93. Carla says:

    A recent re-read of the first 3 books of the Assassin series was delightfully savored…and I love all the characters for what they are. I think that Verity might be a real favorite. He did the difficult thing for his people. One can only imagine how he made that journey alone. In the end his last chosen thoughts as a man were of the woman he learned to love as his queen. Oh, so many wonderful complexly rich relationships…Kettle, Lacey, Hands…even the “minor” characters are fleshed out enough to be “real”. Like a wonderful stew…the melding of flavors is exquisite.

  94. jane says:

    So many of the characters have charm and charisma that its hard not to become attached to them all but my favourite character has to be Fitz.

    Fitz became a part of my life many years ago and when a book has ended, i find myself grieving for him. Fitz but very closely followed by the Fool 🙂

  95. Todd Waites says:

    To me, The Fool is one of the most interesting characters ever created. Just when you think you’ve got him figured out, a new twist comes along and makes you rethink everything. No matter how self pitying, whining, or ambivalent Fitz may become, the Fool can bring him back to himself with nothing more than a quirky smile or raised eyebrow.

  96. Erin says:

    Fitz + the Fool

  97. Brannigan Cheney says:

    I love the Fool. He is full of love, compassion and pain. I love the way he uses his body and plays with words. In many ways he’s the big brother I wish I had. I would sacrifice everything to help him. I want him to feel love and acceptance. My greatest hope is one day he finds his rest.

  98. Kayne says:

    Nighteyes, hands down.

  99. To think of who my favorite character in the series I don’t know that I could really choose one simply.

    Nighteyes I like to believe was written to remind me to think about the present in so many situations that Fitz and even myself were caught up in all the enormity of things around us. Several other characters always vie for the different aspects of Fitz but he tries to keep him grounded. For that reason I guess he was my favorite character overall.

  100. Jacqueline C says:

    My favorite character is Nighteyes. He’s so loyal, and always stays true to himself and his wild nature. I love how he cuts straight to the heart of the matter, and never let’s Fitz get away with lying to himself.

  101. Brad Saenz says:

    Robin’s novels transcend the written word. I’ve read Robin since Assassin’s Quest came out and the experience of reading her books and watching her skill as a writer grow and grow is a gift beyond measure!

    During a few very tough times over the years, I have turned to Robin’s books for some peace of mind and they have never failed me.

    I could not pick a favorite.

  102. The Fool is my favorite character in all literature. He loves, hates, teases, fears, and lives his life with a unique passion but never lets his feelings divert him from the path he’s chosen. I just reread both the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogy and am waiting for the final book to start the next series. Even though it’s a couple of years off, I’m excited about the lost sleep.

    • I just went through all the comments, and all I can say is wow! I read a lot and can’t think of any other writer who’s created such a real world populated with fully developed characters who just have to be real. Thank you everyone for making me zone out at work remembering. Now the itch to reread the Liveship and Dragon series has kicked in.

  103. I struggle to pick a favourite character. Every character in these books is so unique, so individual, that I can’t weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of one against another. The ones I recall most fondly are listed here. Fitz – the main character of three trilogies and mentioned in a fourth. It’s impossible to think of Robin Hobb books and not include him, the same goes for the Fool who is ever present. Athena and Nighteyes are the two other characters that come to mind.

    Trying to pick just one is too difficult.

  104. Jessica Liivlaid says:

    I entered your blog because of the beautiful drawing (actually, I thought that it would make a beautiful tattoo, to go with the dragons inspired by the cover of “Fool’s Fate” I have on my arm already) , read the post and marvelled at how accurately you have captured my own thoughts and feelings on reading Robin Hobb’s wonderful novels. If I am to choose one single favorite character it would have to be Fitz. He is so wonderfully human! Stupid, clumsy, akward; at times I hate him, but then I fall in love with him all over again because of his kindness, his character and his stubbornness. Yes, Fitz it is. With the Fool as a very close second.

  105. Jessie Cauley says:

    I have loved these books since high school and can’t wait to hear more of Fitz and the Fool’s story!

  106. Lorna Young says:

    Fitz all the way – for a hero he’s just so very human – stubborn, infuriating, brilliant, hilarious, frustrating, brave, foolish – everything. He’s tossed around by fate so very much, he’s dealt with so much pain, but yet his pain hasn’t hardened his heart.

    His frailties make him a fascinating and utterly endearing lead character. As wonderful as Nighteyes and Beloved are, I think they possibly only shine so bright because of the depth of Fitz’s love for each of them.

    Your work is stunning by the way, and how exciting it must be to work on these books!!! *jealous*

  107. Fab TonD says:

    I love Fitz most of all those brilliant characters. Because who wouldn’t like to be able to have the Wit AND the skill. Because he comes across as a ‘real’ human, with faults as well as positive points. Because he loves those he cares about fiercly but is also no ‘goody 2 shoes’ but a ‘real’ characters with shades of gray rather than black and white…It has been suh a pleasure to follow his journey over the years and he feels like a friend…

  108. Clara says:

    If I have to choose one favorite character it is The Fool/Amber/Beloved/Lord Golden. It’s such an intriguing character and I’m always curious to learn more about him.
    But there are so many lovely characters in the books. Of course Nighteyes is one of my favorites too. I like Patience, Kettricken, Alise and Sedric too. And Bee. I had to get used to her and in the beginning I didn’t know if I liked it, reading from her perspective, but I started to like her and I started to understand her. She maybe even is the character I can relate to the best.
    Although Fitz isn’t really one of my favorite characters (although I don’t dislike him either, but there are just so many good characters) I still like it to read things from his perspective. I don’t always agree with his decisions, but because of the way it is written I always understand why he does things, even when I don’t agree. Making mistakes and not being perfect makes him a very realistic character, I think.

  109. Lauren Wood says:

    Even though I often want to smack and shout at Fitz, I can’t help but love him. He’s so flawed, but tries so hard to do right..

  110. John Settatree says:

    I think everyone’s favourite is The Fool. But for me after the Fool it’s Brashen Trell, love his character and his relationship with Althea – particularly how he manages to be very masculine without being Chauvinistic.

  111. Kate Bynsdorp says:

    I read the Farseer trilogy first, and yes, I also felt as if I had been on a journey Making with Fitz! When I was finished those were my exact thoughts. Robin Hobb is just that talented. My favorite character is most definitely The Fool, Amber, Beloved. So many layers, all entangled; from character to appearance. Amazing!

  112. Amanda says: to pick my favorite character? I have a had time just choosing one. Nighteyes is probably my favorite. He was such a steadfast companion for Fitz and I can’t see how he ever could be replaced. I bawled my eyes out when he died. I will miss his way of explaining things and his straightforward reasoning.
    After Nighteyes it would be Fitz of course! You can’t love these books without loving Fitz. A very close 3rd would be Bee. What a surprise she was to story. I am super interested in seeing how her character grows through these next set of books!

  113. Kate says:

    All Robin Hobb’s characters are vibrant and alive. With some authors, you enjoy their writing and plots, but the secondary characters seem two-dimensional and flat, only there to advance the plot. Not so with any of Robin’s characters. Even the animals (especially the animals) are characters in their own right. But my favourite character has to be Fitz. He is furious, and passionate, and occasionally so stupid. He makes really poor life choices, and keeps going regardless, trying to do better and sometimes succeeding. There is no other character like him, in any book I’ve read.

    • I originally read the Tawny Man series first, and as much as I loved Fitz, I thought he was quite dense. After rereading the books straight through in the correct order, his actions are much easier to understand, especially the tendency toward secrecy. Like Harry Potter, it’s amazing that he’s functional at all, given the traumas endured. Amazing series!

  114. Valessa says:

    To me fiction was always just fiction, I love it, I craved it always, but it was a closed world apart of my own. Fitz was the first and to this day the only character I feel like I formed some kind of bond with, I can understand his decisions, I can feel what he’s feeling. When I’m done with a Fitz book I always feel like I’m saying goodbye to a friend. I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s time to say goodbye for good. But isn’t it just like life? sigh…

  115. I haven’t read all of Hobb’s books (blasphemy, I know! Working on it!), my favorite character so far is Paragon. He is such an interesting and loveable character. He is at once cruel and kind, childish and hauntingly adult. Like a commenter before, I would love to read his logs and see where he’s been. His journey is surely a fascinating one.

  116. Fleur says:

    As a character, I actually think my favourite is Kennit. Because he’s complex. He evokes a mix between hate for his cruelty, horror for his indifference, admiration for his determination and also compassion for his past. It fascinated me how throughout the Liveship Traders trilogy bits and pieces of his story and person were revealed, each one altering my opinion about him. There are so many layers to him – and some he himself has pushed away or does not understand, making him even more lifelike. To me, he came to represent the fact there’s no easy saying someone’s good or bad.

    And well… I think Althea just rocks. For pursuing her dreams, for being stupid, for making mistakes, learning to be honest to yourself about them and trying to fix them. For daring to live. She’s an inspiration to me.

