child and polar bear, from The Ice bear by Jackie Morris

a white duck in a tailcoat

Tell Me a Dragon, front cover of book by Jackie Morris, a girl feeding fairy cakes to a large blue-green dragon

Starlight Sailor, front cover, illustration by Jackie Morris, showing a child and a dog sailing in a paper boat across a sea of blue through which a blue whale swims


woman sleeping peacefully with a polar bear, from East of the Sun and West of the Moon

the jester from Singing to the Sun by Vivien French and Jackie Morris

snow leopard, front cover of The Snow Leopard by Jackie Morris, snow leopard head looking out of the picture, with great blue eyes

The Barefoot book of Classic Poems, front cover

How the Whale Became by Ted Hughes, front cover

Can You See a Little Bear by James Mayhew, front cover of book.

The Seal Children, front cover, showing child, Morlo, swimming with his mother, the selkie, by Jackie Morris

Lord of the Forest, front cover of book, by Caroline Pitcher and Jackie Morris, showing the face of a tiger

Little One We Knew You'd Come, illustrated by Jackie Morris, Mary and baby Jesus

Mariana and the Merchild by Caroline Pitcher, illustrated by Jackie Morris

The Snow Whale by Caroline Pitcher and illustrated by Jackie Morris

The Greatest Gift, illustrated by Jackie Morris

The Time of the Lion by Caroline Pitcher, illustrated by Jackie Morris, book cover showing a boy and a lion

Out of the Ark by Anita Ganeri, stories from world religions, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Stories from World Religions by Anita Ganeri, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Animals of the Bible by Mary Hoffman, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Miracles by Mary Hoffman, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Parables by Mary Hoffman, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Cities in the Sea by Sian Lewis, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Cantre'r Gwaelod by Sian Lewis, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Grandmother's Song, illustrated by Jackie Morris, written by Barbara Soros

Bears Beras and More Bears by Jackie Morris

Journeys Through Dreamtime by Anita Ganeri, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Stories From the Stars, illustrated by Jackie Morris

Jo's Storm by Caroline Pitcher, illustrated by Jackie Morris






front cover, Cantre'r Gwaelod
front cover Cities in teh Sea

Cities in the Sea by Sian Lewis pub Pont 1996

Cantre'r Gwaelod by Sian Lewis pub Gomer 1996


This much loved Celtic legend is beautifully retold by Sian Lewis. The story tells of the mythical land of the Lowland Hundred, a rich and wonderful place, full of life, wealth and dance and wonder, where the air blows warm and the orchards are heavy with fruit. But while the people dance and celebrate there is a young poet who caries a sense of unease. Where the king sees fields full of dancing corn he sees golden sands of a beach. Where the king sees people in fine clothes laughing, the boy-poet sees only fish.

endpaper for Cities in the Sea

As he travels deeper into the land he meets Mererid who takes him to see the strong, high walls that keep the sea at bay. But his sense of unease only grows.


This ancient tale,drawn from the Black Book of Carmarthen, a song of an unknown bard, carries with it echoes through time which bear great relevance with the way we live today. Time and again the poet tries to warn the people, but in vain, as the water sweeps in, washing all away. Now, on some days, if you stand on the cliffs of Cardigan Bay, you can hear the sad, slow toll of the bell in the old bell tower beneath the waves.


back endpaper, Cities in the Sea


Cantre'r Gwaelod was chosen to represent Wales in the European Picture Book Collection. The collection can be seen on the website. Designed to celebrate the many languages of Europe, this is a fantastic collection and a wonderful resource for schools, with translations of all the books and ideas for lessons worked around the images and texts.

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