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claire carlile, seo wales, looking stylish in rubber and pants

For years now Claire, or Claire Carlile SEO Wales as I am beginning to call her, has advised me on seo and marketing, all things website and blog. Some of her advice I follow and I would probably be wise to follow more of it. She is constantly telling me to sort out my website, so please, don't think that my site looks like this because of Claire.

At a time when selling books is difficult and also the art market is uncertain my sales are rising and this is in no small part down to Claire, or as I like to call her, my Internet Guru. (She does love it when I call her that!)

She is great at what she does and a good friend.


two cheetahs and two goldfinches, a small charm, by Jackie Morris, watercolour and gold leaf. I now have a gallery of images for sale, both originals and prints, called The House of Golden Dreams. I update regularly with new images.
image cropped from The Snow Leopard by Jackie Morris Signed copies of most of my books are available from Solva Woollen Mill. They have a website and ship internationaly. Well worth a visit, this is a small, privately owned mill with working looms set in a beautiful valley near Solva, Pembrokeshire. The tea room is due to re-open in the spring. The link takes you through to the order page for my books but their site is well worth a browse.


falcon flying by Landa Wright
Beautiful images of birds in flight by photographer Linda Wright.
Maurice dancing in the evening with me, after a long days working.

The ramblings of some walking cats, ginger and fierce with the odd poetic splash.

Beware as some of the images may proove distressing to lovers of mice and rats.

cat in a moon jar
Moon jar on the beach. Magical ceramics with wonderful stature.

Moon jars and other ceramics by Adam Buick. Beautifully photographed, magical vessels, full like the moon and splashed by the sea.

Adam and I have been working together and hope to have new work to show soon. Keep an eye on Adam's blog for further news.


Chris Tancock's website


Is full of mazing and beautiful photographs of wild seas and twisted woods. beach and cliff, colour that sparkles.

He photographs the landscape in all its mood and captures an atmosphere and form that lifts his photographs head and shoulders above others using mainly the lighting effects of a dedicated walker.

photograph of Porthllisky with Ramsey Island in teh background on a sunny day in January 2006

For somewhere to stay in Pembrokeshire, with beautiful views and beaches nearby.

Cwmwdig Farmhouse.

Self catering cottage in quiet hamlet with wonderful views over the sea towards sunset, near St Davids.

pastel drawing by Chris Neale

Web site of Pembrokeshire artist Chris Neale a beautiful and contmeplative site with stunning images

Loose yourself for a while in some wonderful images by Catherine Hyde, an artist from Cornwall, with a liking for hares and angels and the sea.

web site for the Cat Kin, a book read with great enthusiasm by Hannah, who will not let the book out from her sight if she can help it and keeps it tucked under her pillow at night." Best book I ever read ", said Hannah.

And she enjoyed the web site too.


detail of a stained glass hanging, with beautiful colours and light and shade

Sea-side stained glass in rainbow colours by a friend in Cornwall

One of my publishers with a wonderful and useful web site with stories and images and games and beautiful books

cover for when a Zeeder met a zyder by MAlachy Doyle and Joel Stewart
cover for The Dancing Tiger by MAlachy Doyle and Fancher and Johnson

Malachy Doyle who writes books for children of all ages and has the soul of a poet. The Dancing Tiger, shortlisted for the Smarties prize, he read to me in my kitchen and it made my head dance with pictures. The images are by two illustrators and have a poetry of their own to go with the beautiful text.


painting by Joel Stewart cover for when a Zeeder met a Zyder

A wonderful web site from Joel Stewart. Beautiful drawings and paintings. Great Blog full of sketches. What a star.

Images to delight the eye by the illustrators of The Dancing Tiger ( above) by Malachy Doyle.

Deep Green magazine with wonderful images that I have worked for for 20 years or more. Articles about spirituality, ecology, global equity and much much more.

photograph of StDonats and Beyond the Border festival photograph of StDonats and Beyond the Border festival
photograph of StDonats and Beyond the Border festival photograph of StDonats and Beyond the Border festival

Beyond the border story telling festival

A gathering of some of the finest storytellers in the world in a beautiful castle grounds by the sea.


And while eating chocolate what better place to be than soaking in a fragrant bath reading a good book and listening to music

The most lovely chocolates to indulge yourself or send as presents.

My favorite-montezumas revenge (unfortunate name), chocolate truffles with vodka, lime and chili.

For incense, perfume oils and essential oils and more, the online bit of a classic bit of Glastonbury.

site of one of my publishers, very useful if you know what you are looking for and want to buy a book. Fantastic range of gardening books and cookery books and interior decorating books for grown ups.

Excellent children's author.



two lion headed people dancing at Giffords Circus by James Waddell rearing horse from Giffords circus

Circus tents and caravans and star-spangled women and acrobats, horses and magic and lights and tightropes.

Book Children. List sites of many illustrators and authors . Fine site for people interested in books.


Watch this space for more links and some spring cleaning! comprehensive web site on books and publishers for children children's hospice author site wonderful source of out of print books

BBC radio interview author site web site for children's books, advice, find an author, and much more for loads of information on books and children's authors American musician's site


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