  117. Jessica Johnson says:

    It’s hard when all the characters feel like family, but if I had to choose I would say Burrich.
    There is a hard but fair quality to Burrich, a fierce love and devotion and sense of honor, quiet like my own father, who also introduced me to these books when I was ten.

    Burrich spent his life doing for others, taking little or none for himself, without a backwards glance at what he could have. His death hurt more than all others combined.

    I will say however that little Bee might just turn out to be another favourite, because she reminds me of myself, a small, pale girl born of older parents who loves to read, and has Bonded with her father literature.

    Though I do love every person in these books ( bond partner animals included) so if I could I would write every name here, but alas I now have to ready my son for school, so that he can learn and grow, and in 3 years time I will share with him these books like my father did for me.

  118. Julie Wolf-Geers says:

    I love so many of her characters it seems hard to figure which would be my favorite. There is Wintrow, with his faith and endurance through cruelty and suffering, who ends up being strong, wise, and humble. There is Nighteyes who never falters in his simple convictions, even after death. I think I most love Fitz, whose life is so hard from the very beginning of life. He never fits in anywhere, but even when he is the most coldhearted he still remains true to himself, even if he doesn’t believe it.

  119. Mary Poag says:

    There is a lot of good fantasy out there today. Robin Hobb is so far beyond good that I’m not sure it can be measured. Her work is wonderfully different, uniquely her own. Having met her, I found her to be a genuinely nice person, one who truly is fan friendly. I know I am in for a rare treat when I get one of her new books. Favorite character? Why, the Fool of course. Intriguing and mysterious, so totally unpredictable. Thank you for the opportunity to rave about my favorite author.

  120. Petra says:

    Greetings from Holland
    I loved Nettle
    How she handled Tintaglia and fitz in the dreams
    How she found her way at court.
    I’m excited to see whats next for her

  121. Brenda Kaldenbach says:

    Fool, perhaps because there were some many facets to him. I felt for Fitz, but Fool. So nice that they are back.

  122. Melinda says:

    As others have stated, choosing is so very difficult! Especially across so many stories. I think it would have to be Althea though. She is so headstrong, so passionate…such an idiot sometimes! I love the fullness of her character, and the depth to which we learn about the liveships through her own experience aboard one as she grew up. And the things she continues to learn about them and the world as she makes her way through the trilogy. I got a little thrill when they were all in the Rainwild Chronicles as well, however brief it might have felt.

  123. Pa Lor says:

    Bee! She’s a combination of the Fool and Fitz. It’s almost like I get to watch them grow through the eyes of Bee.

  124. robin carter says:

    Chade: for me he was always a deeper misunderstood character. A great depth and capable of great good and some real nasty stuff. he always gave great depth to the books.

  125. Inger Jensen says:

    I hope I can participate even though I’m not from the US.

    Ah favourites…. so many to choose from: Fitz, Burrich, Kettricken, Chade, Nighteyes, Beloved, Patience, Bee….

    I choose Nighteyes – for speaking sense to Fitz 🙂 I still cry every time i read about his death (and even writing this makes me sniffle). But the choice was hard.

  126. Bryce Tedford says:

    I’ve been reading Robin Hobb’s books since I was a kid. I’ve grown attached to a lot of the characters over the years. Trying to pick just one is quite hard. So I’m going to choose two, we’ll go with my second then my first.

    Verity is my second favorite, he gives his whole life for King, brother, and country. He is one of the most noble characters, and hard not to love.

    However, my all time favorite character has to be Nighteyes, I can’t get enough of how he sees and deals with the human world with a wolf’s perspective, and often times tried to get Fitz to see the world as he sees it. I miss him something fierce in the newer books. Every time a residual piece of him shows up to talk a little wolf wisdom to Fitz I get a little misty eyed.

  127. Myra Breccia says:

    I have to agree with the other commenters here that choosing just one of Hobb’s vibrant characters is nearly impossible. I was initially captured by the unique creativity of the Liveships and their evolution through time. Thus Paragon does hold a special place in my heart. However, the character who aroused the greatest emotional response from me is without a doubt the Fool. So many of his scenes and encounters left me aching for him, wanting more than anything for his relationships to deepen, and for other characters to accept him and all his many facets. I’ve held off on starting the Fitz and the Fool trilogy, as I’m not sure I can handle having to wait for more once again (finishing The Twany Man Trilogy nearly broke me), but I may have to give in when Fool’s Quest comes out. I can’t stand it any longer. And of course, I’ll have to re-read all the other novels first, just to make sure I fully appreciate all the details I may have forgotten. Thanks for giving us a place to share our love for this spectacular world!

  128. Derrek M says:

    Honestly, I didn’t have to think long or hard about this at all. I’m sure Beloved is popular but I just can’t help how much I love that character. Beloved/Fool, male/female, whatever. Couldn’t love them more.

  129. Alex Boston says:

    I guess I am going to be boring here but I choose Fitz. And maybe it is because nothing comes easy for him, despite his abilities. He seems to have been treated so harshly that in retrospect he seems to have wandered in from a Game of Thrones novel. And he makes mistakes and gets called on them. And yet, I care what happens to Fitz. Deeply. I want him to win. When he gets hurt, I hurt with him. When he makes mistakes, I understand why and might have made the same ones in his place.

    That said, I am holding off on reading the latest trilogy until book three comes out, because I don’t want to be left hanging on a Fitz-suffering cliff-hanger for too long. 😉

  130. Michelle Bral says:

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite character. I’m currently re-reading the dragon keepers series and Alise and Thymara are my favorites the strength that they each show is amazing.

  131. BarbJ says:

    So, I’ll start from the beginning…who I hated, Regal. Very much so. And Galen. Horrible horrible person. Love….poor little emo Fitzy. And Beloved. He/she/it is just one of those well written, amazing characters. And Nighteyes (sniff sniff). Yes, Kettricken is awesome but she holds nothing to Patience. She was a great character! Let’s see, moving onward. Kyle/Vile. Nothing more needs to be said. I felt that Kennit was such a tragic character. Althea was very interesting. And her and Brashen was very nice. Malta….poor little spoiled Malta. But she comes around as Patience did. And Amber….no words. Just a wonderfully written character. And who could forget Tintaglia. I have a thing for dragons. Oh, and Ophelia!!! What a broad. Next is more emo Fitz but ya gotta love him. Now RW….I’m just saying this….I hope our F&F make it there. I can see in my mind’s eye the two of them strolling along the grand boulevard. The last but not least..Bee. I simple adore her. I totally dislike Shun. I’m hoping she’s going to have the type of moment that turned Patience into a queen, and made Malta quit being such a spoiled brat.

  132. Lorraine says:

    My favourite character is Fitzchivalry… he resonates for me like no other character ever has (and I’m including all the other books I have read over many years).
    I laugh with him, I cry with him, I agonise with him, I grieve with him, I love with him. I could also cheerfully strangle him at times!
    I love Fitz because he’s flawed, scared, lost, misunderstood, wilful.
    I love Fitz because he’s real.
    ‘Nuff said.

  133. Jazz Laforge says:

    I’ve always really liked the bond between an animal and a human. Nighteyes and Fitz is my favourite of these bonds. I think Fitz is to arrogant for him to be my favourite character, so nighteyes is the obvious choice..He has made me laugh out loud at so many moments and I love the way he makes fun of Fitz .

  134. BarbJ says:

    oh yea…..I really REALLY need this. <3

  135. Tara Costelloe says:

    I am a true Robin Hobb addict! I have read every book twice! Nighteyes is by far my favourite character! I have laughed until I cried and at other times cried genuine tears of sorrow following his story. I cannot wait to see what Fitz gets up to next! It feels a little like the trueman show! I have followed his life from when he was a young boy!

  136. Sandra Youthed says:

    Althea, no,wait: Brashen, no, wait: Fitz, no, wait: Althea, no, wait………damnit.

  137. Susan Cassidy says:

    My Love – The FOOL, BELOVED

  138. Aside from the characters mentioned I’d like to give some love to Thick. The first time around I didn’t appreciate the humor in the interactions between Thick and Fitz. Then I listened to the audiobook performance and now thinking of him always brings a smile to my face.

    I have a little brother with epilepsy so I’m well aware of the frustrations in dealing with the likes of Thick. While I sympathize with Fitz when he has to babysit Thick, I also can’t help but laugh at the duo. Then I feel heartbroken at what Thick has had to go through and feel joy at how Fitz helps him.

    My favorite scenes with Thick are his dreadful music on the ship journey. And of course when he joufully dupes Dutiful and Chade. And “dogstink”. What brings his character alive is narrator James Langton. He is comical genius when speaking as Thick.

    By the way, hint to all Robin Hobb fans, her fantasy novels under the name Megan Lindholm are available on Scribd. I just started reindeer people and have enjoyed it immensely.

  139. Niki says:

    I love the wonderful, glorious, magnificent Fool. The relationship between Fitz and the Fool has tugged on my heart strings and filled me with joy time and time again.

  140. Robert says:

    I discovered her books by accident. One gotten at a LA Times sake of advanced reader copies which I never got to read and then sent to me because I forgot to decline a book of the month, and with one book I was hooked.

