Something that was, for a while forgotten: or Happy Publication Day, East of the Sun.


Rejection letter for East of the Sun

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  1. Beauitful says:

    im so happy you went on to get it publish for young adults or i may have not been able to read it. i love it. written with such beauty most authors not dream let alone have.. thank you for the book.

    just for those of you who dont follow jackie morris on

    here are just some comments

    i got to say good job to jackie morris this a AMAZING book, beautifully written with great images and a good flow. theres not many authors at can tale a story at so many people wish they came up with..

    by me

    I was not sure what to expect when I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway. The premise sounded interesting, but the book being aimed at young people, I was not sure I would enjoy it. I was delighted to be wrong. Jackie Morris has created a mystical fairy tale that flows smoothly and would be an enchanting read for children and adults alike. The illustrations are beautiful. The book even feels pleasant with a pleasant tactile design that is a pleasure to hold. This is the kind of story that stays with children and becomes a beautiful memory in adulthood.

    by Clockwork Gypsy

    I absolutely loved the book. The story and illustrations weaved an enchanting tale with enthralling mystical and spiritual elements from many traditions across the world. The exquisite illustrations expressed the emotions of the characters so beautifully; they also incorporated so many facets that reveal themselves each time the picture is studied. The narrative touched every emotion; I could hardly bear to turn the page if I suspected something terrible was about to happen, then I read faster and faster caught up in the excitement and exhilaration. However, it is the nature of love in all it’s forms that was, for me, the most exceptional the most complex aspect of the book. Ultimately, for me, the ending concerns the liberty love bestows – to remain in a relationship, or to bestow freedom

    by Anne Crabb

    every one the people at have read this have gave five stars you cant get no higher

    just go pick one up.. you wont regret it.

  2. Beauitful says:

    but you will regret dont having it.

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