Children's books can be a great tool for working in all sorts of ways in schools. This page has links through to ideas for working in schools with some of my books and I hope will prove that picture books can be a rich catalyst for learning as well as things to be enjoyed in their own right.
snowleopard and child, watercolour, jackie morris

Snow leopards are some of the most beautiful animals in the world. For lesson plans and ideas on The Snow Leopard take a look at the website of the Snow Leopard Trust. Here there are ideas for putting the snow leopard on the map, for learning about the relationship between prey and predator, and the people who live in the mountains with the leopards and much much more, as well as beautiful photographs of the leopards and their habitat.

cover painting for CAn You See a Little Bear by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris, polar bear cub sleeping with a toy bear

Can You See a Little Bear?

Here you can find a series of pages for working with the Little Bear.

Click here to go through to an index page and then click on each image for more and more things to do.

Click here for a page of images. Get the class to choose and image and then click on that to go through to the activity

Click here for a look and find page. Each child can choose an image and then click on the image for an activity.

cover picture for The Seal Children by Jackie Morris, boy swimming with a seal For a series of ideas on using the text and pictures from The Seal Children as a stimulus to writing, painting, music and drama in schools click here
cover for Cities in the Sea by Sian Lewis and Jackie Morris

Cantre'r Gwaelod, the Welsh language version of this book, was chosen to represent Wales in the European Picture Book Collection. The collection can be seen on the EPBC web site.

Designed to celebrate the many languages of Europe, this is a fantastic collection and a wonderful resource for schools, with translations of all the books and ideas for lessons worked around the images and texts.

To see the books for the collection click here

To see the page for Cantre'r Gwaelod click here

child and bear asleep in boat, watercolour by Jackie Morris Follow the progress of Starlight, Starbright, written by James Mayhew and illustrated by Jackie Morris, from writing to publishing and into bookshops.
watercolour painting from Little One illustrated by Jackie Morris

Paintings take a long time and a lot of thought.

To see an example of a painting being made click here.

For the same but without any commentary click here.

Or click here to see the cover for The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems being painted. (Some of the paint is still wet!)

image of a boat by children at Croesgoch School To see the beginnings of a gallery of work by children, inspired by workshops and stories click here.

For Federation of Children's Books Newsletter article, "A Day in the Life" click here.

And for the alternative day, when things did not go quite so here.




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