  141. Rachel says:

    I only discovered the delight of Robin Hobbs writing yesterday (she’s been on my to read list for a while) as I got Assasins Apprentice out of the library and have accidentally lost myself in the book so much that ive nearly finished it & reserved the next book in the series so I can get reading it straight away. Picking a favourite charecter is hard, Chade is so mysterious and Burrich fascinating. I think Fitz has to be my favourite charecter though! I haven’t read many comments because I’m avoiding spoilers!

  142. Leanne says:

    Well I am a fool, for a Fool! I love all of Robins characters, but I am drawn to my beloved. The relationship between him and Fitz is beautiful and yet somehow shadowed with sorrow. I also miss Nighteyes dark humour. Needless to say it is so very hard to choose just one character when all of them are amazing!!

  143. Sally H says:

    When I am reading my favourite changes as I get caught up in their stories as you change viewpoints; but for me when I am in that desert between reads it is the Fool in all his guises, which may be a bit of a cheat as he is so multifaceted.

    The Fool doesn’t have a huge page count and he is a bit of an enigma, but somehow he steals the show anyway, I always look forward to seeing him – and here I had to edit my comment in case I spoiler anything for people that are little behind.

  144. Rémy says:

    Je vais écrire en français, car c’est la langue que je maîtrise le mieux et qu’à l’heure actuelle, grâce aux technologies dont nous disposons, cela n’a plus d’importance et vous pourrez me comprendre.

    Oh combien j’ai détesté Fitz ! Pas à la première lecture, non ! Mais lors des nombreuses relectures. Idiot ! Sauve-toi ! Comme tous ici, je me suis tourné vers le Fou ou Ketricken, ou encore Vérité, le seul qui se sacrifie vraiment tout en sachant ce qu’il fait.

    Mais lors des dernières relectures, je me suis réconcilié avec Fitz. J’ai eu la chance de découvrir ses aventures en ayant plus ou moins le même âge que lui. Il m’a aidé à grandir en étant un compagnon aussi fort et mysérable que ce que j’étais. Je ne le changerais pour rien au monde !

    Et donc oui, le personnage le plus complet, sans surprise, est pour moi Fitz+Oeil-de-Nuit.

  145. Ophelia L. says:

    What a lovely and moving blog post! You captured the special feelings that Robin Hobb’s novels invoke in her readers. I love her books and I love her characters, especially how human they are. It is difficult to choose a favorite character, since so many have become so dear to me, but I shall try. I’ve always loved Molly for her strength and motherhood, Kettricken for her gentleness and courage, and the Fool is such a wonderful presence in the books. However, we, as readers, have spent so many hours and pages in the mind of Fitz that it’s hard for me not to claim him as my favorite character. I feel as if I know him, and when reading these books I try to tell him what I think of his decisions, but he can’t hear me. 😉 I love how he forges ahead, full of spirit and emotions, and then has to deal with the outcomes. Also, he wants to be there for the people he loves, but so many things are tugging him in different directions. I love Hobb’s newest series because reading about an older Fitz took some getting used to, but in the end it is a rich and rewarding experience. We are growing with this character and what a joy it is! 🙂

    • Ophelia L. says:

      Ah! I was thinking about it some more and I really love the Fool too! It’s so hard to pick just one! The relationship he has with Fitz is so amazing and my favorite relationship I’ve ever read about. I always want the scenes they have together to go on for longer! He is clever, amusing, enigmatic, and so much more! The Fool is a great character!

  146. Peter Poole says:

    If I do happen to win anything here, my wife and daughter are going to tear me apart like a couple of wild horses to get to it… :scared:

  147. Emily says:

    There are so many incredible characters to choose from and they feel so real that it’s like I’ll hurt feelings by picking favourites.
    Fitz will probably always be my favourite and I don’t think I need to repeat what is already said about him. Same with the fool. I don’t think I could pick between the two.
    I’m going to bring up a couple of honourable mentions instead both for the sake of variety and because I really think they were outstanding characters that I want to see getting some attention
    Verity is warm, honest and incredibly selfless. The actions he takes for the sake of his kingdom are so brave and require such strength, I don’t know how many characters would have managed to do what he did.
    Thymara keeps her integrity and morals in spite of the peer pressure, temptations and lack of rules around her. She’s so strong, stubborn and level headed and she clashes perfectly with Sintara.

  148. Alice Hsieh says:

    The Fool.
    The ever enigmatic character full of mystery and love. The relationship between Fitz and the Fool is the the most powerful and complex relationship of all the stories. Despite the Fool’s many flaws (of which the Fool has many!), the absolute intrigue of the character draws me into every story, even more-so for being the one who ties the stories of the Rainwilds and the Six Duchies together.

  149. Marie Pridgen says:

    I wish I was more articulate.
    I simple love, My Beloved! He has my heart! He maybe “paper and ink “- but I will always love him! I am misty just thinking of him.
    August is an exciting month – the book comes out on the 11th! My Daughter and I share the same birth date, the 23rd. Happy Birthday to your Daughter on the 25th.
    Thank you for your beautiful illustrations in the book.

  150. Elodie Angenard says:

    The Fool. Beloved.
    Such an enigma that I am waiting during all the books for him to appear, say some silly things not so silly afterwards, showing a bit of his enigma, tell his love for Fitz.
    I love these two ones and their kinda love story !

  151. Heather says:

    Such a hard choice! But for me, it’s Nighteyes. He’s everything Fitz strives to be — loyal, loving, strong, understanding, protective, compassionate, etc… “I’ve always had to run in front of you to show you the way…”

  152. Gerrit Winkel Amsterdam says:

    Hah just discovered Robin Hobb now reading tawny man 2, so 5 books to go but i love them! Favorite character wow Nighteyes, or the car from the hedge witch

  153. Sheridan Batt says:

    I’m going to pick someone from the first series I read, which unfortunately takes The Fool, Fitz, Burrich, Molly, and Nighteyes out of the equation!

    I started reading The Rain Wild Chronicles first, and my favourite characters from that are Sintara and Thymara. The relationship between them is so intriguing to me, and even when I was frustrated with the dragon I still loved all their interactions. Thymara herself is such a wonderful character, so determined and richly developed that I loved every moment with her. I think that’s the main thing with all of Robin’s books and characters; everyone is so fleshed out and believable that it’s hard not to love all (well… most) of them.

  154. Marianne says:

    We all love Fitz and the Fool, but the one that I choose, the one that touched me most, first, and deepest..?

    Nighteyes. Dearest, closest companion. The voice of sense and reason in dark times. The one who Fitz leant on and learnt from. Who shared himself in patience and with an abiding brotherly love.

    The ‘person’ whose final scenes I almost couldn’t read. The sense of connection was so great, the reaction so real, that I was crying so hard I had to put the book down, dammit, and collect myself before I could go on.

    Yes, definitely Nighteyes.

  155. Heather says:

    How can you ask us to pick a favorite? I love so many of these characters for so many different reasons.
    My first instinct was to say Nighteyes, after all wolves are my favorite animals and I love his sarcasm, his wit, his loyalty. But then I remember The Fool, Burrich, Patience, Chade, Kettricken, Verity even Shrewd and of course Fitz himself.
    Of the Liveship books I want to say Wintrow… But then I remember Kennit, Seldon, Malta, Reyn, Althea… So many amazing characters.

    I guess I’m gonna have to say Fitz because he drew me in to this world, he is what keeps me coming back and without him I wouldn’t have met any of these other characters.

  156. April says:

    So many good characters, that I’ve no idea who to say is my favorite. The Fool and Fitz obviously hold a very dear place in my heart. If I were to list a bunch of characters who I love it’d be: Alise, Nighteyes, Althea, Brashen, Mishap, Patience, Sintara, and little talked about King Charger. There are so many more who I also like, and others who I loved to hate (namely Regal the Pretender).

  157. Robert Hordern says:

    Fitzchivalry is definitely my favorite. And I say Fitchivalry rather than Fitz because it represents who he became as a man. How he not be when I have followed his journey and suffering so closely throughout his life.

  158. Jann Merchant says:

    Finishing a Robin Hobb book leaves me with such a sense of loss… Like real life will be suspended for endless months until I can rejoin it again… I can never thank Robin enough for these characters, and truly, I often recall my feelings through the illustrations, which stay sharply in my mind when they feel right.. And I have loved yours Jackie!

  159. Katheri says:

    I sometimes forget that they are just characters in a book, some of them have become to feel like friends, I laugh when they laugh I cry and want justice when they are wronged. My favourite would be King Verity the love he showed for his family and people was inspirational. He was courageous, caring and funny. Out of all the names I could have chosen from these books I picked Verity to name my daughter I hope she grows to show some of the same characteristics. Now if I could just find a man like him I would be happy

  160. For me it is always the Fool. The way that Hobb built Beloved from a seemingly secondary character to the pillar of all the books in these trilogies is a wonder to me. Hir sensitivity is the perfect foil to Fitz’s occasional obtuseness, hir delicate artistry the counter to Fitz’s axe, hir life the ongoing mystery we see revealed in glimpses. The Fool is forever my favourite character in literature, bar none.

