Tenby, Castle Hill, with museum on the top of the hill overlooking the bay

Tenby Museum and gallery in the early eveing light.

Two jackaloupes

Renaissance Dragon

two dragon paintings for Robin Hoob

Three overs for The Liveship, middle one of ship in full sail used on cover

The liveship Vivacia in full sail

ship's figurehead

Tintaglia the blue dragon queen from The Liveships series by Robin Hobb

Seaserpent from The Liveships by Robin Hobb

three covers for The Farseer books

Nighteyes the wolf from The Farseer book by Robin Hobb

Dutifu's cat from The Golden Fool trilogy by Robin Hobb

Icefire, the black dragon, from The Golden Fool trilogy

Piebald horse from The Golden Fool trilogy by Robin Hobb

Robin looking around the gallery at Tenby Museum and gallery

Three hares running in a circle with a background of snowdrops

one waking, for Terry Pratchett Disc World Calendar

Sam Vimes, tired and asleep after reading to baby Sam

heron in gold leaf and goose and black headed gull in winter plumage

goose on gold leaf and black headed gull on gold leaf

drawing of running hares

sitting hare, drawing

labyrinth of stone with Ariadne's thread and a golden warrior hare

Tenby exhibition with Sara's case and labyrinth

Sara's glass case full of beautiful things

moon and the hare, necklace by Sara Loyyd-Morris

Hare in ancient landscape, necklace by Sara Lloyd-Morris

sea necklace, by Sara Lloyd-Morris inspired by Mariana and the Merchild,.

three hares necklace by Sara Lloyd Morris

copper moon hare necklace

sea necklace, Sara Lloyd Morris

pebbles labyrinth

back endpaper from the Seal Children, limited edition print

Maes y Mynydd, from The Seal Children, limited edition print.

Ffion and Morlo from The Seal Children, limited edition print

Huw's lament and landscape, two prints from The Seal Children

faery dogs, watercolour with gold leaf

Conversation, faery dogs, watercolour and gold leaf

Faery dog lovers, watercolour and gold leaf

walking the faery dog, watercolour and gold leaf


Sara, glasses off, setting up jewelery and the paintings all leaning around waiting to be hung

looking at the exhibition in Tenby Museum

artist Raol Speek and photographer Heather Bennet in Tenby Museum

eveing light in Tenby with sun slant, from St Catherine's Island

evening light and Tenby elegance



Work can be purchased from the Museum who run the Collector Plan scheme where art can be bought by spreading the payments over 10 months . Prices of paintings range from £250- £6000 and are available on request. For more details contact the museum.

To purchase copies of The Seal Children prints email jackie

Artist's statement: Jackie

A few years ago I began to work on a series of paintings using gold leaf. At first the works were quite small, but they soon grew with confidence. Most are iconic images of animals which celebrate the creatures and with each painting I try to catch something of their soul.

A couple of years ago I was reading The Liveships series by Robin Hobb, recommended to me by a friend. An email from an editor at Harper Collins asked if I would be interested on working on repackaging some fantasy novels. “Only if they are by Robin Hobb,” I replied. Amazingly they were and so I set out to read the Farseer Trilogy, The Liveships and The Golden Fool series as well as The Soldier Son books. Fantastic books with stories that wrap you up and remind you of why you love to read, I then had to find iconic images that would be strong enough to work as covers and used different coloured gold leaf as background. The images have red gold, green gold, moon gold, antique gold as well as white and yellow.

This was an amazing project to work on and I am currently lucky enough to be reading the manuscript of the new book by Robin which is every bit as wonderful as the others, trying to find the cover image that will make it sing.

Other works on show include two large bear paintings which come from a series that has been going for over twenty years, and some of the artwork from the Terry Pratchett Disc World Calendar.

For the first time I am showing prints from The Seal Children, published by Frances Lincoln and winner of The Tir Na Nog Prize for best English language book with a Welsh background. These are larger than the original paintings and limited edition.

Also for the first time in many years I have a few drawings exhibited.




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