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Schools workshops

Schools workshops

Schools Workshops

It is always good to get away from the drawing board now and again, and to read the books to large audiences of children. There are often schemes to help with funding author visits. For up to date details of fees and availability contact jackie@jackiemorris.co.uk

I do three types of workshops

With groups of 30 children I will read one of the picture books and then work on a large mural. I will draw out ideas in marker pens on big pieces of paper, then the children are split up into groups with some working on a background and others working on various elements of the picture which are then cut out and stuck on. The aim is to have a large piece of work finished in about an hour and a half. This is a chaotic affair with glue and glitter and concentration and giggles and lots of paint and colour.

With groups of about 30 children I will first do a very small sketch and then begin work on a painting so that children can see how I work. I build up the painting in layers and while painting answer questions they may have about how and why I work, techniques and making books and stories. This is a much quieter and more intimate workshop and I always leave the finished painting with the class, so that they have something to remember me by.

To see a painting being worked on click here.

Working with much larger groups I can do slide shows of my paintings and books, talk about how books are put together, show sketchbooks and tell stories. There is no limit to numbers for these events, but I do need a room dark enough for slides and this is often a good event to have in an evening so that children can bring in parents to see the work they have been doing in the day.

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