  161. Chantelle Short says:

    I tried to pick one… and accidentally picked four.

    Wintrow Vestrit. I loved how life seemed to just happen to him, and shaped him to what he became. I find him so fascinating in every scene he is in.

    Of course I love the Fool too, that goes without saying. There is something so innocent and genuine about him. Again, every scene with him in just draws me in, and I find myself holding my breath in anticipation!!

    Nighteyes is the first animal character that I did not hate. He is probably the only character to cause me to put a book down and take a day to recover, which shows how much Robin won me over to the use of animal and beast characters.

    Brashen. Because he is just an ordinary bloke, who gets swept along by circumstances and Althea, and never seems to be thinking past the next event.

    Wait, I love them all, can I pick them all?

  162. Skarlin says:

    In order
    The Fool

    Not entirely sure about that at the end, but still. I exclude Bee because I’ve only read the one book with her in so far. I’d start writing why but it’d be too long. So pretty much tl;dw too long; didn’t write.

  163. Anica says:

    My favourite character is nighteyes. He has so many different ways of thinking that I love. I remember one scene where it’s raining and nighteyes says he doesn’t mind. Being cold and incomfortable is just a state that humans complain about bit to a wolf there is nothing you can do aboit it, so life goes on as normal.
    That blew me away and since reading Robin’s books, I now love to walk in the rain. It gives me a great sense of peace. Probably because most people are searching for shelter.

  164. Pham Lor says:

    I like Fitz. Fitz with Nighteyes.

  165. Bob Terry says:

    The character Hest caused me to re-examine a relationship I was in and make some needed changes. Not only are Ms Hobbs books enjoying to read but they can be life changing as well.

  166. CJ Jackson says:

    Robin Hobb has taught me so much as an aspiring author and I have to agree with a few of the comments here, that choosing a favorite character is like trying to pick a favorite star in the heavens. Impossible. So, instead I shall list a few of my favorites.

    Beloved – Never have I been more drawn to a character. My heart may even skip a beat when I think about him. His sacrifice and complete loyalty to those he loves and his calling is a continual example to me of true love and the greater good.

    Fitz – I feel like I know this guy so completely and yet, he still manages to surprise me time and time again. I feel like I’ve grown up with him and gone through every experience with him, just like Bastion in The Never Ending Story.

    Nighteyes – I love Nighteyes. I’ve always been more of a cat person, but now wolves have a special spot in my heart.

    Seriously, I just keep thinking of more and more. I love them all, Chade, Althea, Burrich, Verity, Tintaglia, Malta. All of them 🙂

  167. Holly says:

    I’d love to win this!!!

  168. Gill says:


    I still mourn him, like he was a member of my family. In some ways, its as is I knew him better than I know people I see every day. I want to re-read the series, but I’m not sure I can take the loss again.

  169. Niki W. says:

    To choose a favorite character is just unimaginable! Robin has the most incredible way of making all of her characters come to life. So much so that I literally fall in love with them! I love Fitz and the Fool so very much. The interactions between the two of them and the bond that they share is the most real and beautiful thing that I have ever read in a series of books. And Nighteyes. Wise, noble, loyal Nighteyes. Oh how I miss him. And now there’s little Bee. She stole my heart in a matter of pages. Not to mention Burrich, Chade, Verity, Ketricken, Thick… the list goes on and on! On a side not, So excited for the new book!! 5 more days!!!!

  170. My favorite character is Beloved. I love all the facets they have, but when we glimpse the vulnerable, determined, loving and incredibly brave core of this person…well this is why I love reading. For characters that make me really feel for them. Hobb is the master of characterization and Beloved never runs out of layers. It’s like a dance of veils, ever shifting colors, sometimes allowing a peek of what’s within, but never fully revealed.

  171. Anna Black says:

    Molly for sure…such a strong woman!!

  172. Norman Chuo says:

    Nighteyes is always my favourite. Even at a young age, he demonstrates much wisdom that we can learn from.

  173. Jennifer says:

    Oh these stories! I’ve been in love with Fitz and Beloved from the first page. Every time a book ends, like you I mourn their loss…until I read the again!

    I miss Nighteyes deeply. He was such a balance to Fitz and Robin Hobb has keep that loss present keenly in him.

  174. Aubrie says:

    Apart from Fitz and the Fool (how could they not be my favorite), I like Thymara and Malta. It was wonderful watching the progression of maturity in the characters. I was surprised by the skill performed in changing Malta from a loathed brat to a heroine.

  175. Merlin Bradbury says:

    Aside from the usual suspects that I love and adore, I am torn between Verity and young Dutiful.
    Verity and his seemingly endless, soul draining battle to save his kingdom . I so hoped that he would be allowed to return home to his young Queen and live the life that they had been denied through the war. He was such a stoic , self sacrificing character that seemed bowed to assume any mantle , no matter how heavy, that his kingdom required of him.
    I never could decide if his using the body of Fitz to be with his wife was an act of selfishness or another duty that needed doing before he could finish his dragon.
    Young Dutiful, a typicality rebellious teenager that only wanted the love of his cat and the freedom to enjoy it. His sorrow at the cats death was almost as gut wrenchingly hard to read as Fitz losing Nighteyes.
    It taught Dutiful about loyalty and sacrifice and he took those lessons to heart by becoming the thoughtful and strong ruler that his kingdom needed to see it through the hatred and fear of the Witted .

  176. Jamie S. says:

    At first I nearly said Chade, because I see a lot of myself in his character. In the end, however, it has to be Burrich. His past has always resonated with me, along with his strength to follow through with his oaths and promises no matter how difficult they may be. Hats off to Robin Hobb. No other author has ever elicited such emotion from me, nor likely ever will.

  177. Amy says:

    I know I should say I love them all, but how could I not say I love Fool the most? He is kindness, loyalty and patience, he is intrigue and mystery and he, in himself, is the one we know the least about. I want to see his story, from the beginning to the end. I want to see his thoughts, see how he came to care for Fitz so deeply, see his origins and his struggles with what he knows to be true, and what he knows to be right.

    I have seen him in so many characters- in Tom Merrilyn, in Wit, in Salmonderiel, in others. Not one of them have come close to the depth and honesty of Fool.

  178. Maryanne says:

    How can we possibly choose? Fitz is of course my favourite. I feel what he feels through the words, I keep hoping he’ll take a different path whenever I read the books, knowing how disastrous some of the situations become, and yet it wouldn’t be quite the same if chaos didn’t form part of the story. Althea is probably a close second for the same reasons! I seem to gravitate and sympathise with characters who make disastrous decisions, which is interesting knowing that I am loath to make any big decision, on the fly or with time for consideration, so perhaps that is why…

  179. Tzur Gueta says:

    two of my favorite characters are the Fool and Kettricken. They touched my heart every book they appeared in. Kettricken with her courage, simplicity, inner and outer beauty.The Fool is… fool on the one hand, on the other hand wise, and also prophet. He makes very difficult decisions and deal with it bravely even delicate, it reminds me of myself. Their characters inspiring and interesting. if I have to choose one so the Fool will always be my favorite character. His words to Fitz about love and what makes love and friendship real. He is mysterious person. Kind of man kind of woman , kind of elegant Lord Golden , and the simple Fool of the king. Its just ingenious character that Robin did. He is , without a doubt, the most interesting character in the books.

  180. Diane Chen says:

    I love all the Robin Hobb stories. I don’t even know how many times I’ve read the Assassin series. It’s hard to say who is my favorite character, Fitz or the Fool. Love them both.

    The world-building is fantastic. I want to visit there!

  181. Ellen Dolk says:

    I love Kettricken. She’s strong and decisive, at the same time she’s a good listener, insightful, and she respects and values emotions. She is a very good mix of traits that are all human but are often divided between male and female characters, seldom are they seem together as they are in Ketricken and I find that very refreshing and strengthening.

    Of course I love Fitz, and I hate Fitz for things he do, because I love him so much and he isn’t very kind to himself. Sometimes I feel I know him better than I know myself, he is so well written.

    Malta is another interesting character that I first disliked, loathed, almost hated. But she grew so bautifully and at the end she was the brightest favourite of the whole series for me.

    I love how there is almost always something to love about every character that Robin writes.

  182. Mascha says:

    I absolutely love your artwork. Your question is difficult to answer, as is in a story the characters grow because of eachother in the story. That makes Robin Hobb such a great writer. Fitz, the Fool, Malta, Paragon, Burrich, even Tintaglia but for me it is both Nighteyes and Fitz, the bond they shared, the friendship above all.

  183. Pa Lor says:

    Bee! She’s like a combination of Fitz and the Fool! It’s almost like watching them grow through Bee’s eyes.

  184. Jack McEntee says:

    A favourite character is hard. In my mind these are all real people that I love and care about. They have faults and admirable qualities. Though I have to say Bee has taken my heart so far. She is a lot less whiny than her father. So independent, clever, powerful and wilful. She has all the best qualities of her parents. She shines.

