Walking by beautiful rivers where medieval hounds lay in wait. We stayed at The Forest Inn and the Two Bridges, both highly recommended. Such a relaxing time, and I have fallen in love with rivers. Orchids, stepping stone, cotton grass and twilight heron flights, a red fox, goosander, redstart and buzzards. Returning home I looked up the farm where the dog came from, Sherberton Farm. Such a gentle hound.


Walking on the green moor, Dartmoor in June

cotton grass

marsh orchids on Dartmoor

Dartmoor ponies, wild on teh moor

Raggedrobin on Dartmoor

Dark ruin on Dartmoor

hewed out of field stone by a stone mason, giant stones make up the ruin

stepping stones across a river on Dartmoor

clear water from teh stepping stones

Green gold river on Dartmoor

Gossander and chicks

Gossander and chicks on river in Dartmoor


giant medieval hound waiting to play on Dartmoor by a clear running stream

Beautiful hound

Larry and wolf hound playing by the river


fritillary  butterfly

geese at the Two Bridges Hotel on Dartmoor, near Wistman's Wood

Weathervane at Dartmoor on the Two Bridges Inn



©Jackie Morris