The Lost Words for Lincolnshire and #EmpathyDay

So many people have set up crowdfunders since Jane Beaton successfully raised enough money to place The Lost Words in schools in Scotland. So many have been successful and the books are working their way into schools. Now Lincolnshire have come on board with a campaign.

It’s #EmpathyDay today.

The Empathy Lab focusses on using books as a tool to build understanding, between people. How better to learn what it is like to be someone ‘other’ than yourself than through reading? And I feel this also extends to learning about the value of the wilder world. How better to understand the wild life of creatures than through reading?

I love how The Lost Words has brought people together; booksellers and readers, wildlife charities and crowdfunders, schools and charities, and the crowdfund organisers and the community of people who have generously donated books for complete strangers. I love the inventive way different crowdfunders have worked.

In order to support the Lincolnshire campaign I have painted otters.

The first piece, an otter with a chine of bubbles, painted with my favoured Japanese Sumi ink is to be offered up as a kind of ‘raffle’ prize, so that anyone donating to the campaign is entered to win this small piece ( valued at around £300). It’s 25 x10cms

The second piece is the word ‘Hope’, written in the wild language of the 26 otters of the alphabet, a piece of wild calligraphy painted in Korean ink with a goosequil brush, well, keep an eye on the crowdfunder page to find out. I chose the word ‘Hope’ because I feel that one of the things The Lost Words has given people is hope. Hope that things can be changed and that we can move towards a better relationship with the wilder world, that a new generation might see the world through different eyes, that the nearby wild can come into focus. We all need hope in our green hearts in these dark times.

And because yesterday I was tired and trying to do too many things at once  wrote Love, instead of hope, by mistake. But Love and Hope are so similar, it’s easy to see how this mistake could be made. ( Both Love and Hope are written using Korean calligraphy ink- and in these times perhaps you can draw your own conclusions about this, reading between the ink).

So, I am going to offer Love ( below) for sale, at £450 with all the money going to the Lincolnshire campaign. It is 41 x31 cms. To buy email me, and then I will let you know if Love is still available.

And for #EmpathyDay I wrote ‘Love and Kindness’ using the stamps from the 26 otters of the alphabet.

I am going to offer 5 of these stamped images for sale at £75 each. (nb: only 1 left) They are on Arches hot pressed paper, 41 x 31 cms. As each is hand stamped it will be slightly different. All will be signed. Email me to secure before donating. Again 100% of the money will go to The Lost Words for Lincolnshire. ( Should anyone feel the need to have a large calligraphic version of this I will attempt to paint the words in sumi ink and river water for £3000.)

And one more thing for sale. My blog post for today would have been this ( see below). Instead I wrote it on some beautiful Chinese paper that was sent to me when I bought my new inkstone from Inkston. The paper is called Extra Fine Flower Bird, and the writing will take you on our walk, through the woods, in the greenlight, and out onto the beach at Abermawr in Pembrokeshire. The bluebells in the wood are almost over now, but out from the trees they are still bright blue. The martins have made new nests after the cliffs were eroded by winter storms and the reed bed is lacy with angelica. If you want this fragile piece of writing, typed on my dad’s old typewriter ( which fascinated children so much at Hay I had to put it away. I do love it so) you can purchase it, signed for £65 to the Lost Words for Lincs campaign. Email me to secure though. The next paper in the typewriter has gold flecks, but no words as yet.

About Jackie

I am an artist and writer. I live in a small house by the sea in Wales where I write, paint, walk and watch and dream of bears and whales. I love to read, have a wish for wings and prefer the company of animals to that of humans, though at times I can be quite friendly. I am learning how to work with wood engraving tools and hoping to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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3 Responses to The Lost Words for Lincolnshire and #EmpathyDay

  1. McB says:

    I’d imagine that a hand-stamped “Hope”, written in the wild alphabet of otter, offered in support of the crowdfunder might be very popular. I know it would be with me.

  2. Bernie Bell says:

    Whooo-hooo Jackie – the key – the paints – the key to the paints?
    What a find.

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