    I cannot wait to read this book. I must say thank you for the beautiful cover art as well.

  185. Cathy Cooper says:

    I have never read any Robin Hobb though tempted due to your enthusiasm and of course the lovely cover art.

    A special edition with a unique drawing inside would indeed push me over the edge into a new world…………

  186. Emma Hopewell says:

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt my favourite character is Nighteyes. His nobility astounds me, his courage is immense and his sense of humour is wonderful. He completes Fitz at a time when he truly needs a stalwart companion. I cried, openly on a train commuting to work, when I first read of his demise and still cry every time I read it. Has a death ever been so beautifully and poignantly portrayed before? Queen I-Highly-Doubt-It thinks not!

  187. Marianne says:

    My favorite characters are The Fool and Nighteyes , the two soul mates Fitz , the two characters that made me cry. The Fool is a complex character, enigmatic and endearing . Nighteyes course is endearing, but it is authentic , wild and raw.
    There is something unfinished between Fitz and the Fool . Things could not end this way! So I am happy that there is a new trilogy ( I wait for it to complete before start reading, I could not bear to wait between each volume after !!)

  188. Anna Maria says:

    Well. This one is hard. I tend to love deeply those characters that at first infuriate me. Fitz annoyed me, at first. When I got to liking Fitz I started hating Burrich. Then, reading the books I realized how immensely loyal Burrich is. If I had to choose a scene – from books, movies etc. – that has moved me most, it would be the one in Fool’s Fate, in the snow. So, apart from the obvious choices, Burrich is my favourite.

    I can’t even understand how someone can create characters like these. They are only words on a paper but still, sometimes, you catch yourself thinking them as if they are real people. I try to get people to read these book and when they ask “why?” I don’t have answer to them. How can you explain this relationship that you have, in your head, with people that are made of ink? So I just say, “Just read them.”

  189. Karin says:

    I simply adore Fitz and The Fool, they are wonderful characters, flawed and bright at the same time, and there is so much we don’t know of them yet. Even if there are sad or terrible passages ahead, I am happily discovering their story and cherish each page in the process.
    I love Patience also, so brave, unexpected and generous. And Verity, I’ve always thought we spend so little time with him.
    But if I have to choose, I think Nighteyes is such a beautiful creature from beginning to end. We knew him since he was an angry cub and saw him growing up to become a wise and loyal friend, a companion in those solitary days at the cottage. Even his farewell to Fitz was so beautifully done. After hundreds of pages I still miss him, and when I listen “his voice” through the memories of Fitz (or Bee) it feels like when you catch a glimpse of the sun between the leaves of a great tree.

  190. Veronica Agass says:

    As others have said, so hard to have ‘a’ favourite! Nighteyes is a fore runner, lots of emotional whammy in that wolf. Fitz of course, so well written and so real …makes mistakes, some damned obvious ones!, but his earnestness and the way he keeps going,..eventually. Barroch,.. Malta,..I think tho’ It’d be Bee.

  191. Cynthia says:

    So many worthy characters to choose from, I love the rich imagery and depth of Robin Hobbs’ stories. Verity is very dear to me, but so are Kettricken in her devotion to both Verity and her people, courageous little Bee, Fitz our flawed hero, Nighteyes with his animal wisdom, and the many facets of the Fool. Theirs are stories I look forward to and love revisiting between new releases.

  192. Marjolein Dros says:

    Amazing drawing! /bows
    I love all Hobb’s characters, but if you make me choose, I guess I’d go for Nighteyes. Seeing the human world through wolf eyes and his unconditional love for Fitz that comes naturally. From The Rain Wild Chronicles I love everything dragon! Especially their “puny-human”-mentality. ^^

  193. Saren says:

    It’s hard to choose, but Nighteyes makes a great book perfect.

  194. Joy says:

    Without a doubt, Fitz is my favourite. I fel in love with these books on that first read so long ago of Assassin’s Apprentice. The little boy who fell asleep with the dogs. I mean, I love the fool too, but Fitz has a special place.

  195. Camellia says:

    It’s so interesting to read all of your comments, and you are right it is very hard to choose! Robin hobb weaves such magic through her books, and the lives of all her characters are so interconnected and so interesting, that it’s hard not to love all of them, even her villians draw you in! However, I think often of the three faced memory stone carving…to me separate characters though they are, Fitz, his Fool, and Nighteyes are so interwoven and necessary to the being of each other existence that they count as one whole favourite! However I am also finding BEE is becoming a favourite! She has so much of FItz, Molly, Nighteyes and the Fool In her…sometimes I even see Patience in there too. She’s the beloved cub child they’ve all longed for and there is so much more to her then we’ve yet discovered! I’m fascinated to see her develope, to see the first time this odd little adult child meets Chade, and Kettricken- who’s only seen her as a tiny baby she thought would not live. All her characters are wonderful perhaps because they are so so real. Your artwork is beautiful thank you x

  196. clive mitchell says:

    Lover these books. Fantasy is often treated as kids writing or simplistic but Robin shows that great writing knows no bounds. Molly’s story I’m book one made me weep, gasp, yearn and dread all at the same time in itself. But favourite character wad always chade. Kindly unappreciated assassin, unselfish servant if the kingdom and father to Fitz, giving him his freedom despite it meaning his continued service. So many complex and heart rending others too. Waiting for book 2 to arrive with baited breath. Even off work to allow me to immerse completely. Awe. Some.

  197. Jonathan says:

    I think that one of the most impactfull characters throughout the first two Farseer trilogies is Burrich. The level of undying dedication to his family (biological or not) is incredible. The message to Fitz via Nettle- “you should have come home long ago” gets me every time.

  198. Kathy says:

    Goodness, this is so hard. If you took out ANY of the characters the whole fictional world of the Farseers would be diminished. There are characters that you love and those that you love to hate and as others have said, there are those that are beautifully crafted to pull your heartstrings in different directions as you accompany them on their journey. It’s the interaction of all those characters that make Hobb’s books so powerful, compelling and immersive.

    It has to be Nighteyes though. I have my own Nighteyes who speaks to me through dark eyes from beneath eyebrows flecked with lots of grey. She will be making that journey soon, the one that Nighteyes made, the one that I cannot make with her. Nighteyes is so real for me. Robin has perfectly captured the essence that makes a canine soulmate.

  199. Ruth Davies says:

    Like many others, I don’t think I can nominate a single character as a favourite, but isn’t that what’s so great about Robin’s books? You respond to every character in a different way, and learn something about human nature from all of them.

  200. Sanne says:

    I haven’t read her new books about Fitz yet! I can’t wait… From the beginning on I’ve loved the Fool… His enigmatic and intelligent being inspires me to no end. He keeps on amazing me…

    Reading those books does indeed feel as if you’re IN it. The emotions I have while reading this are unseen in any other reading experience for me. Wow, just… Wow…

  201. Danie says:

    Burrick. Burrick is the salt of the earth. His character is real and complicated. He is loyal to others and yet his internal hate and conflict of the wit makes him so interesting. Here is man that is drawn to animals and works with them every day and yet feels shame and dirty if he connects too deeply with any of them. Also, and just as interesting, is the conflict and shame with loving the same women as the men he loved. He had youthful worship and love for Patience but that was Chivalry’s wife. He ends up with Molly, the great love of Fitz. While as a reader, you are heartbroken that Fitz isn’t with Molly, you can’t hold it against Burrick for loving her. What they had was honest and wholesome and Burrick and Molly both deserved that steadiness. In addition to rounding out his character, was his alcoholism. This was a reflection of his self-loathing at some points and other times just a wish to forget and drown his sorrows. He is a man that felt a lot and felt it deeply. He wasn’t one to express much with his words, he did it with his actions. He is a complicated and fully flushed and real person.

  202. Karin says:

    I have only just started the books and am only on the third one. So far, I love the Fool. He has the same element about him that Snufkin has for me. Complex and unfathomable but someone you would aspire to call you their friend. And Fitz of course…
    but there is a character who I only came across briefly but who has stayed with me as the clearest brightest image of all the characters. And that is Kettricken. I hope she will come back in another book. I miss her. She is beauty to me.

  203. Jacob says:

    well, what can I say. It has to be Fitz (though, every single male character she creates are brilliant)
    The way Hobb brings to life to Fitz as he struggles through being in love with Molly and growing up, the pain of seeing her chose to move on.
    The sheer frustration when he hid himself away, the pain of Nighteyes. Everything. It’s just a true romance, of epic proportions that takes any hopeless romantic. Not that I ever admit that……

  204. Regina O'Connell says:

    I adore Fitz! He is so real to me. I so miss Nighteyes! And now, we have Bee. I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to read more about her! There is only one problem with Ms. Hobb’s books, and that is they end. I was so thrilled that she continued Fitz’s story! Bravo to such a talented lady!

  205. Daniel A says:

    Fifteen years ago I would have said Nighteye’s hands down easy…

    But the character that I have come to look to most over the years for guidance on what it means to be a good man is Burrich, and for that he will always be my favorite.

