Selling Hope

I have, as much as is possible, avoided listening to the radio. Seeing the protestors in London gave me hope. Seeing Trump and Putin, metaphorically hand in hand, if not physically, dashed it again. So I turned to hope.

The Yorkshire Crowdfunder for placing copies of The lost Words in schools has met its target, but the stretch target will see the book in doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, other places. Two days to go. I offer you hope.

If you pledge £55 to the crowdfunder I will send you the word ‘hope’ stamped in four of the twentysix otters of the alphabet. If you go to the crowdfunder page and scroll down you will find the link on the right hand side.


If you want some Love & kindness, at £75 it is not too late. Also on the same page, to pledge.

And if you feel you need a larger hope there is this one, at 106 x 75cms, handwritten in deep, dark Japanese calligraphy ink that is slick and dark as the black otter. Too big to get a decent photo until it is dry these photos below give something of the idea of what it is like. £2000 for this would buy a good many books.

 And there’s also a small handwritten otter ‘hope’ at £150, because everyone does need a small hope. Also in the slick, dark ink from Japan. Please email me for these two pieces before making a donation as they are originals.

We all need hope. Without it we become lost.

About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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3 Responses to Selling Hope

  1. Bernie Bell says:

    There I always Hope – remember the story of Pandora’s Box.
    I wrote this, and it was published in ‘The Orkney News’

    The people meeting for a picnic outside St. Magnus cathedral, have Hope – were showing the world that they have Hope. The message of Hope in my piece, is the fact, and I do believe it to be a fact, that the bully-boys always fall. They do, Jackie, they do.

    And – the picnic went off very well – a fine, dry evening, all kinds of folk, dogs, rugs to sit on – all very peaceable and companionable, which is something those deluded bully-boys, just don’t understand. Reported on by Fiona, the editor of TON.

  2. Bernie Bell says:

    PS I’ve just read the tweet from a Bear – we do need to nap – often. Mainly after lunch.

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