Stone, gold and the beach

To the beach early, to leave a stone. This one may be found, before the tide takes it as Whitesands will be busy, but then the beach is big, maybe no one will walk past it.

We walk down to the sea, and a gannet hunts just off shore, white arrow diving in the surf.

Ivy paints her ragged self in sand and water. She is in a reflective mood.

I love the mirror world of dogs.

We walked to where the creature made of stone drinks from the pool cupped in his arms.

Then we sought out bowls carved in stone by tide and time, filled with salted sea water, their mirror faces reflecting sky.

And I have Simon’s stone in my pocket. This one is more special.

I walk the length of the beach to find a place for it. He loves Whitesands, and Pembrokeshire. By now, as I write, as you read, the tide will have come in, maybe washed over it. It may swirl and whirl around Whitesands Bay until the gold is rubbed away and the stone itself ground down to dark sand. Or it may be found. I threw it into the pool. It landed, hare side up.



About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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10 Responses to Stone, gold and the beach

  1. Bernie Bell says:

    Ay Ay Ay – you’re full of magic, woman, you’re full – to the brim- of magic.
    And LIFE.

    Regarding eroding – re forming- connecting with your last blog entry too……

    When I was very ill, very fragmented – fragmented to the point of dissolution, Roo ( aka Mr. Appleby) wrote this to me.

    “Clay is eroded stone, which you can reshape at your will. When it is fired it becomes permanent and stable again.”

    He’s a potter. I’ve suggested that he might make some bowls which look like those rock pools. He said he might.

  2. Bernie Bell says:

    When I say you’re full of LIFE – this is what I mean…….

    How I see the whole LIFE, LOVE,LIGHT,GOD,REIKI etc etc thing……………..
    This is an analogy, not to be taken literally, obviously.
    Let’s take it that LIFE is an ocean. By LIFE, I mean everything, not just humans, or animals or plants – every thing. All things vibrate, life is vibration, all things have life. And I don’t just mean this planet or solar system, I mean everywhere, everything. LIFE. I also equate LIFE with LIGHT, LOVE, GOD, REIKI, KRISHNA, etc. whatever any one wants to call IT. I call it LIFE.

    So, LIFE is an ocean. A ‘hand’ dips into that ocean, and takes a handful of water. That water is still ocean, it has all the properties of ocean, and, in fact, would like to return to ocean.

    Eventually, the ‘hand’ tips the water back into ocean, where it is re-absorbed. But now, it has some elements of the ‘hand’, some salts from the sweat, some skin., some element of the ‘hand’.

    This water may then be completely re-absorbed in ocean, or may be in ocean for some time, until another ‘hand’ dips in and takes a handful of water. That water has some of ocean, maybe some of the last ‘hand’, and now some of this ‘hand’, and so on, and so on.

    For ‘hand’, read any living presence, maybe a body, maybe a being of another kind, maybe a stone, as stones ‘live’ too.

    What I’m saying is, that how I see it is, that it’s all one thing, we’re all one energy and one physicality.

    All things are different manifestations or expressions of this one LIFE, even ‘dead’ matter, still has a life of it’s own.

    We can be more aware of this, and feel more connected to all, in some places more than others. We can do so any where, but at some places, we can feel ourselves as part of ‘ocean’ more than at others. Those places can be any where; your living-room, a stone circle or cairn, or the Taj Mahal. It’s all one thing and we move and have our being in it and as part of it.
    That’s how I see it anyway.

  3. Deborah says:

    How magical it would be to wander upon and view a golden hare on a black rock in a pool of water. Wow! Love it.

  4. Brenda-Dianne says:

    How wonder-full it is to share your morning walks. And such a blessing. Were I to be such a passerby on that beach hearing your stones of gold whispering of lore kept alive by you. Reflections of your furred companions are delightful. All magic this Wedsnesday morning. Thank you, Jackie.

  5. Stuart Hill says:


    Hared with life,
    torqued with gold.
    Cold stone breathes;
    Art calls forth its Lazarus.

  6. Els says:

    Wonderful rock formations made by the sea !!!
    Even more beautiful with the golden “findings”
    Someone lucky will be over the moon 😉

  7. Somehow I lost the link to your current blog. Finding it, I’ve had a lovely afternoon–much of it with a heavy cat on my lap–catching up.

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