    With so much of what Fitz went through emotionally, Burrich had been there before… He tried so hard to stop Fitz from making the same mistakes, and all he got for his effort was the pain of seeing someone he cared for deeply, suffering.

    Once he stepped back and realised that Fitz needed to make and learn from his own mistakes (that stubborn Farseer blood…), he became an example of what it means to accept and live with your choices and promises… In a perfectly human way, with complete lack of grace at times, but with a constant, tenacious commitment to doing the right thing no matter how painful.

    Later, his happiness is found as a result of his need to look after Fitz’s family… And even his happiest days had to be shadowed by his and Molly’s loss.

    The salt to the caramel, is his occasional self loathing for having been born with the wit… But who doesn’t resent that which makes them different from time to time? Crucially, when the time called for it he did not forsake this birthright in the name of so called self respect.

    For teaching me that no matter how much life may throw at you, you can still be a good man (even if it’s a stinking drunk one when the situation calls for it), Burrich will always be my favorite…

    I’m just glad I loved Nighteyes first, and learnt not to go poking porcupines…

    Thanks for giving me a reason to think this through and write it down, very cathartic! And thank you for your lovely artwork.

  206. Nic says:

    I adore Fits and the Fool, but Malta has to be my favorite. Her journey from navel-gazing to star-gazing has been marvellous.

  207. Karen Sylte says:

    So many reasons to love each character, but I think I have a particular fondness for Patience. She is an intelligent and kind person who really might have been happiest if left to her own idiosyncratic pursuits, but she rises to the occasion when she needs to help rebuild villages after they are raided. And her love of Fitz and how she treated him like her own child meant a lot tt me because I have step-kids. I found myself suddenly 2nd Mom to kids age seven and 13 right about when I started reading Robin’s books, and it was nice to have a fictional character who shared my belief that it is important to set aside your fears and try to be a parent when you are presented with kids who need that. So Patience means a lot to me.

  208. Kristine Goodwin says:

    Oh my Gosh..! Pick a favourite??, I have read every single one of Robins books, Fools quest has been on order for a few months now, I know when it is due to come out but it doesn’t stop me from checking like an expectant father waiting for the birth of his first child, picking a favourite is near impossible , I love them all as they have become a real part of my nightly ritual, but if I must pick a favourite it will have to be the fool, he’s so complex and ever changing you never know what he is going to do next, his character always seems to leave me hanging for more, my mind even wanders off in-between books wondering where and what he’s doing then berate myself for being silly.

  209. Verity says:

    It has to be Fitz! I feel like I’ve been on such a roller coaster of emotions with him over the years from seeing him grow up to not liking him very much at times and then back to feeling like he’s family. Can’t wait to read the next book!! I also have a soft spot for Kettle, such an interesting lady and if a prequel is ever written I would love to know more about her!

  210. I have been reading Hobb since I was about 12. Since, I have read every book she has authored. The universe she has built truly has a life of it’s own, and as mentioned you don’t read about it you live inside it for brief periods of time.

    Now for the difficult question. Who is my favorite character. Hands down it has to be Fitz Chivalry. I feel as though I grew up with him over the years. He goes through so much hell but always endures, always fights on. He might lapse every now and then but that shows his humanity.

    He makes mistakes, sometimes the same one more than once. And his emotions are so raw and feel so true. When he gets pissed off it makes me feel angry, when he is depressed I get sad, and when he is filled with mystery and adrenaline I feel exhilarated. He is unique, I will never feel the same connection to any other character in any other books as I will to him.

  211. Penelopize says:

    I become very absorbed in a river of words waiting for the animals and elements to voice.. These unheard voices interpreted work wonders on myself.. Very little in the path of error as who has heard a cat speak or a tree and definitely never a dragon.. But I could be wrong.. Maybe we all hear them and delight when others make similar connections of what they would say and what we would hear if we understood?

    Many books fly by bye after reading, but those that stay echo so many lines that you consider them repeatedly as if there is some meaning you have missed and must act upon..they interrupt your days and invade your dreams at night..

    They remind me of something else.. So I love them so…

  212. Dianna says:

    My favorite character is a close toss up between Fitz and Fool, though I think with a slight preference towards Fitz. I honestly don’t know why I like Fitz so much with all the silly, eye rolling things he does, but it’s a testament to Hobb’s writing that she can create such a fascinating Fitz centric world that feels so realistic and relatable. Despite all of his shortcomings, I feel as if I’ve been right next to him watching him grow and mature from a young innocent lad to a tempered assassin who struggles with his morals to a man who tries his hardest to be a good father, and being a part of journey has been such a privilege and honor. And his relationship with Fool is such an interesting one, definitely one of my favorite relationships of all time in literature. While reading Fool’s Assassin, I was eagerly anticipating the appearance of Fool the entire time, and was kind of upset that he only appeared right at the end before the cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see more of Fitz and Fool and their interactions with each other in the second book!

  213. Justine Crittenden says:

    My favourite character of Robin’s (of anyone’s really) is the Fool. I love how little and yet how much we know of him. The love shared by Fitz and the Fool is also how I’ve always felt about my best friend – it’s intense and indescribable and enigmatic and perfect and reading about it has helped me understand myself better!

  214. Rosie says:

    As many have said, to choose a single character as a favourite is an immense challenge but I must say that one of my many favourites is Nosey. As Fitz’s early bondmate and the story that he told through multiple books I feel that he encompassed the journey told through a lot of Hobb’s books in the in acceptance of what you have and what you have lived. He was the embodiment of living with what you have and finding joy in whatever situation you find yourself in.

  215. Bean Sawyer says:

    I discovered Robin Hobb only last year. Since then I have pretty much been working my way through the trilogies. Luckily for me…I have had lots to read including the most amazing bit of writing I have ever read, chapter 29 of Fools Fate….. OMG, I think the term.goes! I have really enjoyed the relationship between Althea, Brashen and Paragon. And Captain Kennit too… such a rich character, with many hidden depths! Can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!

  216. Cheri says:

    Favorite character? No. No ‘character’. My love is the Love. The Love between Fitz and The Fool. The Love I can’t talk about. The Love that has tears streaming down my face right now – just thinking about the separation. The Love that made me vow never to read another Robin Hobb book ….the Love that made me break that vow 10 years later… ♥

  217. Mia Hills says:

    I have to be honest I have never read any Robin Hobb. Always admired the covers but never actually picked one up and read the back or sleeve. I love Sci fi and especially fantasy fiction; Pratchett, Tepper, Feist, Eddings, Donaldson to name a few. So where do I start with Hobb, Fool’s Assassin or at Assassin’s Apprentice?

  218. Claire says:

    My chosen name of most sights is Foolsapprentice and has been since my dad 1st suggested I read the Farseer trilogy. So I’m sure you can guess my favourite character is the fool. The unsung hero who never gives up on his beliefs, who defies all who love him to travel into a whole other world in search of the future he believed in. When I heard of the Fitz & Fool trilogy I was so happy to hear he’d be back in my life again :-). Fools x

  219. Amy says:

    I found these books because of you Jackie and for that I’m eternally grateful. As everyone says its impossible to choose a favorite character…. Fitz, the fool, burrich, chase, nettle, kettricken, my god they are all amazing…..they are all family. Nothing delight me more than sharing tthese books with others. When my husband finally read them, after my third reading of them, it was heaven….like we had a whole new world to share and bring us closer.

  220. Praboda Perikala says:

    I loved Beloved in all his (her? zir?) incarnations, but especially, ESPECIALLY as the Fool in the Farseer trilogy. He was so insanely witty, so ridiculously dramatic, and so bitingly hilarious that I adored the Fool from my first encounter with him. I swear, every time I read that scene where the Fool tells Wallace that he’s really the “Wall’s Ass,” I choke with laughter. But it was his immeasurable love and loyalty to King Shrewd, to Kettricken, and — always — to Fitz that fully captured my heart. Although I loved Amber and Lord Golden, part of me mourned with Fitz when he finally understood that the Fool he remembered from childhood would never really return.

    And then there’s Malta Vestrit. That little girl — ugh! I wanted to slap her, to rub her childish cruelty and selfishness in her face, and then laugh as she fell apart. But then, by the time Malta began to suffer in earnest, I was appalled at how much I loved her. Her high spirit, her strength of will, her dragonish intelligence, and her fierce love for those she let into her heart — those aspects of hers, which were there all along, became beautiful when she gained empathy and kindness.

    And then there is Patience (strong, eccentric Patience, who loved so deeply in spite of her pain), Burrich (unflinchingly loyal to his standard of right and wrong), Nighteyes (so wolfishly funny, he’s Fitz’s heart and moral compass), Etta (fierce, wild, loving Etta), Nosy and Smithy (there is nothing more pure then the love of a dog) . . . the list goes on and on. Part of me almost resents Robin Hobb for the way she’s twisted my heart around her characters.

  221. Billie Thomson says:

    Wow! Asking a question like that is like asking to choose your favorite child.
    All the characters big or small make up such a wonderful journey for the reader, one in which you feel like you are more than just reading a book but experiencing it with the beloved characters. They feel like more than just characters on a page. All the emotion, the pain, happiness and intrigues, It captures your imagination and I personally found myself thinking about them throughout my day as if they were old friends over the years, which in someways they are.
    So hard to choose a favorite, I love Fitz, but also love Beloved and Nighteyes, my gosh I cried just as much for Molly as when Nighteyes passed. And Burrich who can forget him and little Bee ooh and the live ships and dragons! Too many! Ok I’m going to go with Fitz as my fav <3 can't wait to embrace these characters again. Not long to go now phew!

  222. David Kerr says:

    Hello! Is this how I enter the contest? I love your work!

    • Jackie says:

      Well, yes, but would be good if you had something to add to the conversation about Robin’s books. And thank you.

      • David Kerr says:

        Got it!

        I really didn’t like Fitz very much until the Fool’s revalation about how much of Fitz was Skilled into the dragon statue. Then I realized I wasn’t supposed to like that version of Fitz; he was incomplete. I didn’t like the character because the character didn’t like himself. To say my jaw dropped would be an understatement. Brilliantly done. I also love how the story is about the Prophet and his Catalyst. Then Hobb writes about the Prophet and Catalyst affected the larger world (Liveship and Rain Wilds trilogy). Its a beautiful example of how specific events have larger impacts, and the way Hobb uses these series in this way is masterful. I love it!

  223. You have opened my heart and fueled my imagination when both seemed shut tight.

  224. Regan Coomer says:

    This question is much harder than I anticipated. Fitz, always Fitz, but if I had to choose one other it would be Nighteyes…I starting CRYING when Bee met her “Wolf Father” for the first time…Robin really knows how to gut you with a few simple words…and it meant so much to me to know that although we have lost him, a part of him still lives on in Fitz and now, in Bee.

  225. Zooey says:

    As others above have commented, it’s virtually impossible to pick a single favorite character. Also, it’s the relationships between Robin Hobb’s characters that I find so enthralling. For example, Lord Golden by himself is a good character, but it’s his complex friendship (loveship) with Fitz that makes him so intriguing and moving to me. Same with Nighteyes.

  226. Emma Pickering says:

    How to choose…… I think Burrich his loyalty to patience, to chivalry and to Fitz goes beyond anything, he is the safe harbour and the heart of the books and I miss him

  227. Anna Kerr says:

    I love these books! The relationship between fitz and the fool is some of the best writing I have ever read. So much is left to our imagination since it’s all from fitzs point of view. I recently read where Hobb desribed them assherlick Holmes and Watson. I love that analogy, and it definitely gives you something to chew on!

  228. KekPafrany says:

    My favourite character is Nighteyes. He is so wisely practical yet charming. I wish I had the wit magic.

  229. Satu says:

    Like for everyone else, it is very difficult to choose just one, I love Fitz, i loved his wolf and fool. And about what you wrote, I can relate fully! Right now I am suffering, because the newest book is no where to be found in my country, an looks like e-book hasn’t been released yet.

  230. Eugene says:

    I would choose Nighteyes as my favorite. I wept when he died and made me think of my own dog.

  231. Tai says:

    I think to properly explain what i love about the characters in Robin’s books first i need to explain what it is about her writing that i find rare. The Writing style Robin uses breathes life into these characters that turn them form just characters into something closely resembling real people.
    I find with many authors who they are is represented strongly in their writing style, how old they are, what gender they are and some of what they have experienced in life thus far leaks into the writing. With Robin’s writing she has a great capacity to assume a separate identity, for example the way she writes the Solider Son trilogy if i wasn’t aware of her other work i would think she was a man in her prime.
    Another trait i have noticed with many Authors is the habit of letting information that has been disclosed previously to the audience affect the characters and plot, regardless of whether or not the characters are aware of these occurrences. This reduction of asymmetric information leaking into the behavior and decisions of the characters and untimely the plot direction. Robin Hobb writes each chapter and each character in perfect isolation and this to me makes the choices of the characters more true to life and true to the nature of the characters themselves.
    The final point i want to make about Robin’s writing style is the richness of the characters, through her portrayal of them, i think it is plain to see the depth of understanding she has about people would make Sigmund Freud green with envy.

    These factors about Robin Hobb’s writing style creates the framework for the character i love the most, Fitz. The shared similarities between personality traits between Fits and i, as well as being the same age as him when i first read the Farseer trilogy attracted me to his character but, it was Robins style that brought him to life for me and had me emotionally invested in his choices and his fate, an experience i have not found since. I think Jackie Morris was spot on when she said that reading these books was like traveling through a skill pillar.

  232. Hera Protopapas Wettergren says:

    The Fool! Ah, the Fool. Possibly my favourite character in any book ever. I was intrigued by him the moment I first encountered him with Shrewd and Regal in the great hall at Buckkeep. After the Fitz fixes scene he was my favourite. He seemed a minor character at the time, so I was thrilled beyond words when his role expanded as it did. His charm, his charisma, his mystery and his many facets make it impossible not to love him.

    Truly, reading these books is like diving in menory stone. You emerge battered and disoriented, with the feeling of having lived days or months or years in just a few hours. The world around you seems pale in comparison and you want nothing more than to return to the the Fitz’s world. Whatever am I going to do after the last one?

  233. Alison Rich says:

    I cannot read any of these comments even though I wish to as I have only just finished “The Assassin’s Apprentice” and do not want to read spoilers. Thank you to Jackie Morris for introducing me to Robin Hobb’s work. If I hadn’t seen her posts I would not have picked up the book and read, just out of curiosity! I have now become completely hooked into the lives of the characters and their setting. I look forward to reading all of the other books and finding out much more about this wonderful world and its characters.

    • Jackie says:

      I envy anyone entering this world for the first time. But the wonderful thing is, the more you read them, the more you find yourself in another world.

  234. Riikka says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to get home from my travels, where my copy of Fool’s Quest should be waiting for me.
    Favourites are hard to pick, especially after doing some research about the books… Every story has some amazing merit. Especially Nighteyes and the dragons are a brilliant bunch! But if I absolutely had to pick just one character, it’d have to be Fool/Beloved/Amber. If only because reading about Fool helped realize so many things about myself, and continues to help every time I reopen one of the books.

  235. Yih says:

    Every single one of Robin Hobb’s characters have a fullness to them, that they are fleshed out and as I read more about them, they become more and more real to me. It is so difficult to pick one, but I would have to say Prince Verity is my favourite.

    Prince Verity, because initially he appears as a secondary character who was kind to Fitz, but over time he holds a more important role which affects the entire story line through his decisions. Even though he is Fitz’s uncle and lord, I feel that he sometimes appears more of an older brother to Fitz, giving him advice and direction. He is someone who is consistent through the period of time that I have known him. I also admire his strong will and patience and kindness- he is truly the embodiment of having a will stronger than his body, that his spirit is much more than can be contained in mere mortal flesh. This is why when he becomes Verity-Dragon, it was a moment that was filled with mixed emotions for me. It was a proud moment- that Verity defied all odds, to surmount such difficulties to accomplish the task that he was focused on all along; amazing and wondrous because finally he has become a dragon, a magical being; and those feelings for me was also tinged with a little sadness and longing- for Queen Kettricken who would never know the future of a life with him, and that he is leaving us all behind while he flies off into the skies.

  236. kathy says:

    Maybe this is not exactly a fair answer, but my favorite character is the relationship of Fitz and the Fool. It drives the stories and deepens with each novel. Time slows down when their interaction appears on the page. Their relationship is the heart and soul of these books. Neither Fitz nor the Fool are truly a complete character without the other. And note to you, Jackie – I love your work!

  237. marie says:

    I like kindle sometimes but I am keeping copies of this trilogy permanently stacked on my desk so they are always there in my view. Jackie, your beautiful covers look like heavy ingots of precious metals – will it be bronze for the third book? And so tactile – I can`t resist trailing my fingers over the titles when I look at them: the Six Duchys are in there…. I read Fool`s Quest every available minute till the end – my husband didn`t know what was the matter with me: when he looked over one minute tears were pouring down my cheeks because I was so `in it`, and the next I was laughing at the cleverness of the writing, and then I was having to walk about a bit because it was ….overwhelming. You are absolutely right that to read these books is to live them – and it`s so nice to connect here with other early finishers who`ve `lived through it` too! Fitz is my favourite – all melancholy and conscientious-to-a-fault, while rushing sword-first into every battle and not knowing how much he is loved. That scene when he has to be pulled from the skill-pillar and can`t stop the flood of emotion spilling everywhere is a heart breaker…

  238. Graham says:

    I’ve really enjoyed Bee in these books, her precocious young mind and perspective on the people and environment around her has been a pleasure to read.

  239. Leslie says:

    So hard to choose but I must go with the Fool. Too complex for words. So well done by Robin to create a character who remains fascinating after so many words/pages/books.

  240. Antebar says:

    Wolf-Father. Even among dozens of cats, he only can make me desire a wolf guardian too.

  241. Collin says:

    I love the Fool and all his identities. He’s so incredibly complex, mysterious and yet so real. He’s kind despite the burden of the prophecies and I love how he’s willing to do things that are distasteful to him because if not him, then who? He’s so willing to give up what he cares about. His relationship with Fitz is wonderful and you really can feel how much he cares for Fitz despite the things he makes Fitz go through.

    I agree. The beautiful thing about Robin Hobb’s writing is that the characters are so real and you can’t help but feel what they feel. I started reading her books in high school and they’re still my favourite books. I’m looking forward to the next book but dreading the fact that it’s the last of this trilogy as well. Finishing one of Robin Hobb’s trilogies is also so bittersweet.

  242. Fefe says:

    My favourite character is Fitz. Simply because he’s the one I feel most close to, because I know him since he was a child and I accept all his lies, his weaknesses, his flaws. I love Fitz.

  243. Monica says:

    I love him in all of his facets and all of his names, from Newboy, Keppet, the Bastard, and Boy, to Tomcat, Badgerlock, Changer and Fitz. The Witted Bastard, Catalyst to the White Prophet, and Prince FitzChivalry Farseer himself.

    But he’ll always be Fitz to me. Son of Chivalry, Burrich and Chade, of Patience and that mysterious Mountain woman. Dearest friend (and tool!) of Beloved, brother to Nighteyes, husband to Molly, father to his cubs: Nettle, Dutiful, Hap and Bee.

    I love him because he’s family to me by now. You see, I knew him when he was just a little boy and he felt himself so friendless and alone in the world, and however grown up he might seem to others, I can always see the child looking back at me from those dark, dark eyes of his.

  244. Maria says:

    It’s always been the Fool. From the very beginning, though I first met him as an Amber. I guess he reminds me a bit of myself, of the person I would want to be, and the fact that there is always more to what we can see and to what is shown to us when looking at somebody. I’ ve been coming back to him quite a few times now in my life and in a way he has become a close friend to me. He makes me dream and think and wonder.

    Fool has so many faces, each of them true but none complete; he transgresses gender and race, is not limited by others’ desires and expectations of him. He just is who he is and does what he feels he must. Each time I reread Robin Hobb’s novels I see the same but different Fool. It’s as if he is changing together with me.

    I guess I am one of those old-fashioned people that treat books and characters as real friends… Somehow I cannot imagine my life without them.

  245. Chris says:

    Choosing my favourite character is a very difficult task. It feels like I know them all so well and don’t want to hurt anyones feelings by saying she or he is more beloved than the other. But reading through the comments it seems I’m not the only one struggling. Also I’m relieved to read, that almost everyone “lives” the books rather than reading them. I never experienced something like Robins books before, they are just so much more. Which makes it even harder to describe them to others without sounding too cheesey. When I try to summarize the story it sounds like the worst fantasy you could ever read (well not the worst, but very cliché), but if you read them it feels so real and so different. The first time I was reading the books I found myself dreaming so vividly about them that I could have sworn I were really speaking to Fitz, Nighteyes and Beloved. Maybe that’s just for my miserable summarizing skills, but it’s very hard to get others to read it (the awful German translation doesn’t help either…)

    Anyway if I would really have to choose I’d say Patience is on the top of the list. She’s just so heartwarmingly weird and scatty, but being strong at the same time. And she always makes me laugh. And cry. Her love for Fitz is breaking my heart. And in her last years she was just wonderful (well she always was). She is the mother or grandmother everyone wishes to have and it must be a pure joy to roam the garden with her. I think we would get along quite well.

  246. Kathy B says:

    I cannot yet have a favorite character from the Six Duchies, The Rainwilds and Bingtown as you have just now introduced to me what looks to be a wonderful collection of tales. As soon as I’ve posted this comment, I’m off in search of the Robin’s beginning words to learn more about Fitz and his world.

  247. Sally says:

    Aargh, to chose just one!
    Sintara for her savage beauty, the Fool in all his many beautiful and ever changing guises, Paragon just for his stubborn loyalty… But overall it has to be Nighteyes, your cover illustration of him was what drew me to the books in the first instance and I’m another who cried like a baby when he went (apologies for a spoiler)

  248. Gabriele says:

    Nighteyes…because he’s gone… But he’s not..

  249. Claire says:

    Just one character? Of course, anyone who has read and lost themselves amongst these pages will understand just how hard that is… so many wonderful, strong and exciting characters, I love them all, but I will never forget Nighteyes. His wolfish perspective on the trivialities of the Fitz’s life I found quite humorous, but it was his departure that even now makes my tears spill. Robin Hobb cut down to the core the pain and heartbreak of losing a dear friend after a whole lifetime of shared adventures and the enjoyment of life in its most simplest forms.
    For me, every shaggy, hairy four legged friend I have and have had in my life has a voice like Nighteyes in my mind, telling me to stop worrying about the big things, and go outside and run and just enjoy life.
    Although, some sound like Nosy and just want to play!
    Thank you Robin Hobb, I have treasured these books for years and always will do xxx

  250. Susannah Cooke says:

    I don’t tend to think about her that much – her story feels complete – but Althea is probably the person I have most in common with from any of the books, and the person whose happiness I feel most deeply. She is so obstinate, so willingly blind to how the world actually is because she knows how she wants it to be, but she has a lot more determination than me to keep going when things seem impossible. And then there’s her relationship with Brashen, which is one of the truest riskings of self I’ve read in any book – across all the times, all the ships, they just always end up coming back to each other when things are worst, and they help each other through. That first scene of them together in Brashen’s cramped cabin is just a thing of beauty, and I am so happy that she and he and Paragon got through it all together.

  251. julie price says:

    I love the fool as he winds his life in and out of the books, even when he is controlling and dragging poor Fitz into his destiny.

  252. Compostwoman says:

    I thought I had already commented, but the aether gods must have eaten it!

    I have just re-read all the Fitz books in order for the fourth time since the start of 2015 – and each time I find yet more depth of emotion and pure story weaving magic. I can’t think of many other books I have re read many many times in this short period and in order – ( Lord of the Rings trilogy, Diana Gabaldon “Cross stitch” saga, ALL Terry Pratchett books, your books Jackie, and certain classic children’s literature from my youth like the Green Knowe series, the Chronicles of Narnia, and such like ) as I usually get the whole book in one reading and don’t miss stuff. Mostly I re read a book once and then may not return to it for many years.But there is just SO much to see and immerse in Robin’s world. I care about all the characters and I feel bereft when I have finished a book.

    I cannot wait to find out what happened to the Fool and Fitz and Bee and all of the other people and animals.

    Hard to chose a favourite – I would have said Fitz or Nighteyes, but I think I might now change it to Bee, as I do like her 🙂

  253. Elizabeth says:

    I have loved the Fool from the very beginning, for all the reasons everyone has mentioned. I also really liked Reyn in Liveships.

  254. Lucy Coats says:

    Oh, Jackie! This is SO hard. I love so many characters. I though (until I re-read everything from the beginning again) that the Bingtown/Rain Wilds world was my favourite, and that Malta, difficult, ornery, cussed, competent, was closest to my heart. But now, with this new series, I’m in love with Fitz again. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen him grow up, and now he’s closer to my age, with all the cares of fatherhood and those kinds of responsibilities. Maybe its that he still has difficulties with buttons after all these years. Maybe it’s seeing him with Bee and Molly in his Tom Badgerlock incarnation, and having my own heart break for him all over again. I don’t know. But it’s him I’m going to pick, even while I love the Fool in all his/her incarnations, as well as sly Chade, noble Kettricken and practical Skillmistress Nettle. I guess Nighteyes and Heeby the dragon should also get a mention, because they’re favourites of mine too. Like you, I can’t wait to find out What Happens Next to all of them. Robin has taught me so much about writing – and you’re right about that too – reading her words is like watching a masterclass in memory stone carving. These books have certainly shaped a unique place in my brain and imagination that couldn’t be filled by anyone else.

  255. Jackie says:

    Thanks everyone. The book has been won by Sally H who posted on 6th August.
    It’s been great reading everyone’s comments. Next year, or year after, whenever the next book comes out, I will do the same again, but this time with all three titles, with drawings. In the meantime one of these will be auctioned soon for Children in Need, so watch this space for details.
    Sally, whoever you are, I have sent you an email. Send me your address.
    Thank you.

  256. Jennifer Hinckley says:

    I know this is way after the fact but I just finished Fool’s Quest and am just looking for therapy or fellowship of some sort. I discovered Robin Hobb through your website. I loved your covers and wanted to see if I actually loved the books too. It took me a long time to get into them but I finally did and have been obsessed and I’ve read 11 books in a row since December. I love Fitz most of the time but the Fool is my all time favorite. I love Nighteyes too and miss him but I just can’t get enough of the Fool. Brilliant.

  257. Gill Lennon says:

    I love Nighteyes the best. Just reading other comments about him makes me cry! I mourn him like he was my own.

  258. Bigfan says:

    My favourite character has to be Robin Hobb herself, as her wisdom and humanity shine through every one of her characters. Thank you Robin Hobb…

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